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    No news on shard part 4 release date? Disappointing

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    Ice, laura, skott, hitmon from left to right.

    Edit: lol fail on my part, "Not in that order", so of course I jump the gun and choose exactly in that order.
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    Left to right;

    Hitmon, Laura, Skott, Ice.
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    L-R: Skott, Ice, Hitmon, Laura

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    Left to Right!
    Skott, Ice, Laura, Hitmon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptBoxershorts View Post
    Laura is squire

    Hit you are penny arcade

    ice is huntress

    Scott is EV

    -no more PS vita??
    Where does it say that??
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    Left - right, Hit, Laura, Ice and Skott.

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    Im guessing Hit,Ice,Laura,Skott

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    Summoner will be a gamechanger, thats for sure.
    Im pretty disappointed with the new map though, seems like they forgot about the soloists all together.
    Can we see some smaller maps in the future pls?

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    The waiting is killing me. It is my birthday and I have had Diablo III installed on my laptop for a couple of days (work has prevente dme playing much) and all I want to do is start screwing around with the summoner. Summoners >>>>> All other classic RPG classes and everything I have seen tells me Trendy have done a great job of making the Summoner unique and interesting to play.

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