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Thread: Long freeze -> disconnect.

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    I just got it in the middle of a boss fight on insane. I was winning.

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    I had it bad 3 hours ago, then the game worked smoothly for about 1-1.5 hours, and just now, three freezes/dc's in the span of 15 minutes.

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    Seems like a TrendyNet only issue.

    I actually bought this game to play on TrendyNet with Steam friends, amusing that the cracked SKIDROW version is actually playable on Gamespy. GG

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    I'm playing via Steam, but wasn't having this issue this morning. Just started this evening.

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    I have the exact same issue. Except now it happened twice in a row. Just now. I was on the bonus map and boom long freeze, alt-tab, open task manager, d/c from trendy net.

    I even made a thread yesterday. No response or anything yet though

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    Have this problem too, it annoys me to death

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    happening here as well.. very annoying

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    My friend and I were attempting to play on Trendynet as well, early levels up to the Alchemical Lab. We had multiple disconnects during this game session while playing multi-player. But when each of us ran this map solo we had no issues staying connected.

    I'm wondering if this is something to do with syncing up multi-player sessions on the trendynet servers but I'm only taking a guess.

    We had no problems staying connected on open games. (At least not as of last night).

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    same problem, Fix one up come 3 more.

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