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    An in depth look into Jester - Mechanics, secrets and cheap tricks

    I notice that Jester is considered a weird class - most people dislike the class, or think it's the worst thing ever.

    I've been reading a while, but I figured I'd just bite the bullet and write this - this is more or less what happens when you spend FAR too much time playing the game, I guess.

    This will go into stupid amounts of in depth, and may be subject to change by Trendy Entertainment via patching. I suspect that a lot of stuff that will be noted in this document may end up forcing a significant rebalance, or downright banning Jester, or at the very least, demands for the nerf bat.

    But that would be spoilers, wouldn't it?


    Before you read on:

    What you shouldn't be playing a Jester for:

    - Straightforward defense construction.

    If you don't like the idea of taking your time to construct a defense, seriously, don't play Jester. To tap the full power of the class, you have to actually (gasp) spend time to do it. This means if you've already got a 100% working defense using the other classes, then scratching out the 25%-50% more power via Jestering up defenses will not get you anywhere (You'll still win, so what are you fussed over?).

    If you really want to build an entire defense once, done and dusted, you won't like a Jestering approach either.

    - Straightforward defensive combat.

    If you don't like the idea of stalling, or you don't believe that defenses will ever break after you set them, once again, Jester isn't for you. You won't like the idea that you have to construct a defense with what you have, or knowing that in a lot of cases you don't actually need ALL the pieces there until wave 20, and for most part, can operate without some of them on a temporary basis.

    - Straightforward offensive combat

    To get the stupidly most out of Jester, you'll have to get used to the idea of rolling a lot. This means practicing the Wheel o' Fortuna.

    If you want pure DPS smashing fun though, go play a barbarian or a monk. Seriously. It's simpler.


    Got that out of the way? Good.

    Now let's get to discussing why Jester should be banned from DD- er sorry, I mean, what makes Jester virtually better than all the base classes and their alts for defense building in the long run- ... um...
    ... How about we get on with it, before I get us in a lot of trouble?

    Tower building:

    The basics:
    There's a defense construction list for each of the 3 present types. You drop a present, and there's a chance any one of them (or an ogre, mana, or an item) will show up.

    If set during the build phase, they will hatch during the combat phase.
    If set during combat phase, you either get to convince a monster to crack it open for you, or you wait until the end of the next build phase.

    If you get a defense, the DU cost of it will be the cost of the present. Depending, you will see a 20-50% discount (barring a couple of exceptions) on the regular cost of the defense. Further notes will proceed below.

    If you don't get a defense, the DU cost of the present will be refunded, allowing you to try again.

    MYTH: No, it does not screw with DU totals in a negative manner. If a Jester based defense is destroyed, you only lose the DU that was invested in the defense or the present itself.

    It's pretty straight forward... well sort of.
    ... Actually, even this can get sort of complicated.

    - The cravats.

    The standard rules of spawning apply as if you were dropping a defense of its type. In short, you're not allowed to have two overlapping Auras, traps (or if you somehow managed to get shark charged - it doesn't happen very often) or two towers.

    This means if you drop a whole stack of Extravagant presents (4DU) in a line or a cluster, and your radius is over a good number (just say 1000 radius?), do NOT be surprised if you only ever get 1 Strength Aura in that line.

    Also, do not be surprised if another Strength Aura is anywhere nearby it that you won't get one to show up at ALL.

    Actually, you can use this to your advantage, but we'll get to that later.

    This above note explains why sometimes you simply 'can't' magic up the defense of your choice, if the defense of choice just happens to be an aura or trap.

    This also means if you want to force certain things to not show up, plant the present in places which would cause it to skip certain defenses.

    Also bear in mind when presents open, if you sell the defense, your refund is half the cost of the result, not the present itself.


    Now the detailed stuff. Some of this may surprise you. The results can be repeatable in a lot of ways, and the notes will also include my experiences as an incredibly well armoured Tower Jester (85% resists, across the board)

    This goes through each defense on a play by play basis.


