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    Post Current PC Patch Notes (7.48)

    NOTE 4/25/14: NO CHANGES! Just fixing a redirect error.

    Current Patch: 7.48

    (Unversioned Hotfix)
    * Fixed the Lost Eternia Shards maps so they now load correctly

    * Added "Temple O' Love" Challenge Map to the "Etherian Festival of Love" DLC, including such items as new Accessories, a New Costume, and 2 Achievements

    * Akatiti weapon reward quality restored to correct values
    * Diamonds will no longer generate with the running speed stat, it's unnecessary as they tremendously boost your speed anyway.
    * Santa Hat sockets fixed up
    * Barbarian Tavernkeep Imposter Costume increased to "Super Legendary" Quality, Santa Imposter Costume changed to Legendary Quality

    * Added a powerful new item quality class -- can you find them?!
    * Reduced Silent Night and Winter Wonderland Boss Difficulties, and increased build time on Winter Wonderland by 40% (+ added 5 additional beefy starting Chests), and increased Build Time on Silent Night by 15%
    * Changed Silent Night to not destroy Defenses before Boss, to not decrease DU's, and eliminated flying units during Boss Fight
    * Improved quality of Silent Night & Winter Wonderland Xmas Weapons rewards
    * Made "Santa Imposter" costume follow the "Super Legendary" scaling rules
    * Increased Ultimate & Regular Item Box slots by 20
    * Increased Skeleton on a Treadmill scale, improved colorization, and increased quality
    * Fixed double-sensitive mouse chase-camera turn speed
    * Enabled Gamepad Chase & FPV Camera for "Swap Triggers / Buttons" Gamepad Control Scheme

    * Added "Silent Night" Challenge and "Winter Wonderland" Campaign Map to the "Etherian Holiday Extravaganza" DLC, including such items as new Accessories, New Costume, New Pets, 4 Achievements and 3 new Crystal Cores to earn
    * Increased Maximum Heroes to 32
    * Added 50 more Ultimate Item Box Slots, 40 More regular Item Box Slots
    * Added First Person View to Gamepad Control Mode!
    * Improved Halloween Spooktacular weapons added to Spooktacular 2, as well as the Costume unlocks
    * Upgraded Dungeon Defenders Development Kit to 7.47, with ALL up-to-date game content including Tower Wars, Akatiti, and Holiday 2012 Contents. Also fixed in the DDDK: cooking maps with sublevels now works, and now all original maps can be successfully cooked without having to set "Is Official Map" to False.

    (Unversioned Hotfix)
    * Buffed weapon rewards from Akatiti for NM and NMHC
    * Higher end accessories drop correctly now on Nightmare for Akatiti so they are better than Insane mode
    * Fixed weapon damage per upgrade on Obsidian Gladius to be back to what it originally was
    * Reduced the high end drops for Akatiti on Insane to be more in line where they should be

    * Added Supreme Accessories Rewards to Akatiti NM & NM Hardcore (& very very good accessory rewards to the other difficulties). Note that this can reward ALL current accessory types. Also made Akatiti Survival Mode easier -- specifically Survival/PureStrat/MixedMode.
    * Fixed various stuckage spots in Akatiti & Tower Wars
    * Tower Wars: Faster Enemy Upgrade Difficulty Scaling, per-difficulty (Scales faster on Nightmare than on Easy, for example)
    * Fixed Wheel o' Fortuna not correctly entering cooldown if cancelled
    * Fixed Jester Present's Defenses not correctly being created by Jester Hero if Hero was swapped out during Build Phase

    * Fixed a case where Goblin Copters would get stuck on Akatiti Jungle
    * Fixed an issue with Goblin Mech boss on Akatiti Jungle not functioning properly
    * Fixed the monk reward weapon from Akatiti from being quite huge and spawning with 2 ranged attack upgrade slots
    * Removed hardcore mode from Tower Wars due to causing several unintended effects
    * Fixed an issue that caused the spider queen on Tower Wars to spawn and instantly die
    * Doubled the bridge size in Tower Wars to prevent stuckage issues when both sides mass spawned units
    * Projectiles from towers now have a much longer range so they don't expire when using large tower ranges

    * Added workshop Map "Akatiti Jungle" Bonus campaign mission to Ranked and Open Mode for winning first place in the map contest
    * Added workshop Map "Tower Wars!" a 4v4 competitive PvP map to Ranked and Open Mode for winning second place in the map contest

    * Added "The Greater Turkey Hunt!" Challenge, and accompanying items
    * Increased Regular & Ultimate Item Box Sizes by 20 slots
    * Fixed issue where per-difficulty Recommended Hero Levels were not properly displaying on various new missions

    * Fixed Crash on Halloween Spooktacular 2!
    * Fixed volume of Hero-Bot sound on Halloween Spooktacular 2
    * Fixed unlocking of "Pumpkin Party Nightmare" Steam Achievement

    * Added Halloween Spooktacular 2012 content!:
    + Additional Spooktacular Challenge Mission!
    + 8 New Halloween Accessories
    + New Unlockable Halloween Eternia Crystal
    + 2 New Achievements
    + Surprises...
    * Increased Item Box size by 20 items for regular Item Boxes, and 40 for Ultimate Item Boxes
    * Halloween Spooktacular music now playable on Tavern Boombox
    * Raised Maximum Hero Stat Point to 1000 per stat type! (up from 180)
    * Stat Limit on 'Ultimate+' quality gear raised to 700 (from the standard Ultimate value of 600)
    * Control-Click on Hero Stat will now allocate only 100 points per click, rather than all of your available points per click. (Useful for high-end respecing with the new Hero Stat allocation limit)

    * Fixed possible Achievements earning bug with "Tavern Defense" mission
    * Fixed missing Trophy and Pet Dummy in Tavern
    * Fixed various collision and pathing issues on "Tavern Defense"
    * Recolorized Party Hats so that both stripes are colored
    * Fixed Incorrect 'Kobold on Treadmill' Pet icon

    * Added "Anniversary Pack" DLC which includes a new Campaign Bonus map, 4 new Accessories, a new Crystal Core, and 2 Achievements.
    * Added Themed Anniversary Tavern
    * Increased Max Level to 100
    * Added super-rare "Ultimate+" Items which require level 100 but have greater Upgrade potential
    * Compiled game in "optimized" shipping mode rather than "release", resulting in a substantial PC performance improvement

    * Super-legendary parent costumes are now nearly as fast as the legendary-parent costumes. (to those who have earned the Super Legendary outfits, we bow to your righteous might! )
    * King's Game now about 10% Easier
    * Hero Selection & Swap Hero now display 8 Heroes in a page
    * Huntress and Hunter 20% exponential ramp damage buff (high-end heroes approximately +50% end-result)
    * Raised level cap to 93 along with slightly better high-end item randomization possibility (which requires 93), in preparation for upcoming Event
    * Weapon types which had a lower Ultimate damage boost per level than Transcendent damage boost per level have been fixed, Ultimate is now at least as good per Upgrade as Transcendent in all cases. (is not backwards compatible to pre-existing Equipment however)

    * Fixed issue preventing controller users from rotating towers with Jester
    * Using "Move Defense" Ability on EV Reflect walls no longer prevents them from working properly.
    * Fixed spawn points on "The King's Game"
    * Sharken and Djinn will now only charge/desummon Towers on an enemy team.
    * DDDK Dev Tool now lets you specify whether your map is Coop or Competitive or Map Contest, for upcoming Steam Workshop tab filters.

    * Fixed missing tower prevention circles (visuals) under spawns in The King's Game.
    * Fixed Goblin Copter flight height in The King's Game.
    * Fixed spawn nodes in The King's Game to face their proper directions.
    * Changed chests to have 300 mana each instead of 100 mana in The King's Game.
    * Fixed head piece of Bounty Hunter Jet Pack costume being turned the wrong way.
    * Added new "Don't Use Multi-Threaded Renderer" option to Mac, which can make Mac more stable (at a cost of some performance)
    * Wheel o Fortuna Kill Percent of Enemies will no longer kill invincible enemies.
    * Fixed a stability lockup issue with Mac that could occur during level loads
    * Some stuff for DDDK: Enabled enemies to pathfind on much larger levels, potentially up to 4x the previous maximum pathfinding size. Also fixed an issue where enemies dropped by Goblin Copters weren't properly inheriting the team of the Goblin Copter.
    * Changed mesh particle systems to use a pool of mesh components, resulting in a substantial performance and memory savings.

    * Fixed Case where Giraffes would not drop upon completion of NMHCMM King's Game.
    * Lowered The King's Game difficulty by 15%.
    * Fixed in-game resolution checkbox selecting incorrect value when using non-standard resolutions.
    * Fixed where Wheel o' Fortuna "Heal Allies" only healed the caster instead of all allies.
    * Corrected Wheel o' Fortuna text "Debuff enemies" to "Buff enemies". Reduced its buffing intensity from 20x to 2.5x
    * Added NEW "Debuff Enemies" Wheel o' Fortuna pattern (Enemy, Enemy, Crystal) with its starting debuffing properties being -40% damage-dealing by enemies (and scales slightly with your Fortuna stats), and -60% damage resistance by enemies.
    * Fixed Sky gfx on Hall of Court and Lifestream Hollow MonsterFest

    * Fixed Enemy Difficulty Scaling on The King's Game, additionally slightly increased the reward quality as a result of the error.
    * Fixed Wheel of Fortuna Golding Bosses
    * Fixed Wheel of Fortuna Damaging Bosses
    * Fixed EV Beams improperly displaying current level after being downgraded by Wheel of Fortuna
    * Fixed Exponent error that was causing Wheel of Fortuna to debuff players instead of buffing them
    * Fixed Wheel of Fortuna "unable repair" debuff to properly recognize duration timer.
    * Fixed Presents never spawning towers on Servants Quarters.
    * Fixed Presents not sticking true to stats upon opening on some stages.
    * Fixed Case of erroneous Ultimate weapon drops on King's Game.
    * Fixed Case where Move Tower would not correctly select or move Auras up or down inclines.
    * Fixed Case where Move Tower would not select an aura with a high tower radius stat.

    * Added new Jester Hero class, Fool Costume, and "The King's Game" mission & associated loot
    * Further improved Mac performance, and added & optimized support for Macbook Pro Retina display resolution (and any native Mac display rez).
    * Spider Minions can no longer be webbed, and Enemy Ogres can now be webbed
    * Reduced Goblin Copter floating height by 33%, enabling melee characters to more easily hit them
    * Further reduced Goblin Copter flight speed by 20%
    * Made Copter Ogres lose 70% of HP if they are dropped from a destroyed Copter
    * Mod Maps no longer become deselected in the Mission Setup UI when someone enters or leaves your Tavern
    * Sky City ninja Djinn/Wyverns should really be fixed now. Promise.
    * DDDK Updated to contain all Dungeon Defenders content! (Eternia Shards, New Heroes, etc)
    * DDDK map cook sizes are smaller now: textures from the original game are no longer cooked inside mod maps.
    * DDDK is now a Tool, not a DLC. Accordingly, you must re-download it from the "Tools" section of your Steam Client (Dungeon Defenders Development Kit). It's significantly larger now with all the new content... :-P

    * UNVERSIONED HOTFIX: Mac Core Audio spatialization (stereo left/right) fixed.
    * Palantir: Reduced enemy HP, fixed variable Ogre HP
    * Minions are now affected by enemy Spider Webs (it's only fair )

    * Fixed Palantir Demon Boss HP, reduced overall enemy HP's by 35% on this level, improved the quality of Palantir rewards, and fixed a bug where Palantir accessories were only awarding to the Host

    * Mac: Changed Audio system to use CoreAudio rather than OpenAL. Yields MAJOR performance gains and memory savings, and audio-related crash fixes.
    * Added "Palantir" Bonus campaign mission to Ranked and Open Mode, includes 4 new Accessory items.
    * Increased interval between Goblin Copter flares, makes them more likely to get hit by Towers
    * Increased server-side initial connection timeout to 100 seconds, enables super-slowly-loading clients to successfully make into games/taverns that they previously couldn't join in time (used to be 30 seconds).
    * Sky City: Fixed Djinn desummong Defenses through wall
    * Raised Host hero level Search filter to 90
    * Fixed "white sky" problem on Moraggo
    * Mac Fixed potential performance problem with Seahorse projectiles (on any graphics setting < High)
    * Mac fixed potential crash with Lens Flares
    * Fixed Music Skipping during Boss Rush Spider Queen

    (Unversioned Hotfix)
    * "Hero Class" online game filter works again, and is now server-side to be much more accurate
    * Fixed a potential NetDriver crash that appeared to occasionally result in online gameplay crash
    * Fixed Mac rendering issue where Heroes appeared translucent over their Accessories

