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  Click here to go to the first staff post in this thread.   Thread: Do buff beams and guardians stack? If not, which takes precedence?

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    To confirm , I do not think apps buff buff beams, and monk boost works on buff beams too? No ?

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    Not buff beams, but on towers yes.

    I had a harpoon tower that was buffed with a buff beam that did 100k damage in NM. I buffed this buffed harpoon tower with a monks defence boost ability (500 stat), and the harpoon towers damage increased to 200k. Discovered this last saturday and been building up a dps monk ever since I tested this also with an initiate, but initiates defence boost did not stack and the towers damage output stayed at 100k.

    Oh and if I had equipped my apprentice guardian with 40+ boost stat on my monk, the harpoon tower damage boost would have been overridded by the guardian boost and the damage would have been around 150k. This damage could have been boosted with the monk defence boost and the biggest harpoon tower damage would have been around 300k.

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