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Thread: Proper power leveling technique? -LOOK INSIDE-

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    Proper power leveling technique? -LOOK INSIDE-

    I was just wondering if this is a good way to power level. This is what I do:
    I do deeper well on insane with a 22 Squire, 41 Apprentice and we'll be power leveling a level 0 monk. We have a
    setup that allows us to do a full level in about 9 minutes. We get around 40k experience I believe in this 9 minutes.
    When should we go to Ramparts?

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    Even my grandmother levels up faster than that.

    Seriously, just play Glitterhelm on hard. The first map gives the worst XP in the game.

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    I didn't know that. I'm only level 42.

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    42 is a fairly magic number, but come back once you're level 69 and then we'll talk.

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    The meaning of life = 42, yes?

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    Is it just 1 person leveling from 2 people or what? cause if it is just you leveling a low level account for yourself, I could help out since I have some time to kill tonight

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    Mike, think you could run my 42 through some power leveling? I'd rather get my main character higher than have a few, low level equals.
    What platform are you?

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    Eh, I'm PS3. :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by assassin-o-creed View Post
    The meaning of life = 42, yes?
    The answer to Life, Universe, and Everything

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