    Defense: DU cost normally/ DU cost Jester (% saving)

    Effects and notes


    Small present:

    Magic Barrier: 1DU/2DU (-100%)

    The only truly shortchanging roll - They are identical to an Apprentice type summoning one on identical stats. Unless you direly need one (unlikely) sell up or let it get wiped out, and move on.

    Spiked Barrier: 3DU/2DU (33%)

    They are identical to a Squire type summoning one, on identical stats. This one's a little more useful, since they DO have a stack of HP - If you're holding off an ogre rush solo, one of those spawning will buy lots of time. It's slightly cheaper, but it's not a commonly used option.

    Magic Missile: 3DU/2DU (33%)

    Magic missile towers are, for most part, not used that often and are identical to an Apprentice type summoning one, on identical stats. If you have a reason to stick down magic missile towers, well, all the more power to you.

    Slow Aura: 3DU/2DU (33%)

    Slow Auras are a staple, and are identical to a Monk type summoning one, on identical stats. If you need DU and have the time, here's a good saving point.

    Prox Trap: 3DU/2DU (33%)

    Now this is where things get fun. A Jester summoning a proximity trap will have it fire about 25-33% faster than a trap summoned by a Hunter type. To be precise, the reset time is shorter on a Jester summoning a proximity trap.

    Here, it may not be to your advantage, although if a Jester is active, rolling 'heal allies' will do a mapwide ALL DEFENSES heal. Traps and auras included. This may offset it, although if you ever wondered what a trap going off at 0.08 seconds looks like, here's your chance.

    Darkness Trap: 3DU/2DU (33%)

    A Jester summoning a darkness trap will have it fire about 25-33% faster than a trap summoned by a Hunter type. To be precise, the reset time is shorter on a Jester summoning a Darkness trap.

    See the notes concerning the Proximity trap, although fortunately, darkness traps don't fire that fast, so if you want DU, here's a good place to collect it.

    Etheral Spike Trap: 3DU/2DU (33%)

    A Jester summoning a Etheral Spike trap will have it fire about 25-33% faster than a trap summoned by a Hunter type on identical stats. To be precise, the reset time is shorter on a Jester summoning a Etheral Spike trap.

    You'll also learn that at high enough numbers, the Prox trap actually does more damage than the Etheral, it's just the Etheral always channels full damage to a single target, and a Prox trap will calculate a percentage based on range. With a Jester, if you can find 1DU, you can instead of just having a prox trap, get both a prox and a etheral. Double the damage anyone?

    It's probably a good thing the reset timer is shortened here - all the more to fry with.

    Gas Trap: 3DU/2DU (33%)

    A Jester summoning a Gas trap will have it fire about 25-33% faster than a trap summoned by a Hunter type. To be precise, the reset time is shorter on a Jester summoning a Gas trap.

    This doesn't shorten the gassing period, just the timing between resets, which is a good thing. All in all, another 1DU saved.


    Deluxe Presents:

    Fireball Tower 5DU/3DU (40%)

    A Jester summoning a Fireball Tower will be identical to a Apprentice type summoning one, assuming same stats.

    The only difference is the 40% discount. Or the better way to look at it is this: If you use two fireball towers, you can get 2 of them AND a buff beam for the same price. Or just 3 of them and a DU point to spend elsewhere.

    If you use fireball towers in your defense, well, it's something to consider. (And just how much more Overpowered were you hoping for anyway? ... Actually, we'll get to stupidly overpowered in a bit.)

    Lightning Aura 5DU/3DU (40%)

    A Jester summoning a Lightning Aura will have the aura inflict damage 25-33% faster than if a Monk type summons one on identical stats.

    I'll let you digest that bit of information. On similar stats, (in the 2700 tower attack speed range) an initiate's lightning aura attack speed is 0.13.

    The Jester clocked 0.09. No, the aura doesn't sap any faster due to the improved attack speed. Besides, you want them to die faster, right?

    The bad news is due to the cravats noted above, getting them all out in the right spots may require some trickery - During build phases, reduce your tower range to zero, then shuffle it into place using move tower, then put everything back on again.

    Remember, if you want an Aura to show, you need it to be placed validly in present form. Given what I said it's a REALLY juicy option to abuse, but you need to plan for this.

