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    Quote Originally Posted by Miller View Post
    The trailer says releases March 15th 2011 and April 10th 2011. Might want to change that. :P
    lol nice find!
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    Barbarian skin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeloss View Post
    Well dur, it was evident from the start.

    They should've never released it on the consoles so early. It was rushed and they aren't experienced at all with it.
    Someone else finally admits it, i know that everyone is thinking that and probably has a few choice words for trendy right now but they aren't gonna speak up about it, then trendy will wonder why there is nobody playing their game anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNinjah View Post
    it downloaded another patch (something), after that download was finished I'm unable to play (even start) DD, it says the dundef.exe isn't working.

    (it was not the 7.20 patch, I allready installed and played it)
    still have this D:

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    hitmochan u ***. lol that was just mean showing series ev in action and no release date or time frame.......u sir poke badgers with spoons and i am not a happy badger

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    WOW! Awesome! I want that in game now!

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    Look into film. There is year 2011 on the end but we have 2012. :P

    Edit: Sry I didn't see Miller post.

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    April I was hoPing march 20th

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruci View Post

    WOW! Awesome! I want that in game now!
    That.. Is.. In game now..

    It's the reward for beating campaign on Nightmare.

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    Red face

    Great News, great Patch and absolutely COOL...that you picked my made me so Proud^^.

    The new Levels are Beauties (Like the Rest of the Game.....allmost Boring^^) its Big Fun, finally have a new Level to Experiment with the Defense..

    For me, im not Quite Active in the Forum...and not that much on the Facebook Site, because i have too much other work that must be done...AND...IF there is 15 mins to kill, i rather go Play Dungeon Defenders than go to Social Networking...sorry for that^^.

    One other thing is on my Mind...sine DD is out, i bought it the first day..there haye never been even 2 Days, without Playing DD...but the Last week, before Patch 7.20...i havent played the Game at all....i once opened my shop and did only about 150 Mil for over a day....few weeks ago i made 500 Mil in 30 Mins.

    Im a bit afraid...that the Game that made my quit 2 WoW Accounts, after 7 Years...slowly looses its Popularity.

    Perhaps there was too much Time between the Last NEW Level with NORMAL Defence Mode...i mean Sky o'Love is Special and the Presidential Battle too...perhaps im totally wrong...but...

    Thank you sooooo much for all that FREE DLC's....i do not know even ONE other Studio/Publisher that adds so much content and then some Nice stuff even for FREE.

    The New Costumes for Free are very Cool... about offering ALL Costumes to Buy as DLC for 0.99 , for those who cant Unlock them ingame??

    that would help over a DRYTIME...between 2 new Level Releases.

    OR some Weapon DLC's....a Reason to Play some "old" Levels. big thing, that i Hope you all at TE know more as People are complaining about stuff, the more they LIKE your Game...dont worry...start worry if nobody complains anymore...if they dont...they dont Care!!!

    And please enjoy your Big we enjoy this Amazing, Love-Packed Game^^....and lead us not into Boredom, but deliver us from STEAM Downtimes. For ours is Etheria , and the Towers, and the Loot, for ever and ever.

    So much for this weeks Prayer....sorry for that Thanks again for all you gave and will give to us...and i really cant write any more, my hands start to shake and my mouth gets wet...i really need my Dungeon-Dope right now....the Desert is waiting

    Happy Towering

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