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    Ipad - SFX bug


    I wanted to report a frequent bug I get, when I host/create a game ( I almost only do that so I don't know if it can occure if i'm the one joining ), it happened many time that once a player join me ( I think it only happened while I was still in the tavern ) I no longer have SFX, the only solution to get it back being to leave.

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    This seems to be an issue with GameCenter Voice Chat auto-volume adjustment, though we're going to try to implement a fix in the first patch. Here are current work-arounds:

    - Launch the game with your iOS device volume not muted, or cranked all the way up. Then it should not become inaudible in Tavern during voice chat activation.
    - Use headphones -- this seems to resolve it completely, as IIRC the voice chat goes through the headphones while the game audio stays proper in the speakers.

    Anyway yeah it's def something we're going to make sure is resolved in the patch, thanks for the heads-up.


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    Thanks for the reply, i'll try to use headphones till the fixe come. ^^

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