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Thread: Pocket Legends

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    Pocket Legends

    Does anyone here also play Pocket Legends? If yes, I do too If not, I highly recommend it; it is also an itouch game, an online MMO, and a lot like this game.

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    I did, banned permanent.

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    LOL hey cry! You were banned? Youre Xom right? no wonder i havent seen you on :/

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    No I am crystalize; ) I never had that kind of money ; ) Anyways, come here lets chat and maybe play some dd?

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    OHHHH ur crystalize? why do you want your account back if ur banned?

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    I play PL Lmao but you knew that

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    lighting come to chat...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cry View Post
    lighting come to chat...
    Ok relax sheesh

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    just started playing pl. toons name is thefayde

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    I play PL too but on a break now..

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