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Thread: Late Night Moraggo Runs Free...

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    Late Night Moraggo Runs Free...

    Ill be hosting all night, about 10 or 20 on hard and 10 or 20 on insane, just trying to farm certin weapons to try adn get a good one, post here for invite or find my public game, ok guys thanks for your time...

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    Are you doing 4 peeps?

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    I'd love to join. I'll be online around 6:30pm EST.

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    the runs were when posted at 1 am cali time and still running for about another hour or so untill i got to go to court...

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    Are you currently running them? I would like an invite

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    Ya for sure I'd like an invite. Only been able to beat this on medium and almost on hard but ate a BIG ONE on the boss. My huntress can do 300K + so I can help I'm in Sactown and am always online late so I'll hit you up later.

    PSN: CrAzEdSuRfEr

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    i'd like to join PSN:Boosae86 i'll be on 9pm ish tonigh

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    i just want to see the set up can i?

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    Any chance you'll be doing this again tonight?

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    if your planning on doing it again today inv me PSN: heer29

    ||RIP D.D. PS3||
    PSN: HEER29||SID: HEER29||

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