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Thread: Buying Giraffe, I have items and mana for trade.

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    Smile Buying Giraffe, I have items and mana for trade.

    Done with trading.

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    Depending on how many giraffes you need -

    I'm interested in the crystal tracker and monk weapon #2, as well as the app guardian and the fairy. I have multiple 70+ upgrade giraffes and will have another set when I finish my current run in a little over an hour. Add me on steam to discuss.

    Steam = HereForBeer

    Edit: Note all giraffes are from insane difficulty, so good stats needless to say...

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    I've got a ^79 Giraffe with nice stats save -2 in hero attack (but tower stats and everything else are pretty high). Would be willing to swap either with your crystal tracker or apprentice guardian. Steam ID = Sanagor, please let me know!

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    would offer a ^79 20+ all stats for the chain set or the fairy.


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    Offering a 14/60^ tower giraffe for Bone Bow 2

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    @PFC-ROB hm... I can do that, whats your steam ID?

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    your monk weapon #2 (66^) + your app guardian = my giraffe

    (also want crystal tracker if possible lol)

    my giraffe

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    @poring Sorry, apprentice guardian have already been sold. And your giraffe good, but with 1 stat at 1, and 2 stats not above 20. I can't do monk weapon #2 and the app for it even if I still had it.

    I can however trade you the monk weapon #2 for the giraffe though, seems pretty fair enough.

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    add me and we'll talk (its in my sig)

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