    Fortunately, due to the difficulties, Monks won't need to be too worried about their Job security just yet...

    Healing Aura 4DU/3DU (25%)

    A Jester summoning a Healing Aura will have the aura Heal 25-33% faster than if a Monk type summons one on identical stats.
    It's not such a big deal (although can be nice), but there IS another secret in this. It will be disclosed at a later date.

    Inferno Trap 4DU/3DU (25%)

    A Jester summoning a Inferno trap will have the trap reset 25-33% faster than a Huntress type summoning an Inferno trap on identical stats.
    Not such a big deal, the DU saved can be used elsewhere, and the reset time just means more time to lay down the barbeque.

    Enrage Aura 5DU/3DU (40%)

    A Jester summoning an Enrage Aura is identical to a Monk type summoning one, on identical stats.

    If you use Enrage Auras (Although they're not that common), 2DU is nice to have.

    Bouncer Barricade 4DU/3DU (25%)

    A Jester summoning a bouncer barricade will have the bouncer have a 25-33% faster reset speed than if a Squire type summons one on identical stats.

    (There's a pattern to this. You figured out what it is yet?)

    Not many people use bouncers. It's mostly a footnote, but it can have uses.


    Extravagent Presents:

    Harpoon Turrets 6DU/4DU (33%)

    A Jester summoning a Harpoon Turret will have the Harpoon have a 25-33% faster attack speed than if a Squire type summons one on identical stats.

    For an idea of what this means in real terms, on identical stats assuming about 2-3k builder with a 3.7k attack stat spike, A jester NOT as active builder (namely, drop and run prior to wave start) will do as much damage (or close enough to it) as a squire type when they are out and about. Or in short, you gain about 30% in damage in DPS due to the attack speed.

    And it probably doesn't help that the Jester can hold an extra weapon, does it?

    For some hard numbers - we got bored, threw both turrets out and aimed them at different dummies in the tavern (See the present opening trick using an EV) then threw them both on the same buff beam, and buffed them all up to maximum level (3 star)

    At this, our Squire one was clocking 0.09, and the Jester one was doing 0.06. Not bad. I then get bored, then pop a character on with a 120 buff huntress guardian that can buff up the beam, and both harpoons at the same time.

    The difference went down to 0.06 for the Squire harpoon (Respectable for a harpoon) to 0.03 for the Jester one. I'll let you get your jaws off the floor. (The damage difference is what you'd expect, by the way. When we threw in a tower monk on top, we managed to get a harpoon turret that did 5.5-6m damage per second in the tavern. Let's see you get THAT out of your squire.)

    Between this and the simple fact that the 33% discount means that if a squire wants 2 harpoons, the Jester can get two harpoons... AND the buff beam to power it up, as part of the bundle for the same DU cost.

    I believe that a group of concerned players will form the 'Ban Jester to protect Squire Jobs' Steam group about... now.

    Strength Aura 5DU/4DU (20%)

    Sadly, after the above revelation, there's not much to gain here - 1DU, as for all intents and purposes, the Str Aura is identical for the Jester and Monk types, assuming identical stats.

    If you want that 1 DU though, it may get fidgety to summon it, due to the crevats concerning auras above.

    Lightning Tower 7DU/4DU (42%)

    A Jester summoned Lightning Tower is identical to an Apprentice type summoning one, assuming identical stats. The real benefit is simply the fact that the lightning tower is actually DU cost effective at 4DU. (How much cheaper did you want it, REALLY?)

    Due to this, you can build a 4 lightning tower battery and a supporting buff beam for 20 DU. It might take a bit of practice to shove 4 lightning towers onto a single buff beam. An apprentice version will cost you about 32DU (Yikes)

    This doesn't sound too effective until you consider this - On good enough stats, you can turn the entire MAP into one electrified christmas tree due to the huge chain and the massive chain range. How much damage did we crank up on it? Well, about 60-70k per second on 59 targets per tower, assuming 3kish stats. Get a tower monk to power it , and the question you should be asking is 'Did you want all those small fry crispy or just well done?'

