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Thread: Worried about DDs future

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    Worried about DDs future

    As any great game s destiny, at some point due to lack of new content and new games coming out, we slowly stop playing that game

    now I m a bit worried about this games future after the QftLES cycle
    its a game I really wouldnt like to stop playing because it ll stop being interesting
    currently I have games like la noire, castle crashers, deus ex:HR, infamous, selved, not to mention bf3, just because I play and are deeped in DunDef

    coming closely to the 3rd part of the dlc, with the 4th being in sight, I have some questions that come to mind

    Is anything being done or considered by TE for after QftLES?
    will this be the last chapter of DD and TE will move to smt else, or will it stay behind it and support it with new content?

    just the worries of a DD addict

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    I have the same concern, in all honesty. But as anything else, nothing lasts forever. Let's just hope that Trendy finds a way to keep the flame alive in consoles.
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    I'm hoping they'll start work on DD2 (if they haven't already, at least in the planning/idea stage).

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