    * Globally Reduced # of Goblin Copters by > 33% on all maps except Crystal Dimension and Sky City
    * Countess 'Joust' ability begin and end animations speeds increased by 2x, for quicker activation/deactivation
    * Mana Tokens deposited by Shop Sales will now accrue value into a single ItemBoxed Token (up to 999,999,999 limit) before automatically creating another Token, rather than adding a new Token every transaction
    * Online game Filtering by Difficulty is now done server-side to yield more accurate results from the entire set of Online games
    * Eliminated some assertions that could have needlessly caused crashes
    * Increased the interval between Goblin Copter Flares (to make them less effective, towers more likely to hit), and reduced Copter Missile Damage by 25%
    * Djinn can no longer engolden Goblin Choppers
    * Increased Summoner exponential HP ramp in PvP/Competitive modes by 60%
    * Goblin Copter death explosion will no longer hurt Towers
    * Fixed invisible ledge that Ogres could stand on in Magus Quarters
    * Crystalline Dimension now tends to drop much more rare loot (increased rarity weighting)
    * DDDK: Costume Level Entry info (in the MapInfo) now works again for mod maps. Enables you to setup custom loot scaling values (among other things) that work in the cooked map, level description, level preview image (only is visible after a user has played your map).
    * DDDK: You can now set "DunDefMaxPlayers" in the MapInfo, enabling you to make maps which support more than 4 players (up to 32 players)
    * PC and Mac: Significantly optimized the rendering performance of dynamic actors and skeletal meshes, resulting in a speed boost particularly when rendering lots of enemies
    * Mac: Fixed black z-fighting issue on characters/dynamics on Mountain Lion OS

    * Buffed Apprentice Towers Damage Ramp by 15%
    * Copter Ogres Health and Damage Buffs reduced by 33%
    * Restored Tower Targeting priority to regular priority on GoblinCopters
    * Limited how many Goblin Copters will simultaneously be spawned based on # of players in-game. 1P = 5, 2P = 7, 3P = 8, 4P = 10.
    * Copter-Dropped Ogres will lose 60% of their HP if dropped forcefully (i.e. you destroy the Copter in advance)
    * Copters will no longer target Crystal Cores
    * Optimized Texture Memory usage at Low and Medium Graphics settings to help reduce cases of video memory-access stalls
    * Fixed Damage Per Upgrade Cap on Ultimate 'Steamsaw' Weapon (Ultimate category now has same Upgrade Cap as lower categories -- this is a "buff" on how it was previously, Ultimate was erroneously lower)
    * Fixed issue where already-downloaded Steam Workshop Custom Missions weren't being listed, if you had one downloading in progress. Now they always list properly even if a download is occurring.
    * Copter death explosions no longer hurt Eternia Crystals
    * Fixed GoblinCopter Paths on Shipwreck MonsterFest
    * Fixed a startup crash that some people were getting
    * Max Heroic Stat Value increased from 120 to 180
    * Reduced "Sky O' Love" Pair-Matching requirements by 40%
    * DDDK: Dev Launcher Tool will automatically update the existing Steam Workshop entry (if any) when you try to Publish a Cooked Map to a different Steam Workshop Title. (Some users were getting confused about how to update their maps, so this will make it easy for them to do so by having it automatically update the existing Workshop entry.)

    * Fixed certain Hero Portrait colors
    * Boss Rush Drops improved
    * Goblin Copters will no longer appear on Campaign Mission First Waves
    * 20% Buff to Propeller Cat Pet Range & Damage Boost
    * Fixed Copter Ogre Hat not disappearing properly on Crystalline Copters
    * Improvement for Crystalline Dimension latency
    * GameSpy can now play Custom Missions Online... for real this time!
    * Fix for Leaderboard Titles being inaccurate... for real this time!
    * Fix for Glitterhelm Goblin Copter pathing... for real this time!
    * Another Fix that should unlock all Steam Achievements you've earned... flushes the Steam Stats cache properly!
    * Crystalline Dimension: Old One Boss will not attack for 3.5 seconds after his introductory cutscene, to give you a little more time to prepare (he'll play a Taunt )
    * Companion Cube Pet is no longer required for "I've got Monsters In My Pocket" Achievement, but Monk Animus now is.
    * You no longer take any damage or momentum when respawning during the Crystalline Dimension Boss
    * Fix for Clients sometimes not unlocking pertinent Hero Costumes/Rewards after beating Crystalline Dimension; note that you do have to own all 4 Shards Missions to get the Crystalline Costumes/Rewards still.
    * Fixed a rare crash involving Stats collection
    * Increased the bandwidth pipe a little to reduce latency issues in high-traffic games (3K/s more allocation per client)
    * Projectile Towers now favor targeting other enemies over Goblin Copters (since the flares will mostly distract projectile tower shots anyway)
    * Legendary Knight Circular Slice / Bloodrage sound is fixed to be Manly

    * Cavern Goblin Copter pathfinding fixed
    * Fixed earning of Reward Items on Boss Rush Challenge, for real this time
    * Goblin Copter Ogres now wear a bombadier hat so you can tell them apart (they don't attack Crystals, etc)
    * Fixed minimum join level requirement being set to 0 if you Host with a character above level 83
    * GameSpy Online/LAN will now list installed custom missions too
    * Fixed Talay Mines killcount not incrementing (could have also occured on other maps too, all resolved)
    * Further increased the Damage Buffing (+33% more) and Effective Range (+25% more) of the Propeller Cat Pet

    * Fixed Boss Rush Reward items not being given
    * Fixed Crystal Dimension Ogre Stragglers
    * Sky City Battlecruiser boss no longer can get into a state where he won't ever take damage
    * Crystal Dimension Portals will always show up now as they're supposed to
    * Better loot drops quality on Sky City and Crystal Dimension
    * Better XP gains from SkyCity and Crystal Dimension
    * Super Legendary Huntress is now visible in the costume selection screen
    * Potential fix for Steam Achievements not unlocking when you earn the in-game Accomplishment
    * Fix for getting the "I've got Monsters in My Pocket" Achievement, and you no longer have to remove and re-add all the Pets into your Item Box to get it.
    * Propeller Cat Pet Hero-damage-buffing and effective range increased by 33%

    7.38 through 7.34 in the third post!
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    (Unversioned Hotfix)
    * Eliminated error when attempting to load "Lifestream Hollow Monster Fest"
    (Unversioned Hotfix)
    * Fixed PvP maps not loading
    * Fixed Oasis MonsterFest forcing Nightmare difficulty

    * Buffed all Apprentice staffs Max-Charge Damage by 20%
    * Remote-Crystal-Activation (Default 'G' key) now works on MonsterFests and any maps without a Crystal to advance past the Build Phase
    * Moraggo and Aquanos area-specific loot drops increased in stat potential to be equivalent to Forest area-specific items
    * Character-View (Default 'Q' key) now supports zooming in/out with mousewheel to help get those perfect screenshots -- AND you can now do full movement/input when in Character-View for a more action poses!
    * Spectator camera doesn't do collision traces anymore, because they were annoying.
    * Added new Freelook Spectator camera that allows you to fly around the world and view anything you want. Press Jump button after dying or when in spectator mode to toggle it. Did you know: you can use the TOGGLESPECTATE command to permanently force yourself into spectator mode, useful for capturing epic screenshots or video of your team. You can also hold Control while in Freelook Spectator mode to move the camera extra slowly.
    * Fixed stuck Summit Ogres
    * Fixed remaining cases where some enemies (mostly Djinn and Sharken) would lag the rest of the map spawns and straggle-out late in the wave -- now they'll come through more evenly during the bulk of the Wave, keeping the pressure on.
    * Moving PlayerShop items into Folders with Gamepad no longer loses Focus on the next listed item (behaves as the Item Box does now)
    * Fixed Config Tool Secondary Key bindings / Controller bindings application
    * Reduced Chase Camera tilt sensitivity to compensate for the increased tilt range
    * Melee-Hidden Targeting Cursor now is always drawn when Blocking (so that you can aim your Block)
    * Fixed bug that was preventing constructing Defenses in Deathmatch PvP
    * Respective Current / Max stored Item counts are now listed on Item Box and Player Shop
    * Added 15 DU to 'City in the Cliffs', for a total of 140
    * Sharken base Kill XP value increased from 1 to 12
    * Adept Purity Bomb now deals its extra damage to all Dark Elf-type Units (DE Mages, Warriors, and Archers)
    * Removed Djinn from Insane Mistymire Boss Fight
    * Nightmare-difficulty Wave completion XP globally increased by 25%
    * Barbarian 25% Weapon Damage Increase, & Hawk Stance 25% damage increase
    * Current Item Box Capacity now dynamically indicated on Item Overlay (so you can see how many Item Box slots you have free when deciding to grab an item off the ground)
    * Fixed bug where Proto Beams (and other kinds of Beams) wouldn't work in some areas of certain levels

    * Enabled Ogres to spawn more rapidly, preventing end-of-wave Ogre stragglers on high Survival Waves
    * Survival/Pure-Strat Wave selection now allows you to pick any Wave from up to the highest difficulty you have reached that Wave on (e.g. if you reached Wave 15 on Nightmare, and now want to play on Insane, you can start on Wave 15 Insane because you got that far on a higher difficulty)
    * Doubled chase camera veritcal look (pitch) range -- get those Wyvs! (FPV camera pitch increased correspondingly as well)
    * Selling Traps now immediately stops their effect correctly
    * Shipwreck Graveyard MonsterFest on Insane or easier now gives more Lives as appropriate, thus allowing 8 players
    * Added Aquanos Musics to Tavern Boombox
    * Trade UI now properly shows all 12 Trade Items for the "other" player
    * Ogre low-health-angry animation speed no longer affected by Ensnare aura
    * Easter Egg Event concluded
    * City in the Cliffs changed to 30 Survival Waves
    * Made rarest Accessories which no one has yet seen (thus potentially too rare) more common
    * Made Halloween loot-drops more common

    * Fixed Treasure Hunt Spawns not recycling
    * Fixed Mini-Ogres slow-spawning (Servants Quarters, City in the Cliffs, Halloween Spooktacular etc)
    * Made DEW's and other low-frequency enemies appear on early-Campaign Survivals as they used to
    * Added more enemy pathfinding stuck-fixing logic, and enemies in spawn areas no longer collide with each other to prevent clogging
    * Further eliminated enemy stuck cases on Shipwreck Ruins, and added 2 more minutes to Shipwreck Ruins time limits
    * Changed spawn logic to create bursts on certain enemies, so that Wyverns, Spiders, and Ogres will arrive in mini-attack groups rather than trickling out minimally thoughout the Wave
    * Increased maximum number of Trading Items to 12, up from 6
    * Passive Damage Types (Electric Aura, certain flamethrower type weapons etc) now trigger damage-related AI states as intended (Ogre angry-hurt animation states etc)
    * Moraggo Survival spawns fixed to ~Mistymire levels

    * Strength Drain Aura disabling Elemental Effect now rechecks all other Auras for effect (i.e. Enemies already inside Electric Aura now get electrocuted if they lose their enchantment)
    * Aquanos Kraken crash fixed

    * Buff Beams no longer go down when a Tower is pushed out from them (though that specific Tower will lose its buff since it's no longer within the Beam)
    * Fixed bug where Supreme Full-Set Bonus (36%) was being given to Transcendent Gear (supposed to be 33%)
    * Electric Aura damage is now applied if enemies already within that Aura lose their Elemental Enhancement (i.e. are in Strength Drain)
    * Charging Sharken now have constant Charge Speed which doesn't increase with difficulty (and Charging Movement-Speed itself decreased by 40%), and Towers are now more prioritized to Targeting Charging Sharken over other enemies (as they do with Desummoning Djinn). Sharken also now have a more obvious visual and sound effect when beginning to wind-up a Charge.
    * Sharken can no longer fully embed pushed Defenses into world geometry
    * Healing Aura no longer heals Kraken
    * Equipment Tooltip overlay on Tavern-Shop equipment now shows the resale value
    * Enraged Enemies now only add Aggro from other Enemies, not from anything else (Players, Towers, etc) -- making them much more likely to attack the other enemies when Enrage Auras are placed near Towers
    * Fixed straggler spawns where Survival Spawn times would tend to have enemies slowly appear way after most of the wave was over, or in massive rushes at any point
    * Jetpack-Hovering through Teleporters (i.e. Aquanos) will no longer sometimes cause you to be relocated off the map
    * Transcendent Survivalist now unlocks properly (thanks Dunimas!)
    * Added "A Sharken Has Arrived!" notification
    * Doubled the likelihood of Halloween Item drops
    * Added Option to disable Enemy Spawn Notifications ("... Has Arrived!" & accompanying sfx), though it will not yet work on Ogres but currently works on the other enemy types
    * Equalized Monkey Pet's Nightmare damage multiplier with the other Pets (20% reduction in its Damage in NM)
    * Fixed a case where Player Shops purchase Mana-limit could have been exceeded
    * Fixed various enemy stuck spots on Shipwreck Ruins MonsterFest & Shipwreck Ruins PvP geometry

    * Changed Multi-Threaded renderer back to using the option for it, rather than always-being-enabled. May have been causing slowdown on some systems, so now you can try it out via the "Don't Use Multi-Threaded Renderer" option in the Configuration Tool and see which works better for your system.

