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Thread: [wta] rainmaker

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    [wta] rainmaker

    need some c00bs... Ran the event myself. I reserve right to sell if I feel bids are too low.

    SOLD TO s3ood19 for a
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    starting with 5 cubes
    PVID: StillPad
    Natural Born Skiller

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    Thanks StillPad, offer updated.

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    10 coobs
    I'm hooked on DD!
    SID: Richo
    SID Link:

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    haha 123 posts, thanks offer updated

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    15 cubez

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    I wonder if yours are trace-able .

    Because I have knew at least 3 person who have already bought a rainmaker from you .
    If so then you must have 4 rainmakers , Congrats ! For becoming the person who has the most rainmakers in DD !
    ( well beside also having the most "cubes " & 87K gladius'es )

    Woohooo ! Trendy must be proud of you !

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    Please tell me who i've sold a rainmaker too because, this is the ONLY ONE I have ever had. As for the trace, here's a link to event sign up:
    Also, if your not going to auction on my item get off my thread.

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