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Thread: Mistymire Forest question

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    Mistymire Forest question

    Is it possible to do misty with JUST squire towers?

    I don't have any other characters with high enough stats let alone high enough level to do misty.

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    I've seen it done before, just don't remember how. Of the things I do recall, it involved placing bouncers on spider spawns, spikes facing backwards, and lots of harpoons.

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    is there someplace i can check out to see where the spiders spawns are?

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    0 Not allowed! gives you everything you could possibly want to make an awesome build, including spider spawn locations.

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    with the addition of sharken and djinn to NM mode, i seriously do not think it is possible to do any NM maps with only one hero type anymore.

    i would highly suggest running easier NM mode maps and use your other characters to alter your builds until you can get them to a respectable level. its not the best, but if you can get an ev and a monk at least to 500ish in their tower stats, it will open up MANY MANY more options for you.

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