    * Sharken Charge range reduced by 66%, Sharken Interrupt Damage Health-Percentage Reduced from 25% to 10%, Sharken Charge Time increased by 3x, Sharken Health Reduced by 33%, Sharken numbers reduced on all maps by 25%-50% (depending on the number of players)
    * Strength Drain Elemental Removal Now works for Tower Targeting as well
    * Reduced enemy spawn-timings in survival waves to accommodate for the lesser # of enemies (reducing empty time where enemies don't spawn)
    * Fixed Zamira Armor having level requirements that were too high
    * Removed Sharken from Nightmare Pure Strategy

    * Added Premium DLC: Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 3: Aquanos (Campaign/Challenge/UMF/PvP/Themed-Costume/Items/Achievements)
    * Raised Level Cap to 83, and added hyper-rare 'Supreme' item quality categorization
    * Added support for four slots of Accessory-type Items & Masks, and added 62 Accessory/Mask loot drops, of varying degrees of rarity and difficulty to achieve
    * Added Transcendent Survivalist Achievement + Jetpacking Bounty Hunter Costume
    * Raised Bank soft cap / maximum shop sale amount to 600,000,000 Mana
    * Added 40 more Item Box spaces, 50 more Player Shop Item spaces, and 20 more Items allowed on Tavern Floor
    * Added Halloween and Battle Royale loot drops to general drops (can drop on any mission), once you've beaten Halloween and Battle Royale respectively (on any difficulty)
    * Added Option to disable targeting cursor for Melee Heroes

    * Made Shock Beam able to trigger on Flying Enemies, and thus Shock them
    * Barbarian Lightning Stance and Shock Beam now shock Djinn and cancel their spells
    * Barbarian Hawk Stance self-stun time cut by 50%, Hawk Stance damage increased by 25%, Lightning Stacne Self-Damage reduced by 25% and Stun Time increased by 15%
    * Spiders can now be shock-stunned (also causing them to cancel web attack) by Lightning Stance and Shock Beams
    * Enemies within Strength Drain Auras lose their own Elemental Damage and their Elemental Invulnerability when within the Aura, Strength Drain Aura in-game description updated accordingly
    * Rebalanced all Nightmare Campaign & UMF Missions to contain Sharken
    * Reduced the number of enemies on Survival Waves to about Mistymire Forest levels on ALL maps
    * Buffed Monk Electric Aura by 50% in Nightmare
    * Pets are now hidden if you hide your weapon in FPV
    * Series Ev Proton Charge Blast now immediately consumes Mana that you drop
    * Spaces and Brackets are now allowed in Hero names from all menus (main menu and renaming)
    * 10% Linear and 8% Exponential-Ramp Damage Buff to Apprentice Lightning Tower
    * ALL Mythical+ Pets now incorporate Hero Damage into their Damage calculation -- Donkey and a few others previously weren't
    *Added message to Player Shop UI to help make it clear that AFK Shop Mode is required to have a permanently accessible Player Shop: "Note: Your shop will be inaccessible after 15 Minutes unless you enable AFK Shop Mode."
    * Sitting in the Tavern for 1 hour now automatically converts your game to AFK Shop Mode (changes back to a non-AFKShop game if you enter any mission)
    * Enemies lose their invincibility from immunity circles after 10 seconds, and Ogres de-spawn after 6 minutes

    * Fixed a Trade Failure bug
    * Fixed extra Guardian-type stats appearing on Guardians.
    * Fixed bug that would cause UI input to lock up in Tavern (and on other UI's potentially) if you pressed Escape key very quickly as the Mission Setup Menu was opening
    * Added Summoner functionality hooks
    * Fixed THE Return To Tavern / Restart Level Crash!!
    * Fixed Djinn Spawn timings on Tree of Life MonsterFest, now they won't wait so long to arrive
    * Fixed an invincible Skeleton case

    * Buffed Apprentice Mana Bomb Damage Exponential Ramp by 20%, and range exponent by 15%, and reduced cooldown interval to 45 seconds
    * Djinn-Golded Dark Elf Mages no longer get a Healing-Amount Buff as well, set lower Dark Elf Mage projectile attack range
    * Fixed Guardian Boost Stats Rollover

    * Eliminated Dark Elf Mage Healing Buff
    * Enemy Targeting Offset now scales with enemy size, i.e. making Harpoons able to hit mini-Wyverns
    * Harpoons never damaging targets bug solved -- was due to low FPS on server with out-of-view Harpoon Turret, would cause Harpoon to aim too slowly and always miss on Server, even though it would appear to hit on Client. Now, Harpoon turn speed is not affected by out-of-view/low server FPS.

    * Fixed City In the Cliffs mob group-stuck area
    * Fixed City In the Cliffs floating Mana Tokens
    * Tavern Pause menu now shows up to 16 Player entries
    * Male Bounty Hunter and Female Amazonian each have their own unique character portraits
    * City in the Cliffs now gives 25% more build time, each chest has 30% more Mana, and there are 25% less Wyverns in the Campaign/Survival mission
    * Changed Harpoon Tower to aim at center-of-target, rather than with an aim-offset, resolving harpoon missing case
    * Fixed issues of incorrect Buff Beam Defense-boosting count, and that Buff Beam couldn't be placed under middle section of walls
    * Overhaul to Tavern Shop item generation, now can and will have highest-end items, but at a greater sale price for those items
    * Mission Setup UI now remembers your Survival/PureStrat/MixMode settings when you return from a mission
    * Toggling between Windowed and Fullscreen modes (Alt-Enter) no longer loses your previous fullscreen resolution
    * Fixed GameSpy matchmaking search capabilities to be consistent with Steamworks' search

    * Minimum Level Requirement on Hosted Games is automatically set based on Host's level (to allow low-level players to see more low-level games in their searches). Can be reset manually, and doesn't affect AFK Shops. Uses the following level brackets:

    Minimum Host Level | Auto Level Requirement
    0 | 0
    14 | 7
    25 | 14
    35 | 22
    45 | 33
    60 | 42
    70 | 60
    78 | 74

    * 25% Bounty Hunter HP boost and 25% less Movement Speed [community-polled]

    * Optimized portal rendering so that off-screen portals don't consume FPS, can reduce low framerate associated with other players using the portal gun

    * Updated DDDK to 7.29

    * Fixed non-selectable Reflection Wall glitch
    * Reduced spawn-invincibility time by 40% on all enemies and 60% on Wyverns and Djinn, to aid in attack them
    * Full-Set-Boosted stats can now be upgraded properly based on their original actual stat value (even while wearing the full-set boosts them above the stat cap).

    * Fixed missing meshes on City In the Cliffs
    * Fixed Warrior stuck spot on City In the Cliffs
    * Made Traps and Auras able to target invincible enemies
    * Fixed bug preventing rewards on Assaults
    * Able to easily repair Series EV Walls underneath Auras now, vast improvement to repair selection traces
    * G (default) key now remote-actives Crystal (Mission Setup UI) in Tavern
    * Forge is now properly selectable when it's within Traps/Auras
    * Repair now only targets Towers that have lost more than 5% of their life, as it was before
    * All Players in City In the Cliffs now get Dinnlet Pet
    * Old (retroactive) Chickens are now droppable/tradeable/sellable too
    * Updated DDDK to 7.28

    * Added "City in the Cliffs" / Bounty Hunter Premium DLC Pack
    * Survival/Pure-Strategy Mode now lets you start on any Wave you have previously beaten (& you get correspondingly more Mana from the first-wave chests to utilize for Building)
    * Fixed getting tooltips on Auras/Traps etc when your chase-camera is inside of them
    * Improved Harpoon Turret turning speed and pinpointed their capability to hit flying units
    * Fixed another AMD CPU crash case
    * Reduced startup movie volumes by 40%
    * Made it possible to manually repair Towers that have very minimal damage, previously the game didn't allow this
    * Player can no longer take any radial damage/webbing in Pure Strategy mode
    * Fixed a Trade Manager failure case
    * Genie King mini-Djinn are no longer targetable by Towers (since they can't take damage from Towers anyway)
    * Towers will no longer target Invincible enemies, except on Wizardry
    * Nightmare Player HP Buff to highest level ever (5% more than previous peak in 7.26c)

    * To help reduce AFK Taverns in the Games section, AFTER 30 minutes in the Tavern, visitors (clients) can now only access the Host's Hero Shop if the Tavern is in AFK Shop Mode! A note has been added to the Shop UI AFTER 30 minutes to indicate this.
    * Player Shop Items can not be sold over hard Bank limit at 400m sale value
    * Dark Elf Mages now have a 3.5-second interval between Skeleton-spawning, reducing path-clogging
    * Strength Drain Aura reduced from 6 DU to 5 DU, and are now 30% more powerful on NM
    * Gamepad users can now create folders and move items in and out of folders
    * Fixed colorization of Dropped Equipment minimap icons
    * Aura HP in Nightmare buffed 200%
    * 36 Humongous Eggs now yields you a Mega Chicken
    * Eggs no longer auto-delete when the max dropped-item cap is reached.
    * Fixed issue where Healer Pets such as Goblins, Fairies, Monkeys, were only healing for about 1/6th of the amount that they should have been on Nightmare
    * Ogres no longer get spawn-area invincibility
    * Elemental Damage Pets will no longer target enemies of that element type
    * CTF/HTF/CTD competitive maps are now once again listed in the multiplayer Search Filters UI
    * Initiate's Remote Defense Boost / Enemy Drain abilities icons no longer will block your Defense Placement camera view
    * Hiding weapons in FPV now hides weapon-aura (elemental etc) VFX and secondary weapons
    * Fixed edge case where Projectiles could lose their Team alignment, potentially resulting in erroneous game loss (mysteriously exploding cores etc), including a case with Series EV Reflection Wall
    * Fixed costumes that were resulting in black screens / no UI on competitive maps (Adept etc)
    * Fixed DDDK TC crash due to outdated TC scripts.
    * Increased effective width of Series EV Proton Beam by 30%
    * Upgrading an Item stat from negative to positive now does not lose the stat (flips it to +1)
    * Voice Chat now enabled on all MonsterFest maps
    * Fixed case where Djinn spawns could occur too rapidly, particularly in 2-Player
    * Improved Companion Cube Melee Hit Detection
    * Chicken & Mega Chicken are now tradeable/droppable/sellable
    * Rapid-Chat is no longer filtered out
    * Harpoons can hit short enemies (Goblins, Spiders) etc much better now
    * Initiate Remote Defense Boost damage ramp increased by 15%
    * Monk Defense Boost rebalanced for direct multiplicative effect, new ramp approximations:
    0 points = +10% damage
    100 points = +55% damage
    500 points = +100% damage
    1000 points = +135% damage
    1500 points = +160% damage
    2000 points = +180% damage
    2500 points = +200% damage

    * Resolved "Negative Delta Time" error that AMD CPU/GPU's could get, can resolve startup crashes for certain AMD/ATI users
    * Reduced Dark Elf Warrior NM Damage by 50%
    * Buffed All Heroes' HP by 60% in NM -- except Squire, Countess, and Barbarian who get a 15% Buff -- (and buffed all Healing Abilities/Aura/Pets accordingly in NM)
    * Fixed Series EV Decoy Targeting
    * Monk/Initiate Damage Buff now takes effect
    * Made Transcendent/Mythical Minimap colors be "green" if the item is better than yours
    * Fixed "New" indicator erroneously appearing on Mission Lists when we add a "Hidden" mission for testing...
    * All Enemy Damage Reduced by 10% in NM
    * Player Self-Heal Speed Ramp Increased 33% (much faster Self-Heal at High-Levels), NM Repair Speed restored
    * DDDK updated to 7.26c

    * Fixed an issue with skinning on Tycho character
    * Reduced maximum number of Djinn per player by 3
    * Fixed issue so that Harpoons/Piercing-Projectiles can pierce Ogres again
    * You can now rotate towers in HUD-hidden mode
    * Repair speed on NM increased

