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Thread: Dear TE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nayroy View Post
    I thought this was a full game!?
    It's just the First Wave...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junbao View Post
    It's just the First Wave...
    I think I may have just died.

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    Anyone saying that the game is worth the money with all the broken content is foolish. A game that is essentially broken is not worth the money, until it is fixed. In this case they haven't been fixed, and even if they fix the freezing, they still have broken XP, another kairi for the survival pet, and possibly a broken drop rate. So, worth the money? I think not.

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    Might not be worth it on the console (especially on the xbox), but it's definitely worth it on the PC.

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    i would say the game was worth the money. all the regular maps were fine so was the gear. the dlc want worth the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nayroy View Post
    Might not be worth it on the console (especially on the xbox), but it's definitely worth it on the PC.
    That is not what the issue is. I know that the pc version is good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mupp3tM4st3r View Post
    First of all I would love to say Great game when you just play the original console version.

    Second after reading all the post about this game for months I decided it was time to join the discussion. Yes all the dlc looks amazing. It does not excuse the bugs in it. Trendy has another game out the xbox live arcade called Trenched formally known as Iron brigade. The game is tower defense for mech. Beautiful game so much less bugs. Of course I do not know about the dlc because after switching to this game I refused to buy the dlc for the other.

    What I do not understand is how the company did not learn from the mm experience. The weapons and pets were glitches on that. They fixed the weapons and screw you guys on the pet. Which I am going to assume will be what is going to happen with the new shards three. Feel free to tell me I am wrong Hitmon.

    I am sorry to hear of all the play station freezing problems but I really am not. You guys get monkey pets lvl 83 and weapons that are skinned right and work right. Xbox gets delays laughed at and told go blank yourself by people who don't even work for the game. So freezing issue, I say good. No just kidding. I am sure Trendy will have that fixed in a week for you while xbox will still be waiting for a second patch.

    I saw an interview with a former microsoft employee who said trendy wanted to make all it's dlc free and xbox said no. So that gives me some hope for trendy. Anyway I hope you learn from this trendy as we have. I hope you keep putting out dungeon defenders on the console, hint dd2 hint hint. I for one would buy it even at full price game.
    Very well put i could`nt of said it any better ... : ) The biggest disappiontment was to find no Seahorse pet for shards 3 and to find Kari the Brave which we were already given to us in MM. Trendy guys and gals hope to see a patch for the 360 as soon as possible. It would be nice to see the pets for the levels and not poor Substitutes.

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