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Thread: Nightmare Misty Survival Wave 30 solo.

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    Nightmare Misty Survival Wave 30 solo.

    This probably isn't needed. i assume most have Misty down by now but i don't believe iv seen much in the way of wave 30 misty runs. was toying around and ended up at wave 30 without much issue.

    Not much to note if you know my old build.
    -Gas trap in the west. Effective edge of the gas trap needs to reach the edge of the tree on the north wall so that no mobs can walk past. This prevents any genies from going from west to north.
    -at the end of the later waves when only genies are spawning, you'll have to run around manually igniting the gas traps. its annoying.
    -key to having an easy time with spiders is making sure the inferno trap is being buffed when it is lit. I manually light it every chance i get.
    -Builder active
    -App guardian

    stats need to be high to go all the way to 30. around 1200/2400/1k/1k on the squire. More is always better. Trapper stats should be high on Range because a genie cannot kill a range capped gas trap.
    Ideally 1200/2k/800/800 at least on the trapper to get all the way to 30. more is better.

    This build uses a gas trap, darkness and explosive in front of each blockade (a bit off) and stacked directly on top of each other. no staggering traps except in the west where the gas trap is farther north so that its effective edge touches the north wall. The explosive trap is staggered to the south of the west gas trap.

    betting this build will function just fine with up to 4 players with just one minor adjustment. if i get a chance to test it, ill post it later.

    To do this with with more players you should make an adjustment. delete the far north harpoon and add an explosive / bumper for spiders.

    - Quick note. You will want to make sure that genies are within range of your harpoons when they are stuck on the back edge of the gas trap in all cases except for with the duo + build with the exception being North because the one harpoon with lane LoS was removed. You may let it slide for the West because it requires that the gas trap be touching the edge of the north wall.

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    I wanted to ask why was crystal damage? did something leak through?

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    Thanks for this. I'll give it a go later, I have lower tower damage on my squire, have a decent app guardian. And my huntress has about the same stats as you. (just wanna get past the pet to farm better gear :u)

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    happend on wave 8 (where i started) with only spikes and harpoons up.

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    How is the gear for you compared to pre part 2? Just wondering since moraggo is so much better for gear compared to wave.

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    no idea on the gear difference, i haven't messed with more aggro yet at all. I just did this while testing some stuff and ended up @ 30. its similar to my old build.

    I'd assume moraggro is a few waves ahead. wave 30 misty = 26 moraggro? probably. wouldn't think it to be more then a 5 wave difference.

    i did see some 260s^ trans items with 300 in more then one stat in misty though.. With 4 players the loot would be much more refined and you may see quite a bit.

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    another question is how long ( in time) did this take?
    to finish wave 30

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    no idea. there was a lot of paused AFK time. up until wave 26 or 27 there is only 1000 mobs. around 27 or 28 it jumps to 1150. a few minutes per wave is all.

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    Seems like a nice build. Gonna give it a shot with noobish stats to see where I land.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kandar View Post
    -at the end of the later waves when only genies are spawning, you'll have to run around manually igniting the gas traps. its annoying.
    Depending on if you prefer your hassle in build vs combat (I prefer it in build) you can let the djinn take stuff. Even in solo, there's enough mana lying around to rebuild and up 3-4 towers/traps/auras. Since I'm wandering around to eyeball loot anyway, I'd rather do that.

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