    * Added Penny Arcade Characters DLC
    * Added Squire Bunny & Easter Egg Hunt Meta-Mission
    * Increased Maximum Number of Heroes allowed on a profile from 16 to 24
    * Raised Soft Mana Cap & Shop Item Sell Limit to 400,000,000
    * EV Shock (3min/7max to 2min/6max) and Proto Beam (3min/6max to 2min/5max) DU costs decreased, EV Shock Beam Resets 33% faster, shock time ramp increased 33%, and has a 33% area increase
    * "Portal Gun Mk 2" is given to owners of Portal Gun DLC who earn Hardcore Mythical Defender Achievement
    * "Sky o' Love" Gender Enemies will no longer target Eternia Crystals
    * Buffed Monk/Initiate DPS Ramp by 25%, high-end Monks & Initiates will do about 45% more damage, and HeroBoost/TowerBoost effectiveness ramps by 33%
    * ToggleHUD button (default H) in First Person View will first toggle FPV weapon visibility on/off
    * Fixed "non-attenuated" (2D) Amazonian costume swing sound, now is 3D
    * Fixed Shroomite Pets not awarding at NM quality on Mistymire Forest
    * Series EV 15% Higher Proton Beam Damage Exponent Buff, 15% Decoy Aggro Buff & 25% Decoy HP Buff
    * Made Series EV Walls properly repairable/upgradeable when within a Trap/Aura
    * "Rumble in the Jungle"/"War of the Djinn" no longer have Djinn exiting the Lamps super-fast.
    * Barbarian Turtle Stance resistance now increases with the Turtle Stance level
    * SeriesEV Proton Charge Blast Mana Absorption range increased by 175%
    * Fixed bug that was erroneously giving Squire Tower 60% extra damage in Nightmare (37.5% reduction)
    * Reduced # of Ogres in Survival Nightmare by 40%
    * Mythical & Transcendent gear now always have distinctive minimap icon colors: Turquoise for Mythical, purple for Transcendent

    * Competitive Tower Defense: Changed Game Stats Screen to have option to Return to Tavern (all competitive game types now have this), changed Ogre Rush tokens to have less Ogres on earlier Waves (starting at 2 Ogres and increasing by 1 on each Wave)

    * NEW German Translation! Huge thanks to Black Eye ( ) for producing it! Trendy loves you Black Eye!!!! <3

    * SeriesEV-Reflected Ogre Balls and Boss projectiles can no longer harm player-friendly units
    * SeriesEV reduced Shock Beam activation time by 50%, increased length of stun by 20%, increased activation/effective width by 45%, and reduced starting cost to 3 DU; also Increased Proto Beam damage a further 10% in NM
    * Upgrading Buff Beam immediately affects Trap/Aura radius
    * Fixed Hero association with Series EV beams, so that Beams won't become de-synced from stat points if the Hero is swapped
    * EV Physical/Reflection Beam now appear correct length on newly-joining Clients
    * Selling beams in Karathiki Tower Defense no longer can cause DU's to become desynced
    * Resolved weapon switching when webbed
    * Fixed Mission Setup UI Gamepad Trigger Wave-number navigation issue
    * Increased Build Time on Karathiki by 30%
    * Guardians' ranges are now limited to 90 stat points

    * DDDK can now load Karathiki Competitive Tower Defense sample map ("Content\Maps\CompetitiveTowerDefense\DD_MayanRui ns_Comp.udk")

    * Series EV Keybinding for Switching Weapons is now visible in-game in Controls menu
    * Series EV will now equip weapon in ItemBox into second weapon-slot if none is available
    * Series EV Proton Beam Damage Increased by 33% in NM, Effective Life Increased by 40%
    * Series EV Potential Build-Beam crash eliminated
    * Karathiki Competitive Tower Defense: Crystal Cores never heal, and Ogre Rush Ogre-Difficulty increased, and fixed an area that had a collision issue
    * Updated DDDK to 7.25b

    * Added New Hero: Series Ev (Premium Content)
    * Added New Challenge: Karathiki Competitive Tower Defense (Premium Content, Part of Karathiki Jungle Pack)
    * Apprentice Mana Bomb damage exponential ramp buffed, on the high-end can do about 10x damage than previously
    * Karathiki Pure Strategy now supports 6 players
    * Friendly Djinn can no longer be gas-stunned
    * Added Respawning Treasure Chests to Frostdale PvP Maps
    * Reduced "Rumble in the Jungle" to 12 waves
    * VDay enemies much more likely to follow the player
    * Improved player networked movement quality in PvP game
    * Join-Requirement Minimum Level Setting is now controller-friendly, as is the Show Shops/Show Games button
    * Griffon Pet projectile now deals splash damage
    * Healing-plus-Damaging Pets (such as Monkey and Goblin Cupid) will favor Healing if a Heal-Target is below 50% Health
    * Fixed Wyvern pathfinding on Karathiki, Fixed spawn locations on Karathiki (they're indoors now), Fixed inappropriate build locations on Karathiki, Fixed Bowling Balls breaking on the floor of parts of Karathiki
    * Fixed a case where players would get "Failed to Create Game" message when attempting to Host an Online game
    * 10% Buff to Trap Damage in Nightmare
    * When multiple Guardians of the same type are buffing a Defense, the stronger buff will now always take effect. (previously, it was whichever Guardian got there first)
    * Pets no longer can roll-over to "1 mana" resale value

    * Added Karathiki Jungle 6-Player Tower Defense "Bonus Campaign" Map & Challenge Mission, along with respective rewards, Costume, & Pet!
    * Added Minimum Level Requirement Option for Hosts to set on their games (and saves as a User Option), and the games won't even show up for players below that minimum level. Down with kicking!

    (unversioned hotfixes)
    * Fixed case where November-2011 save data would not successfully load
    * Fixed keyboard input when using gamepad on various editboxes/chatbox
    * Reduced movie volume to be more on-par with the rest of the game's volume
    * Fixed mouse-lock in windowed mode, now you can move mouse off window when in a UI

    * Host-Game "naming" popup box now accepts gamepad input.
    * Fixed case where using chase camera, players would sometimes turn around if a target got between the player and the camera.
    * Djinn are now considered higher-priority target for ALL Towers when they are desummoning.
    * Fixed case where Wyverns were invulnerable for a bit too long after spawning.
    * Improved OMF Djinn Spawn Timings
    * Fixed Holiday Mission Mana Token physics
    * Eliminated remaining Djinn fleeing case
    * Changed all Player Weapon Projectiles to be spawned locally, resulting in mega latency and bandwidth reduction
    * Healing-plus-Attacking Pets (Goblin Cupid, Monkey) now favor Attacking over Healing, if there's a valid enemy target

    * Added Drag & Drop Trading: when you open the Trade Window with the Item Box now, they will display side-by-side and you can drag items back & forth to add or remove them from a Trade
    * Gamepad navigation of folders now works properly in player shops
    * Portal Gun & TF2 Familiars now given to Mac game owners
    * Djinn reduced by ~50% in all Survival Waves, and Survival Djinn spawners time spaced out more evenly
    * Fixed cases where War of Djinn could get stuck
    * Djinn can no longer multi-buff a mob (generally they couldn't, but certain levels were erroneously allowing this)
    * Projectile Towers are now biased towards attacking Djinn that are currently desummoning them
    * Limited number of simultaneous Djinn based on players, so 4 in one-player, 6 in two-player, 8 in 3-player, and 10 in 4-player
    * Fixed >4P case where no Djinn
    * Fixed bug that was unintentionally generating rewards at the Transcendent level

    * Mac: Configuration Tool keybindings now save properly
    * Added "Lucky Community Costume Pack" outfits!
    * Added Djinn Arrival Notification
    * Genie King Boss attacks no longer damage Eternia Crystals
    * Gas Traps can now stun Djinn
    * Djinn fleeing behavior further adjusted to make them more melee-attackable
    * Reduced Djinn spawn by approx 40% throughout NM Survival (beyond-Campaign) waves
    * Djinn Spell-Casting Interruption reduced from 15% of HP to 7.5% of HP
    * Ranged Towers Prioritized to Target Djinn over ground-based units
    * Eliminated Djinn spawns from Pure Strat mode
    * Fixed a case where the PC game would hang if you shut it down by clicking the (X) button while in an online game

    * Zamira Gear drop quality increased
    * Glitterhelm MF respawn bug fixed
    * Djinn no longer flee or move away from you when attacked, and they also have a reduced de-summon range, and take longer to de-summon, and are weaker generally
    * Higher XP ramp to reach 78 (was lower than intended)
    * Fixed graphical glitch on Oasis MF
    * Transcendent drop quality potential buffed (Transcendent items can become a bit better)
    * Djinn fleeing behavior adjusted

    * Added a super-secret awesome reward for those who earn "Transcendent Challenge Champion"
    * Buffed Apprentice Exponential Damage Ramps on Lightning Tower and Magic Missile Tower by ~20%
    * Editbox for specifying the Item Costs in the Player Shop now displays numerical commas
    * Binding chat key to alphanumeric button no longer interferes with EditBox inputs
    * You can now browse into and out-of Item Box/Player Shop folders properly with Gamepad control (though you can not create them with Gamepad control, yet)
    * "Hardcore" mode now yields a 30% XP wave-completion earnings boost, regardless of difficulty setting
    * Added "Pro" Item Upgrade Mode, where you can simply click an item stat directly to immediately invest all needed funds and upgrade the item rapidly.
    * Hardcore Mode is now accessible on all Challenges, and gives better reward items (on Campaign and Challenges) than non-Hardcore
    * Nightmare Challenges now also give Insane Achievements
    * Spike Blockade width increased by 15%
    * Level cap raised to 78, along with new Items and Item Qualities
    * Controller users can now press "Y" to export data to Local/Open mode
    * Eternia Shards 2 Pack + Hero Outfit
    * 5 new Achievements + Trophies
    * Cross-platform steamplay with Mac
    * Fixed issue where Traps would become weaker in various ways if you died in Hardcore mode and your player character disappeared. Also fixes Upgrade Detonation Count decreasing issue with Traps after the player was destroyed (where Upgrading could result in a Det Count decrease).
    * Fixed issue where alphabetical keybinding for Chat would result in inability to use that key in edit boxes
    * Increased NM Crystal HP by 40%
    * Clients can now see the Host's selected mission name of a mission they don't own
    * Harpoon Turrets now incorporate target leading into their aiming, making them MUCH more effective against Wyverns and also fast-moving enemies
    * Buffed Nightmare Damage Pets by 12%

    * Battle Royale: 2 points awarded for Player kills, 1 point loss for death-by-monster. Made Demon in this map only attack 60% as often. Reduced number of kills required for Insane and NM victories.
    * Increased PvP Players HP by NM multiplier on all difficulties
    * Fixed an issue where players couldn't see the names DLC maps selected in other people's Taverns if they didn't own the content.
    * Added missing songs to the Tavern jukebox
    * Updated DDDK to 7.18b, including new precompiled shaders.

    * Added "Battle Royale" Event content...
    * Switched TrendyNet encryption API to use custom libraries, not Win32 cryptography. Should resolve the few remaining cases of people unable to connect to TrendyNet due to crypto failure.
    * Added support for Mac crossplatform-play
    * Reduced Spider Web toss range by 33% (confirming there was no change to spider webs to make them tougher, but this should make them better to deal with in any case)
    * Made "Default" color template for costumes re-select that costume's default colors
    * Fixed misc Apprentice Projectile variants to not be weaker than Apprentice's standard projectiles
    * Player Shops no longer allow selling items > 150 million if it will exceed the 2 billion mana bank limit
    * Buffed NM DPS pets by 10%
    * CTF PvP maps now also available in "Open" mode

    * Barbarian gets HP boost in PvP like other Hero Classes now
    * 45% HP boost to all Heroes in NM (except Squire, Countess, and Barb, -- they're equalized with the others now)
    * Defense Boost (1.65x) and Hero Boost Healing (4x) buffed for NM
    * 10% Resistances effectiveness buff to NM
    * Fixed bug with homing projectiles not homing (Spider Webs, Dragon Fireballs, etc)
    * Mistymire Survival restored to 30 waves (was an error)
    * 5% buff to Mix Mode item Quality
    * DDDK Updated to 7.17e including example "Assault" map (Tree of Life Assault)

    * Fixed Harpoons spawn height offset which caused them to sail over the heads of short enemies
    * Fixed Mix Mode Wyvern spawns on Mistymire
    * Fixed DDDK Total Conversion cooking/launching (DDDK upgraded to 7.16d)

    * Harpoon Projectile Collision Height restored to previous value
    * Fix for bug where Tutorial was forcing "Nightmare" scaling values on Healths and Damages

    * Countess "Queen of Hearts" outfit no longer has a faster attack speed than default Countess outfit
    * All Projectile Target leading has been improved to incorporate Z-height changes into its leading calculations (e.g. on stairs/ramps)
    * All Towers except Deadly Striker now do line-of-sight tracking/targeting checks, no more tracking/shooting into walls (yay for Harpoons)
    * Increased Harpoon Turret Projectile Speed by 33%, and made Harpoon Turret turn 15% faster
    * Nightmare Mix Mode now works properly with randomized enemy types. Increased Mix Mode item drop quality slightly to compensate for the potential difficulty increase.
    * Healing Pets no longer get healing-amount affected by Hero Damage status effects
    * Sky O' Love DU's increased from 80 to 90, map graphics have been better optimized for low-end machines, and completing the map on NM now gives you the non-Mythical Achievement as well
    * Fixed issue where Cupid Pet would break Sync-All functionality

    * Added free "Etherian Festival of Love" Event content!
    * Pets can now have variable growth rates -- when they're born, a new Pet will determine how much it grows as you level it up. Some Pets will never get very large, and others may get quite huge. There's only one way to find out... level them up!
    * Added more music tracks to the Tavern jukebox, because we luv u

