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Thread: WTB Leather & Plate tower gear

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    WTB Leather & Plate tower gear

    Hey guys,

    Looking for upgrades for my squire and trapper. The squire wears leather and stays in during combat, so ideally all 4 res and hero hp's. His stats are 1K/2.2K/1K/1K right now.

    The trapper just needs all 4 tower stats, or tower dmg and 2 of the other 3 if all 3 are crazy high. Her stats are about 1.1K for all 4 tower stats. My trapper wears plate.

    Will pay up to 2B for an exceptional piece for the squire and 750M or so for the trapper.

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    Do you need that armor?!? It has 217 upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeanbanane View Post

    Do you need that armor?!? It has 217 upgrade.
    Thanks but I'll pass. It's a nice piece, but only a sidegrade to my current chest. If that tower health had been switched with the rate or range I'd have been interested. My squire doesn't build walls, so while tower health is important, the other 3 stats take a huge priority.

    More loot of this quality and better!

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    Bump! Let's see it!

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    To the top!

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    Last bump.. Seems like no one has this gear! Again, up to 2B per piece!

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    Just bought a full new set of trapper gear and a new builder helm (thanks Paul40!). Still looking for upgrades!

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