    It'll also go through floors too, so Talay is a prime target for this trick, and it's always nice to use as an anti-chopper measure.

    I think we'll be seeing a group forming to protect Apprentice jobs... well, if people used apprentices for builds anymore, anyway.

    Deadly Strike Tower 8DU/4DU (50%)

    A Jester summoned Deadly Strike tower is identical to one summoned by an Apprentice type, assuming identical stats.

    Well apart from the fact you get a 50% discount anyway.

    At 8DU, they're sort of cost prohibitive. At 4DU, they're actually pretty useful, particularly if you want to try to cover an area with a few walls in the way.

    That, and nothing else quite says 'Get lost' like a battery of DSTs doing a million or two damage each every 0.23 seconds (or faster) through 3 walls, or in Talay, from two floors under.

    Slice 'n Dice Barricade 8DU/4DU (50%)

    A Jester summoned Slicer will inflict damage 25-33% faster than a squire's counterpart, assuming identical statistics.

    They're not that popular anymore sadly since they take such a battering against ogres, but there's some fun you can have with them - If you have a really large move tower skill, you can constantly pick it up and drop it, and basically have your own remote arm of death. Not that it's useful, but it's fun at least.

    Bowling Ball Turret 7DU/4DU (42%)

    A Jester summoned Bowling Ball turret will shoot balls 25-33% faster than a squire's counterpart, assuming identical statistics.

    They're not that popular anymore either, mostly cause of flying threats, but well, the above says it all. Given the discount, you can diversify. If you don't want to kill your friends via lag with 30 fireball towers, bowling ball turrets are considered a safe choice.


    That should do it for now.

    Later on I will cover the conventional stuff (Fortuna rolls) as well as some fun stuff which I fully expect Trendy to patch.

    ... Actually, this alone would probably justify Jester get hit with a stupidly powerful nerf bat. About the only thing less broken than the Jester is the Summoner, and that's actually debatable.

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    so much testing, last 3 weeks have been so much fun

    edit: Harpoon proof (180 to attack rate, range and damage for both characters, my Countess has slightly lower HP cause she was only 90 at the time, Jester is lvl 93)

    Squire -

    Jester -

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    An in depth look into Jester part 2 - Wheel o' Fortuna

    In the second part of this series, we'll touch upon the Wheel o' Fortuna, and more importantly, the little things that most people always seem to neglect to tell you about it.

    The Basics:

    It's pretty simple really. Hit the skill button you assigned it to, then watch as the slot machine pops up. You then stop each reel from left to right by hitting the left mouse button (or the fire button on control pads) when it reaches the symbol you want it to stop at.

    If you want to stop the remainder of the reel all at once, hit right click (or reload) or the skill button again. This will lock the entire reel in place.

    It'll cost you 150 mana per attempt which is taken when you start up the skill, and under MOST cases, after a completed roll, you must wait 30 seconds before you can roll again.

    All combinations are only by the number, not their position. Not that it matters if you need 3x of something, but there is no functional difference between Potion, Potion, Mana Crystal and Mana Crystal, Potion, Potion, or Potion, Mana Crystal, Potion. They will all give the exact same effect.

    Nothing too weird right?

    People swear it's the stupidest thing ever, and consequently think that Jester is broken in a bad way and needs to be patched to give the skill (and the class) more oomph.

    Spoiler: You'd be so wrong on that statement it isn't funny.


    UPDATE: This trick no longer applies, due to the 7.46c patch. This has been kept to explain why the patch happened as is, and to explain what was meant by a 'continuous roll'.

    This list's shorter. In fact, this is a cheap trick.

    You will note that if you get hit, you will have your skill cancelled. This is useful if you miss a setup halfway through and need a reset without waiting 30 seconds.

    The cheap trick is this - it takes the game about a second or so to register a completed roll.

    If you're fast enough (and I mean really fast enough) you can in fact roll immediately after you make a previous one. All you need to do is get hit just after you get declared a winner (or loser).

