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Thread: Absolutely the most frustrating thing I've experienced in this game.

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    Absolutely the most frustrating thing I've experienced in this game.

    Myself and two friends have been running Alch Labs Insane MixMode a lot lately, but we always lose due to many unfortunate events. Originally the issue started occurring at wave 20, where half way through the wave the crystal would randomly explode. We run a very strong setup with the monk running almost full end game armor. After around 5 or 6 attempts we had started to recognize the pattern, always halfway through wave 20, NEVER did we see anything hit it. We started being more cautious, not to stand by the crystal, stay out of LoS so arches don't hit the crystal, DPS the **** out of each lane.

    We've changed our build several times, arranged barricades so that there's no way something could slip past, fall over etc on top of keeping a very very close eye on the crystal at wave 20. No luck for the longest time and we never could figure out what was hitting the crystal, on several occasions I was staring right at the crystal near mid wave and it just randomly exploded. We finally dropped a mage wall right in front of the crystal to see if these "invisible mobs" or whatever was hitting the crystal would prioritize that instead.

    It actually worked? Ya it worked, we had gotten past wave 20 like a breeze, like how it SHOULD have gone. Assassins would hit the wall and possibly whatever was hitting our crystal (we still don't know) was prioritizing that as well. We have probably ran this same run 10 times this week, and to anyone who's ran Alch Labs Insane Mix for 20 waves, that's very time consuming.

    So now we're happy as ****, got to wave 23! We're fine, we finally fixed our problem...or did we? So coming to about 4000mobs left in wave 23, my internet (which is very good I just run on a crummy wireless card that takes little ****s every once in awhile) decides to unleash a furry of lag for about 30 seconds. This wasn't really hurting us that much, the traps were still going off, I could still DPS just fine, nothing was taking damage, it was all swell and I told them to just wait it out as usual (Happens usually once a game).

    So as we're waiting it out, one of my friend's net can't hold on any longer and decides to let go of my connection. Soon after everything went to normal and the guy who DC'd got back in as a spectator, which was fine for us...but one problem...his huntress traps decides to just STOP working, which was what was murdering the majority of the skeletons and mobs for that matter. 7 Traps just decided to NOT work, nor could we detonate them manually. Now I've been in games where someone leaves or dc's and comes back, the traps and towers still work from my experience, but this time, of course on in this particular game where we got passed the dreadful insta nuke myself crystal wave, the traps decide to just not give a **** and chill.

    So now Martin and I are frantically running around healing walls and DPS'n as much as we possibly can. The middle wall was doing it's part as skeletons were seeping over the wall and what looked like teleporting directly to the mid wall. Walls were getting dangerously low as there were no traps to put down enough damage on the swarming horde of mobs. Now came the end, I'm not EXACTLY sure how long it had been since we started, I want to say 5 or 6 hrs. As we're healing walls, with each looking quite strong and not taking NEARLY as much damage as they were, one bomber some how flew right past everything and was literally on TOP of our crystal. With a final "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" coming from Martin, the piece of **** exploded and blah blah blah GG.

    The only times we've lost this is because of stupid little weird issues that occur at the absolute worst times. I've talked to plenty of people who beat this on a regular basis and we have used the exact same builds and we've used better armor for it, we just simply cannot find a flaw in the strategy. We're actually finding ways to prevent what looks like glitches such as the wall in the middle. After a lot of forum reading I know there are a lot people experiencing these issues, I have absolutely no faith in any strat at this point lol.

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    sounds frustrating and annoying... and he could only join as a spectator? I though you could fully join into a wave in progress so he should have just been able to rejoin (and if needed, recast the traps) No idea about the crystal exploding part though. You try the logs without the wall there to get that information captured? Info on how to do that exactly and what logs to submit are in the submitting dump files and logs thread in the technical support forums.

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    I play ranked, maybe it's different in open. In ranked if you join a game mid wave you're not able to spawn until Build Phase. Either way the traps should have continued to operate.

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    Oh not sure... ended up joining someones ranked game in open one and monsters were spawning when i entered... though hat may have just been a lag between connecting and actually showing up in the game as it was only at like 100/#

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