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Thread: Pets going AWOL

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    Pets going AWOL

    On my DPS I usually have a genie at the start of a round and then a guardian towards later waves which means swapping them out. I lost my first genie, likely because I might not have had it locked and vendor trashed it with the rest of my unlocked item box contents.

    Genie number 2, 100% checked it was locked after each switch to the guardian and before vendro trashing, in time I just didnt bother to check and kaput it went.

    Now genie number 3 is gone Im 100% certain it was locked, I didn't do anything special with it... HOLD on a second.... I thought I didn't do anything special with it... until I started writing this post and I realised I gave it to a different character for a bit then switched it back to my main. OMG... does that take the lock off??????

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    yeah report the information on this to them, genies have been disappearing....

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    yeah i lost mine before too but i was only 99% sure it was locked so i didnt make a post

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    You didnt have a lamb in your inventory when this terrible accident occurred?

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    Maybe you used up your 3 wishes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oscar Rovdjuret Rova View Post
    Maybe you used up your 3 wishes?

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    I know I'm missing:

    Mom's Bow (or whatever it was called) -- know it was locked, I locked all four of those when I got them. Only today found it missing when I decided to drop them in the tavern instead of having them clutter my inventory
    A genie (was sure I had an upgraded one somewhere) -- pretty sure I had it equipped to somebody.
    A "disitegrator" gun that was fully upgraded (a Soul Sprayer, but not from beating the boss) -- had it locked, swapped weapons to play with something else for a while, found it missing. No longer need it (have something better now) but still annoying.

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    When you unequip something, it should send the item to the item box.

    However... I have found that when unequipping a pet, once in a while it goes to the next character in your list of characters that does not have a pet equipped. Why, I don't know, but I thought I lost a monk guardian this way as well, then found it on that character a few days later when I went to level it up some more.

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    Your pets are going absent without leave? Possible jealousy of the pets that were granted leave?

    Couldn't help myself sorry...
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    Just lost my huntress guardian. It had 17 upgrades invested, I was using it not an hour ago. >:C

    I think I know what happened:

    As we all know you can't "drop" an item from the item box as long as it's locked.

    Items on heros have no such distinction.

    I accidentally clicked "drop" instead of "close" when looking at it's invest level. So I picked it up again.

    Ran the level (was just trying something out) and lost in about 18 seconds.

    Went back to the tavern, equipped my usual pet, and went and did other things.

    I did not re-lock the guardian, not realizing that it'd come unlocked.

    I later did a "sell all."

    Here's how to fix it:


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