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Last night was our first content release since I’ve stepped into Trendy’s community manager shoes, and I am exhausted. I have an IV drip of crangrape juice injected straight into my veins, so hopefully that heavenly combo of bitter cran and ripe grape will have me in full form again tomorrow. Thankfully, Pmasher has graciously offered to step in and help me tag team this week’s Digest. (Which means you should give him all of the credit for the really cool and giddy parts.)

Ninja Nerf

Before we explain why this happened, we want to explain that this is NOT a justification of it happening. There is no justification. Events like these only hurt us, Trendy Entertainment, and more importantly you, our player base. Anyone who says or speculates otherwise is patently wrong.

These nerfs (and buffs) were made to the game before Christmas break. Over the course of the break, moving offices, and life-in-general the exact changes were misplaced and thus mistakenly left off of the patch notes. Last night was the first us, the employees, or the beta testers began discovering about these undocumented changes. We were not sitting here stroking our cats, waiting until you were mad enough at us to post about our secret changes to the patch notes that we kept in our secret lair with (secret) swimming pools of money. We were getting to the bottom of what happened and what those changes were. As we were clarifying things internally, we began posting the revised Patch Notes to the Patch Notes section.

Yes this has happened before, and we will be working hard to make sure it does not happen again. We will try our hardest to ensure that the patch notes are transparent, both for you in final release and for our Beta Testers so they can accurately test and balance the content.

Furthermore, we’d like everyone to remember that Nightmare mode is currently in pre-release. That means the goalposts and balancing of it will change, perhaps dramatically. There’s still 3 upcoming QftLES, all of which will incorporate an entirely new enemy into that campaign before it’s finished, and more that will affect it on their way. We understand how frustrating it feels to turn on the game and feel like everything you just worked toward undid itself. But it’s important to keep in mind that Nightmare Mode is not the current end-game; it’s a piece of the future end-game. When it does reach that point, we hope all of you are satisfied with it and enjoy the challenges it presents and chance to play it while it’s evolving.

They’re Here

Patch 7.16, the Barbarian, and the AMP all released this week. It was a little hectic, and we’re already one hotfix in, but we hope you’re enjoying the new content. Also, we want to state with absolute certainty that the Arnold Rave video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkbB-X9654s) on YouTube is not why the Barbarian is using lightsabers in this video. There’s just something intrinsically awesome about a barbarian with glowsticks.


EU PSN Eternia Shards

Finally, a date! Wait no longer EU PSN players, Dungeon Defenders Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part I is finally coming to Europe on Feb. 15. We are truly sorry for the delay (for both this, and the EU version of Dungeon Defenders), so to make it up to you... Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part I will be releasing for free in the EU.


Console Patch Details Coming this Week

For our eager console fans scouring this Digest for patch details, we have good news for you! This week, we’ll be revealing the patch details for our first console patch. Hallelujah! Keep your eyes peeled on the Console Discussion forums, which is where we’ll be dropping this information. (And we’ll post those details again here next week.)

PvP Console Event -- Feb. 9 and 10

Next week, on Feb. 9 (360) and Feb. 10 (PS3), we’ll be hosting a PvP console event on Lifestream Hollow! If you would like to participate, you must have the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part I. The fragging and fun will go from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. each day. We’ll let you guys know more about the event in next week’s Digest.

The Defenders Store is getting BIGGER and BETTER

We can’t thank Maydie enough for his work on the Defenders Store. If you haven’t noticed, the latest PC patch added the support to Sync All Items from your AFK shop to the site, but that’s just the beginning. There’s now Grid View to help you find better items for your hero and so much more. Here’s the full list of changes:

New Features:

- All items are sync'ed from the game with a single button click now, without logging in to the website
- Equip item: equip an item on your site, and it can then be compared with other items from the same slot
- View-as-Class: will change the stats icons according to the class you have selected
- Wish list
- Report abuse: Report a potential hacked item / user
- Grid view: minimalist listing with numbers only
- Comfortable view: easy to read listing, good for small screens + show total stats for tower / resist / hero


- merged shop / item box
- Updated home page with cool look
- Updated the look of the shop and item pages
- major database tweaks & optimizations

Anyone who uses Dungeon Defenders Shop feature should definitely check this site out.

The Banhammer is in Full Swing

Hackers on Steam, beware: Our banhammer is armed and swinging. If anyone sees any suspicious activity, please use the Report a Player sub-forum (http://forums.trendyent.com/forumdisplay.php?45-Report-a-Player). And be sure to use the new Report Abuse function in the Defenders Store. For more information on reporting hackers, please refer to this handy-dandy reporting guide (http://forums.trendyent.com/announcement.php?f=45&a=24).

To our legitimate players, our intent is not to frighten you. We’re here to make your playing experience better. If you feel that you have been unfairly banned, send an email to feedback[at]trendyent.com.

Internal Mac Beta this February

Good news for all our Mac Dungeon Defenders fans... the Mac version is entering internal beta this month! We’ve taken some extra time with it, but it sports all the features of the PC version, allows you access to your TrendyNet characters, and has cross-play with its PC brother (or sister, depending on how you see it).

Squire Racing

Dredd and WarpedReality continued their proud tradition of making outside-the-box events with Squire Racing, a kart-racer-inspired take on Dungeon Defenders. The event was the first of the updated Winter Olympics event for the 360. Head on over to their thread (http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?39319-The-quot-Dungeon-Defenders-Winter-Olympics-quot-Event!!!-360) to see the rest of the events they have planned!

Our Modders Being Awesome

Do you like the color purple? Well we do, and "Twisted Garden (http://dungeondefenders.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=24)" by TitanSloth has plenty of it. It’s also an awesome co-operative experience that all of you should check out when you have the chance.


Screenshots of the Week

Steam user [SEA]GodsPlague emailed us this awesome photo of him and a friend prepared to do battle on the Barbarian’s launch day:


And we don’t want to go all modern-video-game journalism on you and give you all your news straight from Reddit, but Volkamar (http://www.reddit.com/r/dungeondefenders/comments/p5o5h/the_enemies_of_etheria_are_all_doomed/) posted this awesome screenshot of the new reward for Mythical Defender and we just couldn’t resist:


Now that we’ve added our new vanity options, keep sending us your cool photos to contest[at]trendyent.com! Be sure to include your forum username or Steam username in the email. Our favorites will appear in future Digests!

Before we leave, all of us here at Trendy would like to give a shout out to Senior Airman Nathan Blackmer. Thanks for everything you do.

Until next time,
Pmasher and Hitmonchan

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