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Thread: Gamemode Suggestion - Holdout Mode

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    Gamemode Suggestion - Holdout Mode

    So I had this idea when I first saw the Survival button pop up in the Tavern. I thought: "OH MY GOD THATS GONNA BE AWESOME"
    To my disappointment, the waves weren't endless. And there was a crystal. I mean, survival is about surviving, not protecting. But since Trendy insists, I thought maybe they could have survival, pure strategy AND holdout.

    Holdout: No crystal, no time limit, endless waves, everyone has one life and get's one more for every 5th wave survived - AHEM - held out and maybe slow difficulty progress (i.e. wave 10 on easy is still easy, but on wave 20, the difficulty increases).
    For the progressing difficulty one, the difficulty you pick will alter how tough enemies gets as you progress. If you pick nightmare, it should stay nightmare with only few (15%-20%) increases in enemy stats every X wave.

    You: No crystal?
    Me: Yeah, so people will have to work together to defend eachothers instead of an object.

    You: And the time limit?
    Me: The reason Über isn't good enough is because the game can end before anyone dies (provided they survive).

    You: And the endless waves?
    Me: Self explanatory. And if not, let my just say that not everyone likes to hit the limit of waves the game can reach.

    You: And the lives?
    Me: To reward those who are persistant enough, dying on wave 99 with only few enemies left would feel horrible afterwards, but if they gain lives as they progress, they get a second chance to finish the wave. Lives carry over, but are lost upon respawn.

    You: Oh. But what about the difficulty progressing?
    Me: To allow players to find somewhat better loot should they reach wave 75, and to keep the chellange up, increasing the difficulty like on Survival (but endlessly in Holdout), only skill is what it takes survive a wave.

    TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read)
    Quote Originally Posted by davidnj7 View Post
    So moster fest w/e time limit and endless in a sense...

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    Like nazi zombies, but better.

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    So moster fest w/e time limit and endless in a sense...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deepcube View Post
    Like nazi zombies, but better.
    Yeah, that's what I had in mind when writing this.

    Quote Originally Posted by davidnj7 View Post
    So moster fest w/e time limit and endless in a sense...
    Sure, with only one life. This will be the TL;DR.

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    I love this idea... quick Trendy get on this.. please if it's not to much trouble.

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    and the reward would be better the longer you stay alive

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    i dont like this idea (just because of the time it would take to get far "/) but i suppose it could be fun...

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    Quote Originally Posted by LipsofAshes View Post
    and the reward would be better the longer you stay alive
    I don't really know how they should do that, I mean, you have to complete the first wave in order to get something - Anti-farm measure. Maybe set the time that must pass until the next wave? Then you can keep surviving on wave ten for a while and when that get's boring, you hit the crystal and wave 11 starts? For example, say you must survive 4:00 minutes on Magus Quarters on Medium on wave 2. Once the 4:00 minutes passed, the crystal appears. Hitting it completes the round, and enemies are not attracted to it. That way the longer you survive, the more XP you get. Well no.... Sorry. That pretty much kills the entire idea about holding out (atleast if one can end the round manually. The game itself have to handle that).

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