    Immediately activate the skill again, and the reel will show up. The results of this reel will count. You can keep doing this as long as you have the mana to pay the cost each time (and get kicked out of your animation every time)

    It's easier in theory than in practice though, but if you already have 30 ogres breathing down your neck, rolling a stun followed by a debuff enemies is a REALLY nice way to turn the tables.

    However, you'll most likely be constantly smacked in the meantime (Did I menton being armoured to the teeth is a really good idea?) so it means you'd be spam locking your rolls... and that means that there's an equal opportunity things can go wrong, well, for at least fifteen seconds.


    Once again, we'll go through a play by play.

    Format goes:

    Skill (Combination)

    Effects and notes.

    Now, shall we get to it?


    Heal Players (Potion x3)

    This one seems deceptively underpowered. It just heals players right? Why on earth would you need to heal other PLAYERS? It's the most useless skill ever! It should be-

    ... Who am I kidding? It's actually so stupidly powerful, that this entry alone makes Jester arguably more overpowered than the Summoner.

    Why is that?

    The skill description is really inaccurate, for one. When they say 'Heal Players' Trendy neglected to mention that it also does other stuff.

    Like heal towers for instance. Auras. Traps, Minions.

    That sounds good right?

    Well, at a fortuna skill of zero, it'll hit you for about 30% of the total, and it goes up from there as you load points. This is bad enough to get demands for the nerf bat, since Summoners might feel upset about how flash heal might get redundant as it is.

    ... So just how many things does this affect?

    Everything. On the map. Period.

    It doesn't matter where you stand. You could be in a cubby hole on the other end of the Crystaline Dimension, it'll heal every single last one of these defenses on that entire map.

    All for 150 mana. Every 30 seconds, if you can get it down right.

    For the ultra lazy, roll it at the end of a phase, or at the beginning of a new one, and don't ever have to worry about defenses ever again. Heck, get some low level Jester to do it, and you can AFK and sip a martini at the Club Tavern while the Jester maintains a survival for you completely solo (until he or she gets killed anyway) and talk about how you're part of the 1% or something.

    I imagine a lot of summoners will start forming a steam group, demanding the nerf bat, about now.

    Upgrade Nearby Tower (Mana Crystal x3)

    This is a sort of okay skill to save up to 1070 mana (1220 - 150 for using the skill) if done correctly or if you're under level 60, to sneak in a level 5 defense without being able to actually be able to hold enough mana to actually do it manually.

    The only time this is a bad thing is if the resulting upgrade goes from base to level 1, making you a net loss in mana.

    It'll pick the nearest one to you, so get up right up nice and tight to the one you want to boost.

    It pales in larger games (did you read what I just said above?), but if you're an up and aspiring Jester, well, here's an early game breaker.

    Damage All Enemies (Sword x3)

    This skill damages all enemies from a starting point of about 25% and it goes up from there depending on your skill points invested (at least from what I can tell).

    It seems a bit silly, only because of another entry, except of course a few things which make it a combination to remember.

    The first is that unlike its sister skill Kill Percentage of Enemies, it hits everyone barring bosses (It used to do that though) and when you have 30 100 million HP ogres breathing down your neck, cutting them all down to 75m or less will make your life a lot easier, and may arguably be better than just knocking down 3-6 of them.

    The second is that it counts as enough damage to cause a disruption. If you think an army of Dijinn are trying to unsummon your defenses in squadrons, this is a good way to stop them from trying, even if you're at the other end of the Crystalline Dimension when using the skill. When disrupted, they need 30 seconds to start the process again, assuming they're all alive at this point.

    ... You can probably see what your next move is probably going to be at this point, right?

    Golden Enemies (Goblin x3)

    This one isn't used commonly, only because this is normally a bad effect. You don't want an army of golden ogres coming at you. It used to be worse too - bosses used to be able to be goldened, and if you want an ultimate challenge, that's where you want to be.

    Two notes. If you have a second Jester around, they're still subject to any other roll on this list, so it's not so bad.
    The second is more interesting - For some odd reason, a golden enemy has this tendency to drop stuff, and it tends to be good stuff too. It might just be my luck though.

