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Thread: Giving away Mistymire/Morrago Weapons

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    Samiel the flyer please, I'll be on for a while I think so invite me at anytime

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodboy3000 View Post
    Could I have the 118 base oculus with 30^?
    Just reminding incase you missed me.

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    I'll take this >>NEW *Black Death 4211 base/57 poison/7 sps/49 clip/+7 rld 60^ and or this >>NEW *Preying Prayer 78 base/58 rng/54 poison/+2 prjct 85^ lvl 83 required

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    And ahead of time thx and I will say it again!!

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    can i have preying prayer ? lol

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    If the 72^ hastat is still available, I'd like it..

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    Blasticus level 61 send message to t9forever Ty man u rock

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    *NEW Crysknife 217 base/34 fire/+6 kb/87% 24^ ty man your the best

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    hey guys sorry for being late, I decided to take my wonderful girlfriend out to the Avengers movie at the last minuite. just updated OP with yours names, I wont be updating weapons this weekend but I will still be on all day so you guys can pick your stuff. goodboy3000 and ty-1112....I need to talk to you guys in person.

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    ok invite me when ready

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