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Thread: Failed to create Game Server?

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    Failed to create Game Server?

    Hello Folks!

    Today I hosted a Game and went into the configuration, was checking some Options . (tabbed out and opened the Dungeon Defenders again to check the configuration). When I was going to change some controls, I thought I should close the game first and killed the tab with rightclick - close window. changed the Options, started the regular Game again, tried to create a Game and got... "Failed to create Game Server". I don't have a clue what I should do now. I can't create games in ranked anymore.

    Is there a workover for this issue? Otherwise the Game is pretty much unplayable for me. (Stuck to join other players games wont satisfy me on the long run)

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    everyone to busy whining about djinn to answer me?

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    1 revert to previous options
    2. Restart Pc
    3. Attempt to create again.

    If not, remove game from control panel, and reinstall from steam. This was suggested for my occasional game failure issue(reinstall)

    Ice warrior (I think that's his screen name) is the tech guru, he probably has some tricks but I don't know how often he checks this forum

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    I have already reinstalled. Didn't help. I use a new config file so the options are reverted.

    I dont know what to do now..

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    after my post, my game started to have errors like dundefgame.exe has to be closed and sort of. downloaded it once again - and now, the game is working AND i can create games again. hurray. hopefully, problem solved - FOREVER.

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    For next time if things like this happen again:

    - Go to your Steam library
    - Right click on DunDef
    - Click properties
    - Click the tab labeled ' Local Files '
    - Click ' View integrity of game cache '

    Hope this helps!

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    I get this problem every now and then and it turns out there's still a dungeon defenders process running in the background that has to be force closed via the task manager. Restarting your PC would also work.

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