    You feel lucky? Roll this and see if something good shows up. Just hope your defenses can handle the extra set of hammering.

    Buff Players (Eternia Crystal x3)

    It lasts for 15 seconds, and increases all hero damage from a starting 30% up, depending on skill points invested.

    Eh, so you say, it's only 15 seconds. The monk Hero boost is far better than that, so why the heck should I care?

    Well, only one minor thing. It's just the fact during those 15 seconds, it stacks WITH Hero Boost and all those other nice skills and effects. Yes, it affects pets as well, just like Hero Boost, and more importantly, it's applied AFTER all the effects are resolved, meaning that's a 30%+ boost from what your Hero Boost with a Propeller Cat was already doing.

    ... So who wants Golden Demon tonight?

    I suspect that everyone's going to get together, form a steam group and start demanding the nerf bat, just on principle now.

    Slow down time (Potion x2, Mana Crystal)

    This does what it says on the tin - you'll get slow motion time for the duration.

    It's also considered the most annoying effect in the game (although not exactly harmful) and inexperienced hosts will kick Jesters out on principle if they make this roll once.

    First things first:

    This is the most likely 'Missed roll' you'll make, if mapwide repairs are your thing. In terms of the reel, the Mana Crystal is the slot right AFTER the potion, so a click a quarter of a second too slow will get you this combination. So cut your Jester some slack, everyone makes mistakes occasionally.

    Secondly, it affects everything. This means if you have a second Jester around, their roll becomes VERY easy to land. It's actually a useful safety net for this reason, and if nothing else, it could serve as a wakeup call that defenses aren't getting their regular heal and that all hands should, you know, start repairing if they really need it.

    Kill Percent of Enemies (Sword x2, Eternia Crystal)

    This one's the better known of the kill line - when rolled, it'll kill a percentage of enemies outright, and it is unknown if the skill points invested alter the power of this skill.

    The skill used to work against the old one and other bosses, but that boat sailed a long time ago. It IS satisfying to one shot a 600 mill HP demon though, but Trendy Entertainment in its wisdom decided to take away this trivia point.

    Of course, you don't get to pick... or do you?

    You DO get to pick the very first target that the skill will hit. It will ALWAYS be the closest enemy. So if you have a 100 million HP ogre breathing down your neck and you roll this, well, you'll have a 0 million HP ogre taking a nap after the roll.

    Secondly, it will ALWAYS kill a minimum of 3 targets, and from experience, will on a full map kill between 8 and 15. This is useful, because if there's only ogres on the map, well, there they'll go.

    It also is useful for clearing out stuck enemies at the end of the wave simply for this reason.

    This gets suitably absurd when you get 4 Jesters on a map - have one roll heals and have 3 roll kill percents. You'll be making record times since a lot of monsters will mysteriously start dropping dead.

    Buff Enemies (Eternia Crystal x2, Goblin)

    This is as you can guess, a dangerous roll to make - it'll increase all damage by about 2-2.5x from enemies and reduce their damage taken by about a third for about 15 seconds. Good thing is, this roll doesn't affect bosses (thankfully) although it used to.

    Then again, back when it used to, it used to add a 30x damage multiplier, and reduce their damage to 1/10 for about 5 seconds.

    The problem is that on the reel, the goblin is one before the Eternia crystal, and consequently can be considered a 'miss' of the buff players. Needless to say, if you want to use buff players, be sure to aim late, not early, that way if you miss, you will roll a dud, as opposed to making life a little dangerous.

    Debuff Enemies (Goblin x2, Eternia Crystal)

    This one's pretty useful, although it no longer works on bosses. It effectively reduces their damage by 50%, and increases damage taken by about 33%. It lasts about 15 seconds and supposedly, more skill points in the skill improves these numbers in your favour.

    If you sync two jesters rolling this, you can more or less keep this effect up virtually all the time - this in turn makes some crushing waves a heck of a lot easier, and if you add a third to roll a heal every 30 seconds, should be considered easy mode.

    This of course, assumes people play with other people, and it actually requires effort to keep up, both which are something I'm not that convinced actually happens in Dungeon Defenders.

