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Thread: Looking For A Freakin Gunslinger

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    WTB Gunslinger.

    I've only had this game for about a week and a half but I have been trying to get a gunslinger that whole time.

    If you can help me in ANY way let me know.

    I am offering a Big Momma and Krayt along with some Sharpshooters and Blasticuses

    + The dlc on april 10th.

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    Still nothing? Alrighty...

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    i've been trying to get one myself but the offers are too damn high.

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    i had 1 but lost it to file corruption the day i got it, fml

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    damn hella gg dude.

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    Edited Post.

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    if you wouldve token my pakel instead of the krayt you couldve had a chance for a gunslinger
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneaky657 View Post
    if you wouldve token my pakel instead of the krayt you couldve had a chance for a gunslinger
    From whom? No one I know of wants Pakels.

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    No one can even point me to someone who might want to?

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    there are a few number of people who have these event weapons which makes this nearly impossible getting the others. Getting each one to actually become profitable is just too much work to handle. Some people are too obnoxious with the event items that they look down to the regular equips. I'm trying to get a gunslinger for awhile now and yet the demands are too high. If trendy would hold another official event then local ones, that would be nice.

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