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Thread: Hammer any good

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    Hammer any good

    I scored a pretty awesome hammer.
    I don't have any experience with it so I put it on.
    I was super excited about my new toy.
    Holy crap it swings SLOW! DPS is great, and the stat boosts are awesome though.

    Does anyone have any experience with using a hammer as a DPS weapon. Is it working out for you?

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    nope, my only hammer i ever used sucked. People started *****ing me about it, so i changed

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    hammer have the highest per hit damage. ive used a hammer since lv60 and still using one now at lv78. when you max out a hammer, youll love the extremely big numbers. hammers are 1hit killers.

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    when clearing a clog does it swing to slow to keep up with the massive mob numbers?
    Or is the DPS so high that the swing will one hit most small mob anyway...I guess I can play some waves in Local to find out...


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    I use hammers with my barbarian; hawk stance one-shots NM ogres

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    when you are jammed in a mob, what i like to do is spam the spin skill. yes it does cost a small bit of mana, but if you are in a mob, im sure you can refill your mana pool no problem.

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