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Thread: Loot being randomly rerolled when picked up.

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    Loot being randomly rerolled when picked up.

    I have encountered an issue with certain items being generated with different stats once picked up and put in the item box. For instance I picked up a shotgun with positive reload speed, which I viewed and put into my item box. After I finished the map that I was on, OMF NM Hardcore, I looked at the shotgun again and it showed negative reload speed of -99.

    It seems any weapon I pick up lately, this happens to. I get a massive negative to reload speed or another major stat. It seems to only happen to weapons for my ev series, as it happens to staves as well, namely knockback and the magic boost buff.

    I am using the shotgun I with the negative -99 reload speed and I noticed it reloads pretty quickly, which is really odd and more like the positive it was originally generated with.

    This is a really annoying problem since almost anything I pick up that looks worthwhile has a massive negative to it when I get back to the tavern, and is really impeding my ability to play the game. Any help with this problem would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Still having this issue, any weapon over a certain reload number or on staves knockback and charge boost get rerolled to a massive negative after I pick them up. Every worthwhile mythical and transcendent weapon I find has this problem which makes the them really unattractive to sell to others, and have no use to use personally. Like earlier today I found a staff with 140 knockback and 256 charge boost, after I picked up the item both stats were set to negative 90+.

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