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Thread: Forest Sorrow

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    Forest Sorrow

    I've been looking for one and haven't seen any! Post the stats and your price and we'll make a deal! I'm looking for a base damage version though, with an emphasis on Hero Attack. Post yours if interested!

    Or looking for MM Insane players(PS3) because no one ever seems to play them. If they do I get kicked near the end of the match.

    Will also trade a 8900 Flamewarder for it

    EDIT: PSN is FFXIII_GOW3_RE5. Preferably post here first since I'm always connected to the Internet.

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    i have 2 1 with 1600 base damage and 1 with 1700 base damage psn is Mtch_98

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    I sent you a friend request

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    Sorry for double post. Bump.

    I'm willing to trade a fairly decent clean Animus and a 8900 Flamewarder for it.

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    Hey il get you one when i go online il inv u and run you thru about 5 times if your up for it

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    ill run through with yous aswell if thats okay ?

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    Woah thanks guys! Ill be on in a bit if you're still wanting to help me

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    Hey I'm down to help too.

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