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Thread: [WTB] very good monk wep ranged dps :) will pay alot if its good

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    [WTB] very good monk wep ranged dps :) will pay alot if its good

    buying good monk wep most have hero dmg and hero hp and hero boost and 290+ups

    post link to wep and i can give a prize for it

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    might have a cardboard tube for sale, 200 ups, high base (levelled up past 180), average stats.

    Sound like your thing?

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    Hey I just put a decent trans and myth one up for auction. Trans has 259^/1634 ranged dam/ 1559 fire elemental damage/3 extra projectiles.

    Link to the post

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    252 up nosferatu, 1K base ranged, 3.5K base melee. 50-120 in all tower stats, it has both health and hero damage boost. 4K proj speed, +5 projectiles.

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    none of those are good for me i have better sry guys

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