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Thread: Ethereal Spike Traps/Striker Turrets

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    Ethereal Spike Traps/Striker Turrets

    Well, thought I'd test the waters in the general discussion board (and so far seems so good...?):

    Perhaps there could be a buff/redesign for Apprentice DSTs and Huntress ESTs? From personal tests I find that ESTs on NM have a scant higher amount of damage to deal to a single target, whilst costing the same amount of DU as a PMT. As for DSTs... though their ability to shoot through walls is still pretty neat, their poor DPS scaling and high DU cost makes them really quite the difficult turret to actually fit them into anything but a niche build

    On a different note - Liked what was done with strength drain auras

    P.S. I suppose the same could be said of the squire's spinning blockade, though what can be done about that... meh?

    EDIT: Perhaps allowing them to 'mini-stun/interrrupt' targets but otherwise maintaining their current stats? Or would that be too OP? :P

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    Yeah, ethereal traps especially are completely useless. A modest amount of damage on one random target? I'd rather just throw down another proxy/inferno. Their intent is obviously to kill off ogres and boss monsters, but it doesn't do enough damage, and you still need a blockade to keep them within the trap radius. Seriously, there is no reason to ever use an ethereal trap. It needs a small AoE, more damage, auto targeting the mob with the most health, and a stun effect. That would fix it. Maybe.

    Deadly Strike towers are sometimes useful, but yeah, not worth the DU. I've only used it on one build, and that was for wall piercing, in a map where I had plenty of extra DU to spend.

    The spinning blade blockade basically needs more resistance to attack. Not really more health, because that would just make it take longer to repair. But maybe 25% resist to physical damage?

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