    This frankly should have players demanding that Jester be called the 'I win' character on its OWN. Combined with the rest of these notes, you have a really, REALLY good case arguing that Jester is the most overpowered class in Dungeon Defenders, and should be promptly banned from all play.

    The sad part is of course, we're not done yet.

    Stun Enemies (Goblin x2, Potion)

    This is the last very useful fun and (I dare say) overpowered roll.

    When rolled, you stop everyone in their tracks. Depending on how many skill points you invested in this, the duration increases. You normally get at least three seconds.

    This is undeniably useful. You have the ability to jam up ogre trains from halfway across the Crystalline Dimension and buy time to repair, upgrade, or just to carve them up.

    Seriously, we gave Jester the keys to the entire game from top to bottom. How much more overpowered did you actually WANT?

    Players Unable to Repair (Mana Crystal x2, Sword)

    Not good as it locks the repair command, lasts 10-15 seconds. There's no reason you'd want this roll other than to annoy people, or perhaps, in a poor attempt to be funny.

    You're most likely to roll this by accident if you try to hit Upgrade Tower.

    On the flip side, it's not the end of the world either - it doesn't stop a second Jester just rolling heal all defenses. Or flash heal for that matter. Heck, it doesn't stop you upgrading the defense to repair it, or even using instant upgrade for those few that uses the Female apprentice, so stop your panicking.

    Downgrade Nearby Tower (Mana Crystal x2, Goblin)

    Another 'Slightly not good' one. It'll knock off a level off a nearby defense. Just one.

    It's mostly done when you're bored and want to be funny, but otherwise a waste of a perfectly good roll. It's also a possible miss of 'Upgrade tower'.

    Needless to say, it's very easily fixed, unless you're under level 60 and it's a defense higher level than anyone can actually get the mana for - I dunno, just upgrade the defense again?

    If you're over upgrading your towers in a low level game, you could just wait the 30 seconds and just reupgrade it again with the Upgrade Nearby Tower roll, like you did in the first place.


    Needless to say, we're in a position where we can safely say that Jester is the most overpowered class of all, barring the Summoner, maybe only cause getting your own MU count that doubles defenses is REALLY, REALLY nice, and even THAT is debatable.

    ... The sad part is, of course this.

    We're not done yet.

    Please stand by as we reveal some of the stuff that Trendy Entertainment really, REALLY need to fix. Or the really cheap tricks most people aren't aware of.

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    Wow nice tutorial/topic man!

    I read the whole thing and i can only make up for maybe 1 little small mistake perhaps... I can be totally wrong here but correct me if i am.

    It's at this part:

    Upgrade Nearby Tower (Mana Crystal x3)

    This is a sort of okay skill to save 1220 mana if done correctly or if you're under level 60, to sneak in a level 5 defense without being able to actually be able to hold enough mana to actually do it manually.

    It pales in larger games (did you read what I just said above?), but if you're an up and aspiring Jester, well, here's an early game breaker.
    I think it's better to say you save 1220 - 150 = 1070 (wheel of fortune costs) ?

    Besides that.. you actually convinced me Jester is very usefull in a build. (wheel of fortune wise) Some of those details you talk about and advises really helped me understand the usefullnes of the Jester. And for that i thank you!

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    Yeah, that's a mistake on my half - The math you pointed out is correct, I just never really thought about it much.

    I don't use Upgrade Nearby Tower much - It's mostly due to the fact that 99.99% of the time, I have a genie in use, and get mana very, very quickly. Due to the naturally rapid speed that Jester upgrades in, if you have the mana, you'll have your upgrades, unless you're being ogre rushed.

    Thanks for letting me know, it's been fixed accordingly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Setsuna View Post
    Yeah, that's a mistake on my half - The math you pointed out is correct, I just never really thought about it much.

    I don't use Upgrade Nearby Tower much - It's mostly due to the fact that 99.99% of the time, I have a genie in use, and get mana very, very quickly. Due to the naturally rapid speed that Jester upgrades in, if you have the mana, you'll have your upgrades, unless you're being ogre rushed.

