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Thread: Rename Game in Game

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    Rename Game in Game

    I would like to simply have the ability to rename my game whilst I am still in it, not only would it be useful but I also feel that it could be another step to stop kicking, or at least give more reason to it.

    A lot of people will make a game with the default name load in tavern and then decide what they want to do; and my guess is that they aren't going to quit out just to rename their game.

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    I personally just quit to change my game name, and it's usually the only way to take a break from the game. Though it would be quite convenient to have this feature.

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    Yeah. That's simply it though. Convenience. I mean, one of the best features to me in Dungeon Defenders is the chat, simply that they added that little detail that even through games they hold what you were writing. It's little things like that which make indie games what they are.

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