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Thread: The Apprentice

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    The Apprentice

    Hi everybody!

    I know that some apprentice towers are messed up but what about the lighting tower?
    I really like the shield because it only cost one DU and it removes immunity.

    So I think I am gonna do some research on the lighting tower to find out if it is worth using in combat
    I will post my findings here, if y'all have any tips or suggestions please post.

    1 Is the lighting tower powerful?

    2 Does the chain link feature work really well?

    3 Any other special features we might not know about?

    4 How much of a range does it have with the link features?

    5 Can it withstand a beating?

    6 Does it work well with others? and who?

    7 What stats should put most points in?

    Any other questions y'all want me to post about the image shield or lighting tower?


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    It costs too many DU's to be considered effectively over other defenses.

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    I tried really hard to find a good use from lighting tower, but I can't. There is just so many better more du/damage efficient options. Lighting towers can't take a beating, so you have to put it where monsters won't get to it. Putting it up on higher ground is an option.
    And the amount of attack speed you have to put into it just so it's attack length would last over 20 seconds is pretty high.

    I say go with fire towers.
    They have more hp than harpoons.
    Cost only 5 DU.
    They do splash damage.
    They have really good range.
    They don't aim at monsters underneth the ground.
    Stuns monsters a bit after it hits.

    It's slower than harpoons.
    Does 500-1k damage less than harpoons with the same tower attack. (Ex: I have 500 on both and harpoons do like 700 or 800 more damage.)

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    thats after the squire towers got nerfed and the apprentice got buffed and they still suck!!! i think they need to do something about it, the apprentice towers are just not good still even with crazy stats

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    Fire Tower:


    Does Fire Damage.

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