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Thread: Noob needs guidence: PC/MAC ONLY

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    Noob needs guidence: PC/MAC ONLY

    I have a set of starter myth gear, it's nothing great but it's decent for a new player. I'm trying to figure out the best way to farm mana. I've tried farming Assault insane but even though my dps on huntress is 500k in tavern her health is to low to make it through i just get obliviated.

    basically, i'm asking the expereinced players what's the best way to make money with noob myth gear. I hate when some says oh do this and they have 20k health During the the assault missions. my best is at 8k, and my countess has a 93/126 mythical backstabber.

    so far my tactic has been to farm the last waves of Mix Mode alchemical lab Insane. using pure monk/huntress towers. my toons are 75 and my countes is 74.

    with a weapon my huntress was given (500k dps) i think i can now do mix modes that have ogres in them, just decided i would come here and ask whats best first to see if i can save some time. I don't have the ability to do NM yet i think.

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    Endless Spires is (was?) one of the easier levels, it can net you 25 mil per run at least if you're lucky and only takes 10-15 minutes. Sharken may have changed this though, but I would try playing Endless Spires on nightmare and see if you can beat it. Just be ready for an ogre on wave 1.

    If you have starter myth gear, you should be able to pull Endless Spires off but in my beginner days, all we had to fight was spiders so I'm unsure of how much the difficulty has increased on new players entering the mode since Djinn and Sharken got introduced. Give it 3 shots and see what happens. You'll probably find better gear from this map as well.

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    Resists are pretty important for dps character, or heroes you intend to actually play with. Will help you a lot in assault as well. I've had quite a hard time beating assault myself, took a serious amount of tries before I got anywhere. There's to decide when to use skills, which path to take, and then there's still the execution part.

    I don't really play assault a lot myself, campaign is more fun to me.

    If endless spires doesn't pan out, give Ramparts a try. Only ogres on the last two waves, and I really like the scale of the map. Defense positions are very close to each other. You'd probably need at least an ok squire or apprentice builder though.

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