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Thread: Another Endless Spires Starter Guide - Squire/Monk - 73/72 (Wave 7)

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    Another Endless Spires Starter Guide - Squire/Monk - 73/72 (Wave 7)

    Hi. I recently did something stupid and got my account suspended, and so I had to buy another account and start over. I started leveling a bit yesterday and got boosted by some good friends of mine in Glitterhelm Caverns today, so I now have a level 73 Countess and a level 72 Initiate. Since Insane is boring I figured I might as well start farming some Endless Spires gear.

    So to start off, here are my hero stats.

    All my gear is from Glitterhelm Insane or worse. I got a 33^ Apprentice Guardian for 7mil in my tavern after a Glitterhelm run with like 15 boost and 30 range, it's pretty crap but it's all I have. With this build I can currently get to the end of wave 7 but two ogres is proving to be a tough challenge, especially with my low survivability.

    So here's the wave 1 build:

    And here's the final build:

    This build pretty much gets you through wave 1 and 2 (4 and 5) with no trouble. Pretty sure I could do it naked but I can't be bothered to try because my goal is to get through Spires as 73. At wave 6 the trouble starts brewing, that's when you need your Guardian. The first Ogre comes from the north, so what I do is I stand on top of the crystal, boosting my 3 harpoons (because my guardian only boosts 3 towers) and jump if the ogre uses poison ball because it pretty much oneshots me.

    I've gotten a lot of Mythical gear in my past 3 attempts, and a few Godly items that are close to Mythical level, so I'm going to see if I can make it through the map without Mythical gear. I hope this guide helps someone Good luck!

    Oh and I forgot to mention I'm doing it on Hardcore Mode.

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    Update: I changed my build slightly (updated in the OP), and I got some pretty decent Godly gear increasing my Countess stats to 273/324/60/189. I can now get to wave 8(last wave), though I think I might need slightly better gear to get through it. I'm fairly confident I can get through it though, and I will update this thread as soon as I do.

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    If you have the front bouncer far enough foward (dual crystal lanes), you dont need the second one. This gives you an extra harp for the pair of crystals (mounted on the centre spike, so it can shoot both sides, and has a good LOS down the ramp if your range is good enough). Also, putting 1 on each of the side spikes overlooking the stairs helps deal with mages, and makes it less likely a stray ogre will take them all out at once. Moving the snares slightly down the stairs assists the mage killing harps. Prioritise upgrading the bumpers on either side and buff the top first

    Good luck

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    Hi, thanks for the build I gave up on the 73 spires thing, did some glitter farming to get my heroes to 74 and equipped the Mythicals I collected there. My Countess stats are now somewhere along the lines of 600/600/250/400 and I just did Mistymire HC Campaign to wave 12. I collected some nice loot there as well so I'm going to check that out now and see if I have some upgrades. My Initiate still doesn't have a matching set so there's still room for improvement.

    Here's the build I used for Mistymire:

    I did have some issues with ogres crushing my walls so I think I'm going to try a build with reversed squire walls next.

    I hope this thread can help illustrate a nice progression path for some people and show that you don't need that high stats to do Nightmare.

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    in your spires build, at the northern crystal, i would suggest moving the harpoon turret on the southside of it either in front of the cyrstal, or stacked behind the one on the north. reason being, in my builds, i did something similar, but spiders on the stairs below it continually webbed the tower i had placed there.

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    I see your point and I've actually experienced and though about the same thing before, however I consistently get Flawless Victory on Spires with this build now so I don't really see the point in changing it up. However, another advantage of having that tower placed to the west of the crystal instead of the east is that it can shoot wyverns earlier and probably pierce them better as well.

    I'm a little puzzled though, do you mean the tower to the east of the Northern crystal? Because the tower to the south (like you descibed) is already safely placed on the stairs there. I don't think that one gets webbed at all unless a spider survives my bumper.

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