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    I think people are just raging too much about sharken.

    The reason why I say this is because it seems like people are either being too stubborn to try a different strategy when their current ones don't work against sharken, or they're just having really bad luck with their builds, no matter what they try. I myself have done aquanos a few times, and I have yet to see them actually manage to wreck the build by pushing the defenses. I've seen the defenses pushed, but they never ruined the entire build by doing so.

    I just think that people need to think more and rage less. Because all the threads about the sharken I've seen have been all about sharken causing them to rage. So far, that's all I've seen.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to brace for the imminent rage/heavy criticism/flame posts. Knowing some of the people in these forums.

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    I actually haven't too much of a problem with a Sharken, except for a few times.

    My biggest pet peeve is they just feel random. If an ogre makes it through your defenses, you know you set up something badly or weren't repairing diligently. But when a sharken does it just feels like bad luck (though it happens pretty rarely).

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    I am gonna put in some actual suggestion now instead of just being an ***.

    I think what would be useful is to have selectable announcements. That way you could get rid of "THE OGRE HAS ARRIVED" or "THE DJINN HAS ARRIVED" and just focus on killing the Sharken when they show their sharkish faces.

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    My only problem with the Sharken is late NM HC survival when your towers think it's a better idea to keep priority on the ogre derping and not attacking at your walls at all instead of the sharken spending ages getting ready to charge unscathed. Gas traps work fine until they reset and thus sharken become immune to them when they end up charging successfully because all your towers are focusing on the harmless ogres instead.

    It's stupid, and I'm not seeing Trendy thinking about changing the priority at all which is ridiculous considering there is nothing you can possibly do in those situations to stop it. Late survival waves will get you killed too fast if you venture out regardless of hp and resists, especially with the absurd damage upscaling on the fish why-verns. Djinn desummoning take priority over ogres at the walls, why don't Sharken?

    This never happens on campaign obviously, since ogres don't flock in the 50s there with tens of millions of hp and thus don't screw your tower priority up. Go play wave 17+ of aquanos on NM HC survival and post back about the rage on the sharken being unjustified. One pushed wall is all it takes to lose at that point.
    Quote Originally Posted by SyDiko View Post
    Other than that, proper positioning of snares/traps should successfuly harpoon the shark. (Pun intended.)
    Yep, as long as there aren't several 10+ mil hp ogres at your walls doing nothing to warrant more tower priority than a charging sharken. Builds, tower placement, and stats stop mattering at that point completely.

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    Carry on.

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    I feel that sharken penetration only occurs when my 2 (or more) towers are spaced a bit on the sloppy side. (Raunchy much?)

    Other than that, proper positioning of snares/traps should successfuly harpoon the shark. (Pun intended.)

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    The simple issue is that there a two groups and possibly a third soon

    The first group have stats and the builds to make sharken a non issue i will refer to them as the elite
    The second group I refer as semi-casual's they would like to progress and reach the elite however due to changes in the games goal posts they cant. This could be seen as an unfair advantage.

    Suppose a company released an mmo with a closed beta, supposed that company made the option for keeping your beta character for a price in real life money. This is what trendy has done in essence. Thought im not advocating the game needs a ranked wipe because I and many other most likely would quit if that happens and trendy knows this.

    That is the state of the game is in atm. I said there is a third group this group are the people who have yet to play or unlocked nightmare, as I remember nightmare was going to be released to everybody who didn't purchase the shards dlc. This group will be progressing on a vary different game from the ones who purchased the shards dlc.

    The fact is that the odds are so heavily stacked against them due to nm maps requires nm gear and hours spent getting the mana to upgrade said gear. Puts a question in that players mind "is this worth it". I think they will side with no because were just talking about entry level mythic to mid mythic, the fact we have trans and supreme is going make new players avoid this game for other releases because the time invested in getting into DD could of been spent on MANY other games.

    This leaves Trendy in the position of deciding who are they going to tailor the game to.
    Changing nm to suit new players in a mechanical way will make the game for the elite basically afkable
    Not Changing nm in a mechanical way would keep the elite happy but would drive away any new customers.

    The only solution for this I can come up with is a toggle for each of the new mobs. All the current drop rates stay the same but for each mob you "toggle on" the rewards for that map are increased.

    This would benefit the elite by allowing them to find better items because they just have all the mobs toggled on anyway.

    This would benefit new players and semi-casual's by allowing an easy progression that would allow them to toggle on the new enemies for better rewards when their ready.

    This is a benefit because it avoids the nerf this buff that dilemma

    Toggles being
    Next mob

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    They need to make Gas Trap interrupt them as they're winding up. Sharkmen weren't that bad prior to 7.32, but since then it feels as if they're immune to Gas Trap while winding up.

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    You can easily tell if someone is just brute forcing(along with a liberal dose of patronization) the game with stats to make sharken a non-issue and who isnt. Look at Jorkfriend's post to see what I mean.

    Anyway I agree on the sharken raging issue. I've entered a zen like calmness regarding sharken after going a week of nothing but constant raging. Im almost certain the new summoner DLC will solve most sharken issue and thats what trendy is hoping too. Im fully committed to the $3.99 I have to pay to progress in the game again.

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    I just gas them, and have been making extensive use of Lit auras lately. Makes them rather Irrelevant. Stats are important, but your build matters far more. Getting a DPS out there to clear clogs and Sharks is also important. In the higher waves of later survival maps, your towers will be distracted by walking damage soaking meat. AKA Ogres. You have to buff the towers to assist, or go clear out Sharken/kill Ogres yourself. DPS characters, Gas traps, infernos, electric auras, and Proxies have become significantly more necessary.

    I agree, far too much raging for a simple to solve problem. Though, the DPS part would be easier to solve if armor wasn't dropping with negative generic resist.

    So much potential DPS armor ruined due to negative generic resist on a nice enchanted armor piece.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ceron View Post
    They need to make Gas Trap interrupt them as they're winding up. Sharkmen weren't that bad prior to 7.32, but since then it feels as if they're immune to Gas Trap while winding up.
    Indeed. As well as Targeting priority improvements.

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