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Thread: MistyMire lacking high level armor???

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    MistyMire lacking high level armor???

    So I've been playing MistyMire Insane for 6 hours today and I've only gotten 2 high level armor (above 20^) and to top it off I've been getting low level weapons for beating the spider queen. Should have spent my day off doing something else.

    Does MM not have high level armor anymore after the latest patch?

    I remember when we got patch 1.02 I was getting a lot of high level armor.

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    Yeah it seems to me that the patch reduced the drop rate of the super good armor on any map that I had been finding before.

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    If you want armor run endless spires on insane and check the chest (and shop after)
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    Man that really sucks. And I can't even beat Morrago on hard yet.

    Endless spires gives good drops?

    And I though the shop only gets good inventory after you complete a a level.

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    you cant beat morrago on hard?

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    Sadly I cant. I've beaten it once with 2 other players online. But solo is too damn hard for me.

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    i can solo insane lol, if you need help doing hard or insane let me know. i never fail unless you have sucky dps then we might have a tough time

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    Thanks. I have pretty good DPS huntress and App.

    I think I just need more experience with the map.

    It be great if you could give me some pointers. What times are you usually on?

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    im on every week at these times: tuesday "morning", friday-sunday all day

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    Sweet I'll send you an invite whenever I go online maybe tomorrow. Thanks by the way

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