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Thread: wtb armor

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    ltg probably not sorry. hawk what are the stats though can i get over 500? or like 550?

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    you have anything other than a kryat jr? no offense but im not going to take it with that in there cause there is a robot which put it to shame sorry dude.

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    Lol um just base T-26.

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    i might do that with the dps set, but i will think about it ok

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltg100 View Post
    Got a chain set with over 500
    you do realize this means each piece of armor gives you +125 hero att which ive never seen so i personally dont believe you maybe with a pet and weapon that adds on then yes but armor alone no.

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    well you put 120 towards stats. and he probably has a giraffe

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    better if he says how much per pecie you know like one set i have is 68/80/80/77 so in total it will be 425 if you have 120 in ur hero att if not its +305

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    yea that is what i would like them to do lol

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    I got armor and ill also give a elf of the wand for sodapsn kelvinnlee

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