    * Buffed Trap Damage by 25% in NM
    * Barbarian's Turtle Stance now makes him immune to web projectiles and other stunning attacks, but disabled in Assault
    * Reduced Retribution damage by 12% more
    * Reduced Disc Thrower piercing number from 5 to 4
    * Increased Phoenix Gun piercing from 4 to 6
    * Increased Bone Bow piercing from 1 to 4
    * Increased Hunter's Bow piercing from 1 to 5
    * Increased Blunderbuss piercing from 1 to 8
    * Reduced NM pet DPS by 40%, and unicorn by 50% specifically
    * Fairies boosted in NM by a total of 5x, previously was 2.5x
    * Added message to TNet indicating if login failure occurred because you're banned
    * Buffed Healing Auras in NM by 20%, reduced DU by 1
    * 50% nerf to Destructiod Robot in NM to bring it in line with other pets


    *Fixed the issue where the Barbarian's left-handed weapon was inverted
    *Reduction in time on Assault map 1 by 25 seconds on nightmare and added some more defenses in weaker areas
    *Reduction in time on assault map 3 by 40 seconds on nightmare
    *Reduced retribution rate-of-fire by 30% and damage reduced by 25%
    *45% increase in Barbarian HP on Nightmare, in line with Squire's increase
    *20% exponential reduction in sale-price of extremely-high-Damage weapons, to prevent sale-price roll-over
    *Fixed nightmare Squire HP incorrect value on pause screen
    *Fixed bug where players were making profit from leveling any weapon
    *Added Barbarian combo by holding both mouse buttons
    *Reduced visual effects on Snowball launcher
    *Darkness Traps now affect Ogres with immunity removal and now cost 3 DUs
    *Remove-from-shop can no longer be used to exceed item box size
    *When pulling up "More Info" in the Heroes section of the Post game board, the Hide info button has a XBOX right stick icon next to it -- fixed
    *Scaled down stat speed-boost in NM assault by 40%
    *Fairy and Healing Aura 2.5x as effective in NM
    *Normal Damage Pets are 15x as effective in NM
    *Elemental Pets are 1.5x as effective overall, and Melee Pets are 1.25x as effective in overall, both changes are NM only.
    *Imps are 4x as effective in NM
    *Animus/Ponies are 12x as effective in NM
    *Pets don't attack practice dummies during combat anymore.
    *Fixed issue where Mobs would still target Barbarian on pure strategy mode
    *Fixed issue where the Defense Active-Hero Bonus wouldn't re-associate if Hero had left-game and re-added in splitscreen

    *Barbarian: Fixed an issue where left-handed weapons would sometimes miss
    *Barbarian: Fixed an issue where players were able to add points into Defenses/Abilities they hadn't yet unlocked
    *Barbarian: The Leap Ability will no longer allow you to jump away from an enemy
    *Zoom in/zoom out now works when bound to the keyboard
    *Items bought from shops should now appear in your Item Box without having to restart the game
    *Added In-Tavern trophies for Mythical Defender, Hardcore Mythical Defender, Dungeon Raider, Mythical Dungeon Raider, Jingled All the Way, Portal Defender, Mythical Portal Defender, Eternia Shard Recovered: Purple, and Nightmare Eternia Shard Recovered: Purple
    *Fixed an issue with deleted folders reappearing/not showing items from deleted folders
    *Fixed an issue where dropped gear was changing into other gear/pets
    *Fixed a bug where players were able to climb walls with the Outlander outfit
    *Made Nightmare Assaults use Hero Speed stat boost, albeit at a lower rate than non-Nightmare Assault
    *Fixed a collision issue on Etherian Mines Assault that was making it difficult for players to jump back to the mineshaft around the second enemy core
    *Fixed an issue where players with a colon in their name were unable to host game and their name would appear as PlayerXXXXXX when joining other player's games
    *Fixed an issue where players were unable to join AFK shops due to having the DLC
    *Fixed a bug where AFK Shops that had a DLC level selected you didn't own would not list

    * Added "Assault Mission Pack" premium content, free for owners of Eternia Shards Complete Pack
    * Added "Barbarian Hero Class" premium content
    * Added "Hardcore Mythical Defender", "Dungeon Raider", and "Mythical Dungeon Raider" Accomplishments & Steam Achievements
    * Added one-button "Sync All Items to", and no longer pops up Steam Overlay after you login to the site!
    * Hardcore mission completions now save and are visible in your completion stats

    * Fix for network bandwidth issue involving high-attack-rate projectile towers: tower projectiles are now locally spawned and locally-calculated client-side, completely elminating their bandwidth cost.
    * Spider Webbing no longer stacks on players -- you can only be webbed once-at-a-time
    * 'Group Hug' Achievement can now optionally be earned using the corresponding Gender-Swapped Heroes
    * Fixed bug where Squire's Blood Rage damage resistance calculation was inverted, erroneously making him take MORE damage as the Blood Rage stat was level updated. This is resolved, and now e.g. 1800 point Blood Rage will cut incoming damage by about 50%, enabling better Squire tanking especially on the high-end.

    * Added "Q" key to toggle "Front View" mode where you can view the front of your character and rotate around them for tasty pics
    * Added "H" key to Toggle HUD visibility
    * Added Item-Box/Hero-Shop "Folder" support (+ Subfolders too)
    * Added Item Drag-&-Drop support (Drag off Hero Inventory to drop, Drop onto buttons to activate that button's action on the item, etc)
    * Made Hardcore mode available in all Difficulty settings
    * Resolved UMF Ogre pathing stuckage case
    * Added 'Mythical Defender' reward! 'Outlander' costume with special ability
    * Reduced Healing Ramp Cost by 20% (less Healing Cost per HP increase), and reduced Healing Cost by a straight 40% in NM
    * Darkness Trap now strips mobs of elemental immunity, and reduced DU cost to 5
    * Player Shop Maximum Item Sale Cost is now correctly 200,000,000 (the UI was previously erroneously limiting the number to 8 digits, preventing reaching this maximum)
    * Added UI Option to disable controller rumble feedback
    * Fixed the cost of upgrading "Halloween Spooktacular!" items, now is the same as other equivalent items
    * Fixed another kind of 'Return-To-Tavern-Crash' (perhaps the last)
    * Buffed Squire Circular Slice damage ramp by 15%, Reduced its cooldown by 1 second, and increased its animation speed by 25%
    * All Squire Towers HP buffed by 60% in NM, Harpoon Turret rotate speed increased by 40%
    * Eliminated Speed Boosts in NM Assaults

    *Apprentice Towers Exponential Damage Ramp reduced by 15%
    *All-around 5% nerf to Hero Damage on NM (This is the reason why people think that Squire Melee Weapons swing slower on NM.)
    *Reduced all Speed-of-Projectile Bonuses on NM around 80%
    *Reduced Apprentice Guardian damage by 25 percent
    *15 percent hard cap to Monk Ensnare auras
    *Squire health buff on NM

    * Apprentice Guardians can now generate properly high Tower Boosting stat like the other Guardians
    * Increased Nightmare resistance scale back to 50% (sorry about that guys!)
    * Increased Aura range Nightmare scale from 60% to 70%
    * "Hardcore Mode" option no longer shows up in Challenges, where it has no effect
    * Deeper Well Practice Dummies no longer targeted by Towers
    * Search Filter 0-80 level range now shows up

    * Added optional Hardcore Nightmare Mode, no respawns allowed during Combat phase (but you don't lose until your core is destroyed). Yields slightly better loot & more XP than regular Nightmare Mode, and later further rewards.
    * Reduced Nightmare Player Resistance Multiplier from 50% to 40%
    * Fixed Enemy stuck-case on UMF South Door Spawn Area
    * Added two training dummies to Deeper Well for NM DPS testing
    * Fixed a return-to-tavern crash bug (THE return-to-tavern crash bug?)
    * Double respawn wait-time in nightmare
    * 40% reduction on Trap/Aura effective range on Nightmare
    * Increased Nightmare wyvern flight speed by 40%
    * Fixed nightmare health swapping bug
    * Fixed Search Filter mission list button-disappearing bug
    * Fixed bug where search filters were erroneously applied to AFK Shops and Invites
    * Fixed mobile data importing bug
    * Fixed bug where full-set armor bonus sometimes wasn't immediately applied upon picking up an armor
    * Imp/Engy repairs now scale up with the current mode's Tower HP -- so they'll be much more effective on Nightmare.
    * Added the ability (default + and - buttons) for trappers and aura-users to scale the size of the trap/aura they're placing down
    * Zamira Armor "Level 94" requirement fixed, retroactively (is now 74)
    * nightmare healing aura back at 100% effectiveness
    * nightmare reduced HP scaling (and player incoming damage) by 37% to make Fairies and Healing Auras more effective
    * fix for enemies timing-out / jumping around when no target
    * fix for ogres ignoring blockades that they're running into
    * Hero Level Search Filter now goes up to 80 -- not yet fixed, known issue will be resolved in later hotfix.

    * Etherian Holiday Extravaganza: Now notified of Defense removal before Boss, and time before Boss is now dependent on number of players (1 player gets 60 seconds for example, while 4P gets 20 seconds)
    * Reduced overall Nightmare enemy damage onto players by 20%, and UMF2 damage in particular onto players by an another 33%
    * Remaining UMF2 mob stuckage fixes
    * A fix for null-material crashes, timing-related. Maybe be the source of various return-to-tavern crashes
    * Disappearing xmas weapons fix
    * Xmas present mana now can go over the soft (200 million) mana bank limit, and now you're not given xmas presents until you have completed all core Campaign maps (on any difficulty), to avoid unbalancing people's early games
    * Spiders can now be ensnared
    * DDDK updated to 7.14 & now development exe uses alternate save data to avoid messing your regular saves when developing
    * Hero Button-Icon Health values are now accurate for Nightmare
    * Holiday Extravaganza time-limits increased for 3P and 4P on Easy-through-Hard difficulties
    * Nightmare player-resistance multiplier set to 50% (up from 40%)

    * Fixed Zero-Damage Traps on Nightmare
    * Further reduced Equipment investment costs
    * Further increased quality of low-wave Nightmare Loot Drops

    * Hosting Pure-Strat or Survival now requires having beaten the level at LEAST at that difficulty beforehand
    * Reduced UMF2 Ogre Health
    * Reduced Joust Knockback on Nightmare
    * No respawns allowed in combat-phase now on Nightmare UMF/UMF2

    * Reduced Mythical-Loot Upgrade Cost Ramp by 40%
    * Nightmare Difficulty Game-Search Filter now works
    * Fixed UMF Moon-walking enemy/stuckage bug
    * Uber Monster Fests Client framerate is now uncapped with <= 4 players in the game
    * Mythical-class Armor can now have Armor Upgrades > 25% damage reduction, but beyond 25% upgrades of such defensive stats are only granted every 10th level -- very useful for beefing up your resistances on Nightmare to climb up to maximum resistance

    * Added "Etherian Holiday Extravaganza!" Event
    * Made Repair Time on High-HP Defenses take much less time
    * Self-Healing Cost & Time on Nightmare now matches the other difficulty modes

    * Made "Mythical" Quality Full-Armor Sets yield 30% Full-Set bonus as opposed to regular Qualities' 25% bonus, Mythical Armors now can only get full-set bonus with other Mythical Armors of the same time

    * Incoming Damage-Knockback is now reduced as an exponential factor of Armor Resistance
    * Buffed all Nightmare Challenge reward qualities by 80%
    * All Mythical-class Pets (Level Requirement 74) now do damage which scales with Hero Damage
    * Increased Shroomite Pet slow-speed enemy debuff time by 50%

    * Made Nightmare Mode drop better loot even at the lower waves (Wave 1 Deeper Well Nightmare is now pretty much equivalent to Wave 14 Insane Glitter etc), & Nightmare Campaign generally drop better loot
    * Made Nightmare Survival & Mix High-Waves Drop Loot on Par with Nightmare UMF
    * Made Nightmare Survival & Mix have more Ogres depending on the Wave number

    * Cut Nightmare Spider HP by 33%
    * Cut Spider Damage to Towers by 40%
    * Cut Spider Webbing Entrapment Time on Heroes by 60% (a bug was actually making it much longer than it should have been for radial entrapment)
    * Increased Nightmare Physical Tower Damage & HP by 25%
    * Fixed issue where Legendary Defender Achievement was requiring the new Achievements, is not supposed to.
    * Fixed LifeStream Hollow Uber Monster Fest Enemy Stuckages
    * Knockback upgrading issue fixed
    * Increased Player Armor Resistance multiplier from 40% to 65% in Nightmare

    * Fixed Armor Resistances Bug
    * Eliminated double-knockback momentum from elemental enemies

    * Old Hero Shops are no longer wiped. E-mail with your Steam username if you had previously suffered a wipe, and we'll get on restoring from TrendyNet backup data
    * Increased XP required to go from Hero Level 70-74
    * Increased non-equipment Stat point cap from 100 to 120
    * Added Nightmare enemies to all boss fights
    * Fixed bug with Nightmare Dragon not moving.
    * Nightmare mode locking issue fixed
    * Item resale values fixed
    * Made XP boost service for levels > 70 only give 10% of next-Level XP

    * Fixed a GPU memory leak crash involving any mission with Terrain
    * Possible to vendor items with a value above 100million now.

