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Thread: Blasticus drop rate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amynarria View Post
    on the PS3 i have one that for lvl 78 with 87 up's on it
    Don't suppose you no longer need it Amy?

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    After the last patch the drops got screwed for everything. I ran GLITTER, MM, MORRAGO for days and the highest ^'s for a weapon was a Qi (51^) it's just ridiculous.

    When the firet patch came out I got a lot of high level gear and weapons on Glitter and MM.

    -type R blood-

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    And they say the stats and upgrade are 'random'... More like a RNG between 0 and 50^, without even bothering to generate items with more upgrade levels...

    Even if they are totally random, there would be an equal chance of getting high lvl items and low lvl items.

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    Thas exactly what I thought too. I should get the same am mount of low end gear as high end gear. But nope it was all low end. Well I'd say 97% low end.

    -type R blood-

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    Today I got a 59^ with 102 base for 78 nothing special but it was an interesting find.

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    Yay finally a better Soul Focuser :P

    Have a 41^ for lvl 74 spare if anyone needs.

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