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Thread: Missing DLC [Halloween]

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    Exclamation Missing DLC [Halloween]

    I just bought the Quest for the Lost Eternia Crystals pack, and upon logging into Dungeon Defenders, I found that my Halloween DLC was missing. I've had this game since it came out on PC, so why do I no longer have access to it? I sure as hell hope I don't get stiffed and have to buy it. Not only that, but I have that annoying "NEW" spam in my Challenges.

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    Same thing has happened to me. I got the DLC pack and now the game acts like I don't have the Halloween challenge. Any ideas why this happened and how long until it's fixed?

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    I don't have the new expansion DLC but I have the same issue.

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    Has no one else lost the DLC, or does nobody care that content they had has gone missing? Still not back with 7.14.

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    Thank you!

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