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Thread: Highest armor upgrade....?

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    Highest armor upgrade....?

    So far I have required a 58 level up Plate Coat.

    What have you guys seen?

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    I just nabbed a 63^ Godly Helmet.

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    I can't believe it. Patch has been out for less than 24 hrs and people are already getting insanely high upgrade items. I would have hoped they would be more... scarce?

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    I went to glitterhelm. Thats where its at bro!

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    I got my best upgrade on a run on the Dragon but it was the only decent thing from the whole stage.

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    I wonder if 65^ is the highest then?

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    People should easily get over 300+ on a hero or tower stat now. Maybe even have two stats with 300+.
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    not armor but i got a lvl 63 hammer from completing portal defense.

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    I am guessing people will be getting over 500++

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptBoxershorts View Post
    I am guessing people will be getting over 500++
    Same, plus gossamers are going to be doing a great amount of damage.

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