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Thread: Atrocious Reaction to a Delay of DLC for a Projected "One" Day

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    Atrocious Reaction to a Delay of DLC for a Projected "One" Day

    Many people on these forums ought to be more respectful. If this isn't an excellent case of "1st World Problems" I don't know what is. So many of you are acting like Trendy just committed some terrible crime against you.

    1. If a company isn't reliable in providing dates, deal with it. You should already know what to expect, so don't waste your time complaining. Need I bring up Valve-Time or Blizzard-Time?

    2. Trendy has done a hell of a good job with this game so far in my opinion, and based on how much other people have played it, I'd say many agree.

    3. Crap happens. People make plans for a game, they find problems, they must fix problems. They can't just magically think everything is ready because nothing is ever truly "ready", there's always SOME problem.

    4. After all they've given us, minor inconveniences such as these are not a big deal. Trendy and Hitmonchan do not need or deserve 14 pages of almost unanimous rudeness in the Patch Update they gave.

    5. This is a 1st World Problem, any of you who actually plan out your days to incorporate the release of video game DLC should be prepared to face the possible sadness of it not delivering. I'm sure you've all got other things you could do in the mean time, be they chores, work, or other games.

    6. I've been lurking these forums since around the release of Dungeon Defenders, and I can say unequivocally that there was great disdain toward them for releasing ANYTHING that had issues with it. Atheos made a great point about this. In just a short time, people are now lambasting Trendy for delaying the DLC so they had time to improve it and release it with fewer issues/no game-breaking issues.

    And lastly, as someone said in the Patch Thread,

    6. "If you can't make a date don't put it out there, or at least leave wiggle room."

    That statement is fine. It is direct and mature, (though it ignores the reality of my #3 point [nothing can ever be 100% definite]). Unfortunately, the person who posted this did so with a bunch of other commentary that really wasn't needed. This person, and many of the other people posting, failed at arriving at JUST that kind of statement without all the other negativity.

    And as for the joke, with the Barbarian and his writing. I thought it was hilarious and creative. It may not have been much, but someone went out of their way to create that Barbarian joke knowing that this delay of a projected "1" day, would upset others. Maybe you didn't like the joke, okay, maybe you're so focused on how they messed up on delivering today that any attempt at humor pisses you off, okay, maybe you're tired of Trendy not delivering on dates exactly, okay, these are all valid reactions.

    Unfortunately, many people provided these reactions coated in venom. I hope you realize Trendy is a company full of different people with different backgrounds and emotions. Be aware of this, as we don't know how our responses to their actions could affect them.

    In short,

    To those at Trendy, and especially those who have positions of power which dictate release dates:

    We appreciate the level of feedback we receive, patch notes, and your dedication to this game. We would, however, greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't announce release dates before you are, to the best of your ability, certain something is ready. It may not be that big of an issue for some of us, (like me), and you may only delay content a day, or a month, the reality is that many people are impatient and get locked on projected release dates.

    Thank you. I hope we can all get along better. I guess I reached my limit after all this time of lurking on the forums and decided I had to post something about the attitudes being thrown around.

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    You know you could have put this in the thread you are complaining about ?

    But I do agree. To many on this forum are acting like spoiled kids.

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    You don't want to look at the news thread pertaining to console DLC.

    There are no words to describe.

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    The worst thing that could happen is you miss a release date and there's only one page in the thread that announced it because then you know that no one really gives a hoot. There's no need to assume the sky is falling if a thread reaches 14 pages.

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    I personally found the note left by the barbarian a totally valid substitution for the patch.
    Humor is always appreciated.

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    I honestly like that the dev team is at least trying to keep the userbase amused while they sort out the problems. Most other gaming companies out there won't do that, they'll just reply like mindless drones to try and appear "professional." We don't want professionalism, we want honesty, and Trendy is at least trying to accomplish that.

    Cut the devs some slack people, waiting one extra day for the Barbarian isn't going to kill you. The glitches or whatever they're scrambling to fix that caused the patch to be delayed are obviously dire enough to warrant one more day of work, and it's better than having your game crash over and over again because they didn't solve the problem.

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    I totally agree and people really need to keep their pants on if they can't wait one day.

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    the people complaining are eventually going to lower their moral enough to just say "na **** ya, we arn't release anymore, deal with it."
    some people are terrible

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    Quote Originally Posted by nsih197 View Post
    the people complaining are eventually going to lower their moral enough to just say "na **** ya, we arn't release anymore, deal with it."
    some people are terrible
    Regardless of my feeling towards the delay that they failed to say anything about until the day of the release, you're wrong. They won't say screw it and not release it, because they put time(and time=money) into making the dlc, lose profits that could be made off the dlc, they lose customers, and they lose any sort of good rep they might have built up by acting like children and withholding content due to unhappy customers.

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    The sad part is the people that this post had been directed to wont even bother to read it D=

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