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Thread: pricecheck highend tower blade

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    pricecheck highend tower blade

    can somebody say me how much it is worth ? i think i coud sell it if the price is realy high because i have nothing nearly cloose as good

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    i dont know how much stuff goes for really but id offer you 9 tokens for that if u want ?

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    i think the damage of this wapon will be insane wen its maxed i wish i coud test it but woud cost me at least 2 b ^^

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    I would very highly suggest maxing out the block. I know it takes upgrade points out of damage or tower stats, but most active builders require 100% or higher block to mitigate damage that would otherwise kill them. Nice sword, though.


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    I'll offer 15 tokens. Really happy you didn't max out the upgrades. That thing needs some block ASAP

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    he actually selling or just price check? I'll offer 18 :P

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    k i will make an auction foor this item wen i find an sword with towerstats like it so dont need to go back to my old 50/50/50/50 blade ^^

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    well just dont upgrade it anymore unless it is into block, I will have tokens waiting for that auction lol

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