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Thread: Another Accesories Idea

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    Another Accesories Idea

    For now the Accesories are only for your design.
    what would you think about a new kind of Accesories, something that gives you unige abilitys?
    Like this:
    if you equip a special shield with a Squire, you get the effect to give enemys special debuffs on blocking. Freeze them, Burn them, confuse them...

    Or Weapon buffs on Bracers.
    Gives the weapon(s) you use different effects like i said slowing, freezing, confusing while you hit with them.
    or just add new elemental damage to them who will further imcrease your damage.

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    This could be great if they did it right, i'm sure it would take a bit to put in the game, asking to freeze enemies and all. Would you also care for graphics? like the enemy appearing in ice for a few seconds or turning blue? or just have like frost damage/poison damage done to them over time? Like would freezing freeze them (stun) or would it do damage over time?

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    if you could see that an enemy is affected by something it would be nice.
    you could solve this with a small recoloring of the enemy or something aura like.

    with freeze i meant a stun ability, to stun them a few seconds and then give them a short immunity so that you cant hold them stunlocked.

    but the things you could do with OnHit are nearly endless.
    Statuschanges, Nova attacks, friendly heal, small percent chance to kill etc etc, there is not a real limit.

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