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Thread: Trading weapons u name it xbox

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    Trading weapons u name it xbox

    I retrieve items by like doing maps and u tell me what u want I go get it but I get something in return.

    Kind of like swapping for better stuff I make sure ur stuff is good

    This clan needs more people to. Remember APOCALYPSE

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    Retrieve me all event weapons, and a perfect of each weapon
    All for 1 mana

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    Noisy Cricket what can i get for mine?

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    Get on today I sent friend invite we will talk

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    ill be on in about 30 minutes

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    Darma's Blade and SODA's addiction?

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    krayt(#1) soda or dharmas blade

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    T-26 or chi-blast ^_^

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    Anyone looking for a sodas or dharmas blade is out of luck
    Pretty much the same for all the older event weapons

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