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Thread: TB's give some take one (event weapons)

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    TB's give some take one (event weapons)


    Ok, this is to help people get the event weapon they want really bad. If you want one of the event weapons listed below, post here or PM me on the forums or PSN. The way this works is, you tell me what event you want, and I will give it to you for ANY two different event weapons.

    Event Weapons

    Chi Blast (3)

    Big Momma (1)

    Krayt Junior (2)

    Lionheart (5)

    Pakal sword (2)

    I will update this everytime something is sold or I get something new. This is PS3 ONLY.

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    i will give u a clean t-26 fro almost all of them.
    i really want all of those

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    Sorry but I'm gonna stick to the give two take one. You don't Have to give something as good as a T26 especially clean.

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    can i talk to you on ps3 then

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    Ya sure, whats your PSN

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    ill be on later
    ill invite u later

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    i'd like your inner peace. i have lionheart. wait, we did giraffe run together earlier

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    Yes we did. A lionheart and what other weapon?

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    i have a big momma & a lionheart. i want inner peace

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    Deal invite me.

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