    * Added Adjustable Camera Field-Of-View Options slider
    * Fixed 1-byte Stat overflow bug, and Raised maximum Per-Item Hero/Defense Stat to 360 (not a total cap, just on each individual item, up from 126)
    * Changed Pet XP earnings to 100% of earned XP, up from 50%
    * Fixed a Secure-Trade failure bug
    * Fixed a UMF enemy-stuck area
    * Added optional damage-red material flash when any object or character takes damage
    * Raised Level Cap to 74
    * items will now automatically remove from web listing when sold, dropped, or traded, and will switch between web Shop and web Inventory if moved between in-game Shop and Inventory respectively.
    * listing name will now automatically match in-game shop name
    * Damage resistance no longer reduces incoming momentum (knockback) from hits
    * Moved shake-camera and step-towards-target options to the general options panel
    * Made ALL Missions and Challenges have Leaderboards
    * Added next/previous page buttons to the Play Statistics UI level list
    * Nerfed Animus Damage by 33% (retroactive)
    * Changed Piercing Shot & Piercing Spreadshot cooldown time from 1.25 seconds to 4 seconds
    * TrendyNet will no longer accept connection from pre-7.13 game versions

    Eternia Shards Premium DLC:
    * Added Part 1 missions: Mistymire Forest, Portal Defense, LifeStream Hollow Uber MonsterFest (8-player), LifeStream Hollow PvP
    * Added early-access to "Nightmare" difficulty mode for owners of the 'Eternia Shards Complete Pack' DLC, with Eternia Shard enemies featured, & corresponding level, enemy, spawn layout & boss rebalancings
    * Added 5 new achievements: Mythical Defender, Portal Protector, Nightmare Portal Protector, Nightmare Eternia Shard Recovered: Purple, Eternia Shard Recovered: Purple
    * Added new "Mythical" quality-level items, with a level requirement of 74

    * Fixed Steam issue where matchmaking would return only small percentage of actual games.
    * 20% Buff to UMF Loot & Reward Qualities

    * Slower-and-regular swinging Melee weapons now do more damage (buffed), relative to faster swinging weapons. Faster swinging weapons themselves do not do any more damage, but have not been nerfed. For an average swinging weapon, this can be about a 22% damage buff, for a slower swinging weapon, it's more like 45%
    * Turkey Hunt Costumes now in Open mode
    * Fixed a return-to-tavern-crash
    * Defaulted game to not use multi-threaded rendering, prevents crashes on various system configurations (you can change it back to use multi-threaded rendering for increased performance from the "Configure" option in the game launcher)
    * Changed all game searches to be Worldwide
    * Fixed a crash with Hosting games
    * Capped all Item Hero stats at +/- 126 for the time being
    * Slight Uber Monster Fest Item Buff (about 10%), and 30% Buff to the Rewards qualities.
    * Re-enabled FMV's

    * Game now automatically returns to the Multiplayer Session Browser UI whenever you leave or are disconnected from a multiplayer session, convenience!
    * "The Great Turkey Hunt!" mission now available in "Open" mode
    * Increased all Defense Damage & HP-Life by 33% specifically on Uber Monster Fest
    * Made Easy, Medium, and Hard "Uber Monster Fests" easier, enemies not as tough. Always have a constant 90 seconds Build Timer in between waves.
    * Reduced Item Cost-To-Upgrade values by 20%, putting the costs at a midway point between 7.11 and 7.12

    * Fixed issue that would cause TrendyNet rollbacks!
    * Wvyern Fireballs now have their max travel distance reduced by 40%, like the other Enemy Projectiles
    * Tavern player capacity now dynamically expands to the currently-selected mission's player capacity (so for example if you select "Uber Monster Fest", it'll expand up to 8 players in your Tavern -- if you select CTF, it'll expand up to 16 -- if you select a regular mission, it'll go back down to 4. AFK Shops always allow 16 players in Tavern.)
    * Re-Buffed Monk Hero Boost to its pre-7.12 level (beefy).
    * Increased AFK Shops Mana Cap to 2,000,000,000, and those have reached their Shop Mana Cap are unable to sell anything further until some Mana is depleted.
    * Fixed Deadly Striker Tower 0 Damage problem
    * Fixed Uber Monster Fest No-Timer Problem with > 4 players
    * Made Shop searches WorldWide
    * Allowed 16 players in Shop Taverns, toggles dynamically too if you enable/disable your shop
    * Made Player Shop items not buyable until a price has been set by the shop owner
    * Fixed issue with melee weapons sometimes not hitting / being attached
    * Reduced latency concerns in 8-player Uber MonsterFest
    * Fixed the "Show Shops" button in the Multiplayer Session Browser not working
    * Boosted Uber Monster Fest drop qualities 25% and increased number of reward items from 1 to 2 for the non-MVP, and from 2 to 4 for the MVP (MVP is MP-only)

    * All: Monk Weapons retroactively buffed 33% Melee Damage, Monk Ranged Damage Exponential Ramp nerfed 20%, Monk Hero Boost upkeep cost increased 20%
    * All: Likely fix for weapon-not-appearing-on-character issue under lossy-network conditions
    * All: Redesigned the Adept animations
    * All: Fixed bug where you could get someone else's Tavern dropped items in YOUR Tavern.
    * All: Raised Mana Bank non-shop earnings Cap to 100,000,000
    * All: Upgrading Projectile Speed now has a minimal impact on resale value.
    * All: You can now hold "Alt" and click on another Hero Icon in the Hero Selection or Swapping UI to swap those two hero positions, so you can more easily organize your heroes into sets.
    * All: All Chicken Pets standardized to 80 Upgrade Levels.
    * All: Every slower swinging melee weapon now deals proportionally more damage! (as listed on their Damage Stat too). Is retroactive.
    * All: Allowed players to create their own "Tavern Shop" with their items, set prices on those items, and then specifically list their game as an "AFK Shop" game. Added button to view the available Items along with the active "AFK Shops".
    * All: Score indicator collapses the same-type labels onto each other, so if you kill 100 goblins before the score indicator has caught up, you get a "Killed 100 +100" message rather than 100 goblin kill messages. This makes the score indicator much more useful and timely
    * All: Added a "Add to" button to the Item Box and Hero Shop, which enables you to post/updates your items to with one click directly from within the game! Also the Items automatically remove themselves from when they get sold from your shop!
    * All: Keyboard-lockout after naming your game when using a Gamepad is fixed
    * All: Countess "Joust" damage scales better (increased damage stat ramp by 20%), and another Countess "Joust" client issue fixed, and "Joust" now does scaled Weapon Elemental Damage as well. Countess "Call To Arms" radius raised and ally damage buff ramp increased 15%
    * All: Players can now see sessions & join into Premium Missions that they do not own, yay!, though they can not save progress on those missions unless they own them (they can still earn items and such, just not store victory progress).
    * DDDK: Total Conversions can now use custom Materials.
    * All: Definitive Chicken-Pet 33% damage buff.
    * PvE: Added 8-player Über Monster Fest! (as part of New Heroes Pack. Refer to 3 points above for how multiplayer on it will work)
    * PvE: Dark Elf Warrior Damage to Towers reduced by 50%, and their Targeting Desirability to Towers reduced by 40%
    * PvE: Adept "Instant Upgrade" can now also be used in the Build Phase, useful for time-limited missions, and reduced the cost of "Purity Bomb" to 200 Mana. Also, Instant-Upgrade can be used beyond Upgrade Level 5 to do an Instant Repair, at a high cost of Mana.
    * Increased High-End Exponential Upgrade Ramp by 33% -- this will make Super-Loot style Items get more expensive to Upgrade at higher levels, but will have negligable impact to lower-level Items.


    * All: Chicken buff +33% damage, meant to be in 7.11 but didn't make it in time
    * All: Electric Aura damage ramp buff 10%
    * All: Fixed a Client-side "Joust" issue
    * All: Fixed minor exploit involving certain upgraded items selling for more money than you put into them + original worth.
    * All: Fixed Huntress Trap Upgrade Health/Damage Scaling
    * PvE: Turkey Hunt: Mega Turkey can now target invisible Huntresses/Players, as all Bosses are supposed to be able to, and Added approximately 1.5 minutes wave-time to Easy and Normal Turkey Hunt, and 30 seconds to Hard
    * Pve: Made super-loot ramp easier, better loot at lower waves, in Shop and Pure Strat too
    * All: Fixed issue with "Remote Defense Boost" stat-boost enhancement not appearing correctly on Client-side. Also cut its Mana Consumption Cost-Over-Time by 25% (less cost to keep it going)

    * All: Added 4 New Heroes for play: the Adept, the Countess, the Initiate, and the Ranger (Premium DLC)
    * PvE: Added "Warping Core Challenge Pack" (Premium DLC), and added "The Great Turkey Hunt!" TrendyNet Event (Free DLC) & four new corresponding Hero costumes

    * All: Increased maximum number of profile Heroes to 16.
    * PvP: Changed existing CTF Map to "Hold the Flag", added new CTF map that is 2-flag base-oriented traditional Capture the Flag gameplay.
    * All: Magic Staffs Knockback Max Damage Multiplier changes to 1.8 (the same as Magic Bolt Projectiles) rather than 1.5
    * All: Upgraded weapons have improved resale value
    * PvE: Super-Loot scaling added to all INSANE Challenges
    * PvE: Shop gets restocked every 5 waves of Survival/Pure-Strat/Mix that you play, with the latest and greatest stuff.
    * PvE: Super-Loot re-added to Pure Strat & Shop, at their own scaling rates
    * All: Monk Electric Aura now costs 5 DU's and reduced its damage ramp by 15%, to compensate for the +50% Linear Upgrade Damage multiplier and the +33% active-hero-in-play Damage Multiplier
    * All: Added Auto-Refire (hold mouse button) For Squire and Monk attacks (both Monk attacks), and Apprentice staffs (hold RMB+LMB to keep auto-refiring, hold just the LMB if you want to Charge).
    * All: Hero Info UI stat point application can now be combined with the following modifier buttons: RMB removes a point, Shift with LMB/RMB adds/removes 5 points, and Ctrl with LMB/RMB adds/removes all points to a stat.
    * All: Gamepad users can now set an online game name when they Host
    * All: Changed Lobby Searches to be Worldwide (still ordered by distance of course). Sorry about that guys, no more region-locking!
    * All: Fixed one more case of an erroneous VAC failure.
    * All: Added Linear Upgrade Multiplier for Defense Upgrades -- this will linearly buff the Health and Damage of an Upgraded Defense according the following table (percents are each from the base value). HP: 1st Upgrade +20%, 2nd Upgrade +40%, 3rd Upgrade +60%, 4th Upgrade +80%, 5th Upgrade +100%. Damage: 1st Upgrade +10%, 2nd Upgrade +20%, 3rd Upgrade +30%, 4th Upgrade +40%, 5th Upgrade +50%.
    * All: Fixed issue with Gamepad Left Trigger not correctly activating the "Invest All" button on the Equipment Info UI
    * PvE: Ogre Poison Ball no longer damages Eternia Crystals
    * PvE: Moved loot tables to scale several waves earlier (better loot earlier on)
    * PvE: Adding Super-Loot back into PS and Shops, ramp values forthcoming...
    * PvE: Limited enemy projectile flight-distances to 3000 units, to avoid long-flight stray arrows and projectiles causing game loss
    * PvE: Buffed Mix Mode Loot Ramp about 20%
    * PvE: Active (non-retired) Heroes boost boost the Damage output of towers they specifically summoned by 33% (indicated via a Hero Face Icon on the tower's floating HUD)
    * PvE: Buffed Monk's "Defense Boost" ability Heal-Amount Ramp by 15%
    * PvE: Removed the Dark Elf Warriors' 3-second Spawn Immunity
    * PvE: Skeletons will no longer target or damage Eternia Crystals
    * PvE: Any Hero XP earned is now also automatically applied as Investment in your equipped Pet, though at a 50% conversion rate

    * All: Fixed erroneous VAC ban warning, was timing-related.
    * PvE: Made super-loots a bit more likely and increased quality ramps a bit for earlier wave quality (~20%). You'll start seeing it around Waves 9 on INSANE, and the higher you go, the better and more frequent it'll get. Note that Super-Loot will not appear in Shops or Pure Strategy yet.
    * PvE: Made lowest-quality loot get deleted from the ground when exceeded, not the oldest ones.
    * PvE: Eliminated the build timer on INSANE Survival & Pure Strategy Modes.

