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  Click here to go to the first staff post in this thread.   Thread: SIGN UP and join a great group/guild. Farming for the pros, progression 4 new players

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    Who gave you permission to paparazzi on GLaDOS

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    Red face

    Sorry about that, Mach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris the ranger View Post
    Sorry about that, Mach.
    My beloved Queen Erza Scarlet is on your screens too

    It's nice that some group is forming farming madness and helping each other out. Who knows maybe I will contact you guys sometimes if searching for new upgrade of my gears or I can provide rare drops for you for decent price maybe, like bunch of accessories I don't have yet or something

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    Hey I would like to join the junior group if possible

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    i would like to join as junior most my builders are about 1.5k up

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    Hey mate, i would like to join, if im a junior or a senior memember is really up to you to judge (:

    Best regards

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    I would like to join as well. I think I'm a junior to start.


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    I'll join, but mainly for people to play with since most people are either afk or offline, oh also, I'm a turkey

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    Add me to your ranks , always looking for peeps to play =)

    have 2k+ countess and all others on 1k+, able to help people farm nm gear and survivals .

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    I would love to join but I'm not sure how much time I can spend on DD, which would obviously hinder my, well, playing DD.

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