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Thread: 70 or 90% resist

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    70 or 90% resist

    I'm curious i been getting 90% on my myth set for my builder just to be safe but is 90% over kill? I mean if 70% is enough i rather save those upgrade for stats.
    So for builder should I go for 90% or 70%? And guess DPS as well 90%/70%? Thanks

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    Are you talking about nightmare? Of course, 90 on nightmare. It already nerfs them to like 70~ so it HAS to be maxed.

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    ya about nightmare, should i have 70 or 90% in nightmare as builder and dps (after the nerf)

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    Theoretical scenario below, anyone correct me if I am wrong.

    Player A, 90% physical resistance is hit by a DEW for 25,000.

    The potential damage of that strike before physical resistance reduction is as below:

    25,000 * (100/10) = 250,000

    If Player B, 80% physical resistance is hit by the same strike, the damage taken is below:

    (250,000 / 100) * (100-80) = 50,000

    A player with 80% physical reduction takes DOUBLE the damage a player with 90% physical reduction takes. A player with 70% physical reduction would take TRIPLE the damage.

    The numbers between two resistances can look very small. The difference they can make is very large.

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    Going from 70 to 90 in a given resist gives you three times as much effective health for that type. It takes 28 upgrades to do so in nightmare with the set bonus, which would give you 36 points after the set bonus if you put it in some other stat instead. Having 3 times as much effective health for a given resist is going to be far more useful than 36 points in any other stat.

    Rule of thumb: Unlike most other stats, each point of resistance is more useful than the one before. Going from 0%->1% resist reduces the amount of damage you take by 1%; going from 89%->90% reduces the amount of damage you take by more than 9%.

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