    * PvE: Fixed the loot drop quality issue, Super-Loots are back properly. Sorry about that, it was scaled to too high a wave.
    * All: Fixed bug with starting mission when using Fast Menu Transitions.
    * All: Fixed some localizations.

    * PvE: Further Adjusted Super-Loot likelihood to be more likely, close to 7.10
    * PvE: You now get 4x loot allowed on the ground with 4 players compared to 1 player (and proportionally that for any player # in between).
    * All: Added Fast Menu Transitions Option
    * All: Added 60 Level Minimum to Giraffes

    * All: Added better error messaging for game-creation/joining failure messages: you'll now know when you're VAC-banned
    * All: Fixed a bug with Max Mana on trades
    * All: Raised Minimum Chicken Upgrade Level to 60
    * All: Fixed a memory leak with VAC game server code
    * PvE: Made super-loots less likely to drop -- though you can still get them just as well.


    * PvE: Kills (Tower and Hero) XP is now given to all players in Coop! (Shared, but not divided)

    * PvE: Big overhaul to the item generation system: item drops (chests and mobs) are now scaled differently based on difficulty and wave number, capable exceeding their previous limits, so that on the highest waves on the toughest difficulties, you're going to get items that can even beat out the challenge/boss rewards! (rarity of course still comes into play)

    * PvE: Equalized the Apprentice and Squire Hero Damage ramps (exponents and multipliers) with the Monk's -- this results in an approximate 10-15% buff to the Apprentice & Squire Hero Weapon Damage Output at high-end.

    * PvE: Monk Ensnare Auras now cost 3 DU's, and Electric Auras now cost 4 DU's

    * All: Steam LAN play (Online->Open mode, then switch to "LAN Games" at the top) now works, confirmed!
    * All: Retroactive 37% one-time nerf to Elemental Damage on pre-existing weapons, commensurate with the drop in Elemental Damage upgrade potential
    * All: Raised Mana Bank to 50,000,000 to better suit the higher-quality items which can now be acquired
    * All: Retroactive Chicken Upgrade -- Chickens now have a minimum of 45 Upgrade Levels and a Minimum Damage
    * All: Enabled "Valve Anti Cheat" system, finally finally finally! Took a while to work through how to move to a Game-server driven system.
    * All: Steam "Recent Players" list now shows up & works
    * All: Fixed First Person Weapon jitters
    * All: Made all Apprentice Projectiles have the same (bettter) Damage Values as his Yellow-Colored Projectiles
    * PvP: Fixed Player Respawn Times on CTF

    Current Patch! 7.09

    * All: Fixed "Secret Room" framerate for low-end graphics specs
    * All: Added optional First Person View
    * All: Added option to Disable Camera Shake
    * All: Added option in the Character Selection UI to export your Ranked TrendyNet Heroes into Open mode!
    * All: Enabled decals (tower range indicator, traps) even on lowest-qualty graphics settings
    * All: Made DefaultInput.ini match UDKInput.ini to prevent "M" and "G" bindings from disappearing when using the DDDK
    * All: Fixed a selling-tower exploit
    * All: Raised maximum Hero points in a particular stat to 100, with run-speed max stat rescaled to 100 as well
    * All: Lowered the Elemental Damage upgrade multiplier by 20% (From 0.2 to .16), and decreased the max cap on Elemental Damage Per Upgrade from 600 to 400 (scaled)

    * PvE: Reduced survival mobs by 33% more
    * PVE: Increased Insane Enemy HP scalers by 33%

    * PvP: Hero damages re-scaled, now Squire uber-high-end HP build is around 17k, Monk around 12K, Apprentice around 7K, Huntress around 4K
    * PvP: Squire Bloodrage no longer confers any resistance benefit in PvP
    * PvP: Armor Resistances reduced from 80% multiplier to 45% multiplier
    * PvP: Squire Blocking resistance damage reduced by PvP resistance reduction
    * PvP: Apprentice Defense Hero-Stat Ramps beefed up
    * PvP: Huntress Invis no longer works against enemy Traps or Auras
    * PvP: Huntress Projectile range increased by 20%
    * PvP: Squire Damage ramp decreased by 33%
    * PvP: Flag holder can only jump 50% as high now
    * PvP: Flags dropped within air vents resets the position
    * PvP: Heal Aura buffed 50% in PvP


    * Players will be able to swap heroes down to one second before combat phase starts.

    * Catch em' All achievement should work as intended, anyone who is having trouble getting the achievement should drop their pets and pick them back up to obtain it.

    * Shipping hooks for Total Conversions and Mods created with the Dungeon Defenders Development Kit!


    * All: Chicken Melee Attack now incorporates Hero Damage as well, and incorporates hero damage at a 20% higher ramp
    * All: Sicarius damage buffed by 30% and spread area reduced by 12 degrees / 50%
    * All: Grenade Launcher Range now limited in Assault / PvP
    * All: End-of-mission statistics UI now draws chat messages over it
    * Coop: Fixed bug with swapping heroes with less than 30s on the timer
    * Coop: Made Survival Enemy Difficulty Ramp easier (but still harder than it was originally)

    * PvP: Electric Aura Damage Reduced, Strength Drain Reduced, and all Aura Life Energy lowered
    * PvP: Squire Bloodrage Run Speed increased
    * PvP: Invisible Huntresses now can be affected by Auras
    * PvP: Hero Damage down, Hero HP up
    * PvP: Fixed some important latency and bandwidth issues for 16 players
    * PvP: Heroes clothings now take on the color of their team

    * Added all modding tools, Editor, source code, and art assets as optional DLC. This can be used to make Mods (new maps, content for the base game, compatible with base game in Open mode + automatically downloaded to new users), AND Total Conversions (complete reworking of the game that changes or rewrites core functionality as you see fit, requires direct installation of Total Conversion files). Want to add something to DunDef? Submit your changes / additions to us for inclusion into the Official game! Want to make your own game with the Dungeon Defenders code and content, package it up and distribute it for your benefit? Go ahead and design it as you see fit!

    * Added 16-player PvP CTF Pre-Alpha Season Pass "Frostdale Village" DLC support ( ). Oh what fun!!

    * Fixed return-to-tavern crash / map-transition crash

    * Fixed glitch where you could get "Unlocked New Mission / Costume" messages on every startup unless you did a local save

    * Kobolds should no longer ever phase through blockades

    * Raised cap on Monk weapon Ranged Damage stat per upgrade to 85

    * Added Insta-Invest button to immediately dump in as much Mana as you can for the next Upgrade level

    * Fixed bug where User Interface debug info could appear on-screen by pressing some obscure key combination

    * Chain Lightning Tower now immediately retargets to new enemies after killing an enemy. Also its Attack Duration Ramp has been increased by 40%, now you get much longer-hitting lighting towers, and Lightning Tower AOE including max number of chains increased by 10%, and its Max Chain Length increased by 33%

    * Uber-Chicken Pet's Damage now scales with Hero Damage and has a reasonable impact AoE, making it a fantastic boast-worthy reward for any Legendary Defender

    * Fixed issue where Costumes would sometimes not be unlocked when completing Halloween Spooktacular!

    * Fixed issue where DarkBot and Spanky pets weren't counting towards the "Gotta Catch Em All!" Achievement. If you already have those Pets, with this update you will simply need to drop those Pets from your Item Box or Hero, and pick them up or store them again, in order to have them count towards the Achievement.

    * Fixed Ogres occasionally getting stuck in creep rooms on Glitterhelm

    * Chicken Pet can no longer have poor number of upgrade levels

    * Added simplified Monk Auras for low-quality graphics modes

    * Enabled Guardians to boost multiple nearby Defenses! This is a new, upgradeable stat on all Guardians (only upgrades once every 10 levels so you need to be packing a high-level Guardian to get the most out of it). Increased Guardian boost-amount exponents by 100% so their Boost-stat value will have more of an effect as well. Enjoy it, it makes Guardians an incredibly powerful buff especially when used in team groupings!

    * Enabled VAC (Valve Anti Cheat tech) in online game sessions. Will not only trigger a TNet ban, but also a Steam online session perma-ban for DunDef.

    * Auto-lock items picked up from tavern floors

    * Reduced enemy ramp by over 60% for Survival Enemies (so a much quicker affair now), but now the Survival/Pure-Strat difficulty ramp vastly increased once you get past Wave 10. Moved Giraffe Pet earning to Wave 25 survival.

    * Reduced Van Wolf Damage by 40% more, and Sic damage by 30%, was too OP for what it took to earn them.

    * Added lock on Swap characters to the last 3 seconds in the build phase.

    * Added links to view Patch Notes and DunDef Digest from within the TrendyNet login screen

    * Opened Halloween Spooktacular content to "Open" mode a couple days early

    * You can now Pause an online game (private or public) as long as there are no other network players in it. When someone joins, it'll unpause. If you want permanent pause on a private game, hide your game via the pause menu (more robust functionality will be forthcoming)

    * Fixed potential TrendyNet rollback and client-side-connection issue (client-side changes)

    * Altered dropped-item rarity calculation slightly, so you'll now see some of the rare loot (rare weapon variants etc) occasionally drop on the more challenging difficulties

    * Squire fixes: Attack Rate now scales correctly on Harpoon & Bowling Ball Towers, now can fire multiple times per second etc. Harpoon projectile flight speed increased by 20%. Bowling Ball Projectiles velocity-loss/expiration time fixed so that they can travel as far as the tower's Attack Range. Harpoon & Bowling Ball Towers Damage Ramp increased by 10%. Harpoon Turrets now prioritize air targets higher than ground targets. Boosted Damage Ramp on Spike Blockade by 25%. Reduced Bouncy Blockade HP by 15%

    * Apprentice mini-nerf: Magic Missile, Fireball, and Striker Tower Attack Rate Ramp reduced by 10%

    * Low-End Genie will grant about 30% more Mana

    * Reduced Imp Mana Cost to Repair by 45%

    * Increased Squire Tower DPS by 30% from 7.06 (sorry about the over-nerf folks -- some reduction was necessary but that was too much)
    * Increased Squire Harpoon, Bowling Ball, & Slicer HP ramps by 25%
    * Slice & Dice Tower Z-check will only ignore stuff well above it, not below it (so it'll once again chop goblins and such approaching from below)
    * Spike Blockades HP ramp reduced by about 15%

    * Increased Huntress Piercing Shot Damage Ramp by 15%

    * Increased DST (Death Strike) Attack Rate Ramp by 10%
    * Increased Lightning Tower AOE Ramp by 15%
    * Increased Fireball Tower splash radius 33% and 25% projectile flight-speed increase
    * Implemented exponential falloff to Mage Staff Knockback radius to prevent overlage values
    * Magic Blockades HP ramp reduced by about 10%

    * Increased Monk Electric & Ensnare Aura Longevity by 15%

    * Fixed Private Match joining bug.
    * All Elemental Towers & Traps & Auras will no longer trigger/target on enemies that are of that element type
    * Increased repair speed vs Tower HP (higher HP towers will now repair significantly faster than before, as exponential falloff is applied to the repair time)
    * Fixed bug where Auras weren't reporting Summoned to the status text area

    * Reduced Kobold explosion AoE to pre-7.06 value
    * Beefed up Ogre's HP in singleplayer by 40%

    * Make Spooktacular a teensy bit more difficult: more simultaneous enemies and a slightly tougher enemy ramp. On the other hand, made Spooktacular loot drops (not rewards) better and more rare.

    * More dropped items are allowed on the ground proportional to how many players are in the game

    * You are now given the tutorial achievement in Ranked mode (again), so that you can progress towards Legendary Defender

    * Rebalanced/redesigned Spooktacular spawns and added Leaderboard & Stats collection - Thanks Tsuda!
    * Made Spooktacular skins unlockable by beating Spooktacular on hard, though second set of weapons remain Insane-only
    * Fixed various Spooktacular mission bugs
    * Make costume unlock requirements clear in the costume selection

    Bug Fix
    * Fixed potential double-upgrade bug with superfast mouseclicks
    * Fixed bug in algorithm to determine gear stat allocations, that was making high-end gear less likely to have Defense Damage and Defense AoE stats.

    * Reduced Energy Drain rates on Electric and Ensnare Monk Auras

    * 20% increase to Spike Blockade HP & its exponential HP ramp
    * 30% better exponential damage ramp on Squire Circular Slice
    * Slice and Dice Tower no longer has such a vertical sweep to be effective against enemies above it
    * Nerfed Bowling Ball & Harpoon Turrets a bit more: bowling ball & harpoon damages reduced by about 33%, attack rate reduced by about 25%, bowling ball projectiles now limited to 6 hits before breaking, harpoon projectiles now limited to 12 hits before breaking.
    * Fixed bug where Squire would turn around when entering block in Chase Cam

    * Increased speed of Apprentice Staff "knockback" animation by 40%, and increased its maximum (fully charged) damage output by 50%

    * Huntress Ability 'Piercing Shot' about 30%

    * Pets will now attack one of the Practice Dummies in the Tavern so you can check your Pet DPS
    * 40% reduction on Imp/Engy repair costs
    * Made Genie pet's "Grant Mana Bonus" upgradeable, and made him grant more Mana proportionate to how much its "Grant Mana Bonus" is upgraded
    * Fixed problem with Familiar attack rate being effectively capped (there was indeed a bug with this), and renamed the Familiar Attack Rate stat to "Attack Speed Bonus". Now high-Attack-Rate familars are way, way, way more effective.

