How are the Tavernkeep's prices calculated? I can't figure his price structure out. Does any one know the multiple. 5x? 10x? Also more than once he has sold me items that were MUCH better in his store display than when I get them! Worse yet they did not make it to the item box the crook just took my mana! For example he sold me a hamster that had around 900 attack and around 150^. When I got it the hamster had around 100 attack and 40^ and all the stats were WAY lower as well. I have had stat rollovers before and it does not appear to be the case as the stats were not high enough to be close to the cap.What can you do other than endless grinding and survival runs to get viable items when the tavern keep has a bugged inventory and player shops sell hacked and or insanely priced items?