    * Added button (Default "G") to remote-activate your Eternia Crystal so you can begin the Combat phase from wherever you are
    * Removed Non-Infinite Build Time Option for Easy, Medium, Hard
    * Added Pause menu option to "Lock" game, which delists the game and prevents anyone else from joining it. Useful for turning public match into a private match, or making a private match totally unjoinable even by your friends.
    * Moved bonus-item crates back into the main section of the Ranked Tavern, out from the Secret Room
    * Added "Drop All Mana" key, default "M" key, and keybinding added to configuration tool
    * Fixed chatbox getting stuck during level transitions
    * Allowed mission unlocking at the mission selection screen
    * Made practice dummies average DPS over 5 seconds for a more accurate reading
    * Reduced self-heal mana cost ramp (cheaper to heal at high HP's now)

    * Increased Insane/Post-Insane Kobold Damage by 20% and Kobold Explosion Damage radius by 20%

    * Nerfed Spooktacular "Van Wolfstein" weapon about 40%

    Fixed bug with Halloween weapons not saving properly.

    Fixed bug with super Defense Attack Rate points being added.

    7.05 Patch Notes:
    * Added Halloween Spooktacular Event Content! Tons of New Costumes, New Mission, New Items & Weapons!
    * Raised Mana Bank limit to 30 million
    * Added VSync and One-Threaded-Renderer Options to the Configuration Tool
    * Fixed 50% of all reported crash types
    * Improved Apprentice Defense Attack Rate ramp further, now you gain major Attack Rate DPS benefits well into the 100's of Attack Rate points
    * Chat-box now won't auto-close when opened if bound to 'Enter'
    * Items that are locked in your Item Box now stay locked when equipped to your hero
    * Fixed minor potential exploits
    * Chat History ("Console") Key can now be set in the Configuration Tool
    * Animus projectile will now pierce environmnet, and has better damage ramp.
    * "Heal-Self" Spell now takes more time proportionate to what your Maximum Health is.
    * Made "Enrage Aura" have a longer lifespan, more effective, and cost 1 less DU
    * Reduced Bloodrage Speed benefit, and Increased Bloodrage Mana cost-over-time
    * Fixed Magic Blockades not properly stealing the Element of Archers or Wyverns
    * Push-To-Talk option no longer disables itself between games
    * Map Loot icons now appear during the Combat Phase, not just the Build Phase
    * Equipment rating calculation now factors in potential upgrade levels (i.e. lower-end equipment with sufficient upgrade levels is compared evenly with upgraded equipment)
    * Added 60 more Item Box spaces
    * Console (Chat History) keybinding can now be set in the Configuration Tool

    7.04 Patch Notes:
    * Persona names with non-ASCII characters can now connect to TrendyNet! (Korean names, etc)
    * Fixed special characters "\", "/", "

  3.   This is the last staff post in this thread.   #3
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    NOTE: NO CHANGES! Just fixing a redirect error.

    * Added "Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards: Part 4", and associated Shards finale content & secret contents
    * Added 8 new Achievements, and associated rewards
    * Raised Level Cap to 90
    * Added new "Ultimate" loot category, with level 90 requirement, at higher stat limits, levels, & full-set-bonus.
    * You can now generate Mana Token items of arbitrary value at the Tavern Shop's Services panel. (Mana Token items have the same resale value as the amount of Mana you generate them at)
    * Your Player Shop will now automatically put excess sale Mana into Mana Token items, until your Inventory is filled up, allowing your Shop to stay open beyond the 2 billion Mana cap.
    * +40 Item Storage increase to 260 slots ... if you achieve a certain in-game accomplishment.
    * New Crystal, new Costumes, new weapons, etc,
    * Added Hero Portait Images for ALL Costumes!
    * Integrated Steam Workshop, and DDDK now automatically cooks for both Mac and PC. You can browse and add maps from the Steam Workshop while in-game, and if you join a Workshop map that you don't already have downloaded, the Workshop subscription page for that map is automatically opened for you. Most usefully, moved all Custom Missions to their own Mission Setup tab, rather than putting them in the "Challenges" section.
    * Massively improved the Search Filter capability so that it's now done Server-side, so that filtering by mission will correctly check among all games being played anywhere online (rather than just filtering among the 50 sessions normally returned, as was being done previously). Also added correctly working search filter capability for custom (Steam Workshop) missions.
    * Increased camera Max Zoom Out distance by 33%
    * Costumed Hero portraits are now correctly displayed in end-of-match stats.
    * Redesigned Trap-Active VFX to scale better at end-game (not blot out the screen, etc)
    * Fixed a loading crash with MacBook Pro (Retina)
    * Fixed various sound crash issues Mac users were experiencing

    * Massive latency/bandwidth reduction: low priority messages (etc damage notifications) are grouped together and throttled for greater transmission efficiency, and all Aura & Trap damage notifications are calculated client-side. Together, these are a massive savings and eliminate known cases where the game would run out of available bandwidth.
    * Maximum Enemy movement speeds are now clamped, yielding e.g. approximately a 40% reduction at Wave 24 Aquanos
    * Running the game with -tcp command will no longer skip the Launcher screen (was making it difficult for such users to configure their controls)
    * Initial Steam Workshop hooks
    * Fixed a case where chat messages may have been dropped on high-latency/low-bandwidth/lossy connections
    * PC Configuration Tool "Use Sound" value fixed for disabling sound
    * Fixed a potential XAudio PC sound crash
    * Massive global reduction in enemy spawn count scaling based on number of players.
    * Lots of behind-the-scenes Shards 4 / Finale work...

    * Talay Mines Survival spawn counts lowered to the appropriate levels of other maps
    * Fixed issue where Bowling Ball projectiles could appear to not pass through Reflection Walls on Clients
    * Talay & other 6-player Maps Pure Strategy now correctly supports 6 Players
    * Fixed an error case where Multiplayer Lobbies weren't being shut down properly. Can resolve "Failed to create game" & "Failed to join game" errors.

    * Infinite Number of Minions can now attack Practice Dummies simultaneously
    * Talay Mines fixed "Disappearing Mana" / "Enemies Not Dropping Mana" in lower area, fixed Djinn going into ceiling, and prevented top-down camera/build-camera from going into the ceilings
    * Summoner Opening Action Wheel no longer cancels summon in Overlord Mode -- note that before this rolls out, you can still Multi-Summon by pressing the Minion Summons Hotkey (default '6')
    * Improved Summoner Minion AI to utilize full Attack Range when moving towards Target (will stop at maximum range and attack). Added correct 20% Minion Mage Range Buff (was missing before), and boosted Minion Mage Healing amount by 10% more

    * Fixed Talay Mines "Enemies Not Spawning" / Map Starting on Wave 1 (occured for some users, timing issue)
    * Talay Mines added 40 more seconds to Build Phase Timer, and 50% more starting Mana
    * "Volcanic Eruption" Challenge lava now destroys Defenses as well
    * Fixed Talay Mines Wyvern Pathfinding issue

    * "Rotate Camera" keybind is fixed
    * Overlord Mode Gamepad "Left-Bumper to select/drag-select units" is now working properly (and any issues with minimap toggling resolved)
    * Increased Minion Mage and Minion Archer Range Ramp by 20%
    * Increased Minion Mage Healing Strength by 20%
    * When using Call-Out after leaving Overlord mode, it now properly updates to your Hero's Location
    * Overlord Mode fixed Control-Click functionality (Ctrl Left Click to add units to selection, Ctrl-Right Click to go into Offensive Move)

    * Massively improved rendering performance of 3D text (on Forges etc), should improve Build Phase performance for everyone. Re-enabled on Mac as well.

    * Added "Talay Mining Complex" Premium Mission Pack, along with Demoness Sumoner costume and New Loot & Pet
    * New Spanish Translation, courtesy of Ryo567! The DunDef community thanks you, Ryo
    * New French Translation, courtesy of Linkolas! The DunDef community thanks you, Linkolas
    * Added Gamepad support for Summoner Overlord Mode!
    * Sharken will no longer charge Minions & Djinn will no longer attempt to Desummon them
    * Added Icon on Minimap indicating where your Overlord camera is
    * In Overlode mode, you can now click (and optionally drag) on the minimap to teleport/move the Overlord camera around
    * Calling-out ('C' key / B button) when in Overlord mode now puts the waypoint indicator at the Cursor location
    * Minion Mage Damage Ramp reduced by 25%, Minion Orc & Minion Ogre Damage Ramps increased by 20%

    * "Attack Target" order now stacks onto any other Order, so the Minion will revert to whatever its previous Order was after the Target is destroyed
    * Other Summoners entering Overlord mode no longer reset your cursor position
    * Other Summoners selecting your Minions have a different color so you can tell it's "not you" who has it selected
    * Pet Attack Rate from two equipped Pets is now properly separated
    * Summoner Hero Damage ramp (essentially for Pet Attack Damage) buffed by 35%
    * Summoner Client-side Minion animation speeds are now correct, previously animation speed boost by upgrading Attack Speed would not be seen on Client
    * Occasional Client not seeing correct Sharken-pushed Tower Location resolved

    Summoner Tweaks/Fixes/Enhancements:

    * You can now ride on your Minions, as can other players! (i.e. Ogre-mounting)
    * Summoner Minion Kills now count as player-kills (adds to your Score) in PvP
    * Issue where Minions in "Hold-Defensive" would not utilize their full attack range is fixed
    * Minion Spider and Minion Mage will no longer attack Poison and Fire immune enemies respectively (since they can't damage them)
    * Minions now gain targeting priority onto Desummoning Djinn & Charging Sharken, as Towers do
    * Minion Mage Healing effectiveness increased by 20%
    * Minion Ogre HP buffed 33%, and Minion Orc HP Buffed 25%
    * Minions can now path through the Forge
    * Situation where you could take damage/die in Overlord/Phase Shift is eliminated
    * Minion Spiders in Hold-Defensive mode will not walk out to melee-attack enemies now -- they'll just fire their webs at a Distance, making them more useful in this mode.
    * Minion Mage will no longer revive enemy Skeletons within the Heal radius
    * Improved Summoner Accessories positioning
    * Summoner Overlord zoom extents for Aquanos adjusted to allow proper selection in overhang area
    * Issue where Minion Mages would still move out from their 'Hold Defensive' position is fixed
    * You can now hold Left Alt or Right Alt to pan the Overlord camera at 150% speed
    (Did you know: you can hold Control when clicking to add/remove selected Minions in Overlord mode, without losing your current selection. You can also Control-Rightclick to order them to Offensive Mode/Hold, whereas the regular RightClick is Defensive Move/Hold. And Double-Click in Non-Overlord selection mode will exit Selection Mode.)

    General Changes
    * Hero Selection UI automatically appears for Player #1, if no Hero is selected when entering the Main Menu's Player Selection UI

    * Summoner released!
    * Final under-the-hood Summoner tweaks/fixes/improvements.
    * "KillMe" command will now work! You can enter it in the console, or bind it to a key in your UDKInput.ini

    * Auras no longer grab "Repair" focus when they're down a small amount of HP in Combat Phase
    * Buff Beams are now given (top-of-list) favored prioritization for tower-selection
    * PvP deathmatch maps once again have DU's
    * Disabled 3D Text Rendering on Mac for the time being, resulting in a major rendering performance boost
    * More Under-The-Hood Summoner Tweaks

    * Treasure Chests can again be opened in Pure Strategy
    * Various under-the-hood Summoner tweaks (no pun intended )

    * You can now use the +/- keys (or whatever is bound to "Aura Trap Radius Increase/Decrease") to cycle through overlapping Tower Selection (i.e. cycle through selecting a Trap underneath an Aura, or the Aura, etc). Holding down (either) "Alt" key and using Zoom-In/Zoom-Out buttons (default mousewheel) will also cycle through selected Defenses.
    * ToggleSpectate command now works properly when you create or join a new game, or a game without other players. (i.e. without having to kill yourself)
    * You can now bind "KillMe" command to any key, if you want a self-kill key
    * Fixed high-upgrade items rolling-over resale value
    * Added Summoner testing hooks
    * Piercing projectiles can now pass through Moving/Warping cores
    * Allowed UDKEngine.ini's "bInitializeShadersOnDemand" to be set by the user in his INI, changing to "true" can resolve some NVIDIA driver crashes
    * Added Options "Lock Tavern Item Drops" (prevents non-Host Tavern Drops) and "Lock Tavern Defenses" (prevents non-Host Tavern Defense Summons/Sells)
    * Moraggo Campaign Mission starts at Wave 5 again (it was mistaking changed to 7)

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