    Thanks for letting me know, it's been fixed accordingly.
    Ah no problem, it's a tiny itsy bitsy spidery mistake :P , especcially considering the whole article which is pretty huge =P

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    An in depth look into Jester part 3 - Move Tower, and Jester character setups.

    In part three, we will look at Move Tower, as well as look at Jester equipment setups to get the most out of the class.

    As with Wheel o' Fortuna, there's stuff no one bothered to mention (Although not quite as much as Fortuna though) so we'll walk through it.

    The Basics:

    This is pretty simple. You use the skill, and as long as you're in the mode and paid up the 80 mana to activate it, you can move as many towers as you like within your radius, setting both the placement, as well as the rotation of the towers.

    Select the defense with left click. Select a valid position with left click again after selecting the defense, and if it is a tower, you will need to set its initial facing.
    If you want to exit the mode, right click or press reload.

    Remember, you can move multiple towers with one use of move tower, and the moment you use the skill it costs 80 mana.

    Sounds simple right? Well, as always...

    The Cravats:

    - You can't use this in Pure Strategy mode at all (Does anyone play this?) meaning that the only class that has mobile towers is the summoner.

    - You are not allowed to move Buff Beams, Proton Beams, or minions (although why on earth you wouldn't just walk your minions across is anyone's guess, short of a trip in Sky City)

    - You cannot rotate Physical Beams or Reflect barriers although they can be moved. The edge you select will be the edge that will be placed back down. If you're lucky, the rotation will be what it was originally, but don't always bet on it.

    - 80 mana is docked when you activate the skill, not when you move a defense - don't hit it by accident when you have no intention of moving any defense, because you'll have to cancel to exit the mode, wasting 80 mana.

    - The skill will NOT cancel if you get hit unlike Wheel o' Fortuna. This is a good thing, when you're fishing out some harpoons or other desirable defenses you intend to use that just hatched, since you can't be interrupted when using the skill, short of death, or being webbed (as being webbed will lock all skills for a short period).
    This can also a bad thing if what's trying to interrupt you is 30 ogres, since you have to manually exit the mode before you become a pancake.

    -You are subject to ALL placement rules as if you're constructing a new defense when attempting to move a defense - this means you may not be able to move an aura (particularly if it's buffed with a buff beam), due to the fact all your placement positions are considered invalid. See the next point though.

    - If you cancel BEFORE you set the rotation on the defense (or in the case of traps or auras, before you put the defense back down), the defense will not move. This is a failsafe - sometimes you'll find that you can't move things in a valid location within your range - this means you can cancel without actually moving it. It's a waste of 80 mana, but at least it's not in limbo or something.

    Cheap tricks:

    If you're having trouble selecting or putting down a defense, remember you can zoom in and out with the mouse scroll button. This in turn may make some defenses more selectable, and some previously unavailable spots that you couldn't dump a defense somehow available, such as huge distances above or below (Talay and King's Game are two good examples). It's a fine art, and best conducted during the build phase.

    Auras are particularly difficult to select, but also remember there's one surefire way to make them small enough to select - reduce your tower range! You can always do this by simply just adjusting your equipment (or if you're moving someone else's auras, get them to adjust theirs)

    Make them small, then port them over to exactly where you want to drop it. This allows for placements that would be considered impossible otherwise, like say a set of auras that overlap into a dark portal.

    You can move traps (and auras too, although it's very difficult) forward if a buff beam is in place and have just the edge of the trap touching the beam. This is because for move trap, it doesn't shrink the size of the trap UNLESS the game detects the trap is no longer touching the beam. However, it will use the enlarged buffed size to determine this.

    This can be useful if you want to power inferno traps with your gas traps, while giving more room for gas traps to do their work - you know, to prevent shark charges.

    Remember you can rotate the towers by just placing them on the spot and redoing their rotation - this is surprisingly useful if you want to have a 'All towers on deck' situation, need to tweak a covering angle, or if you want to see what happens when a boss lands right in front of 8 or more fully upgraded and buffed Deadly Strike Towers and Harpoons. (Spoiler - it dies very, very quickly)

    The absolute most number of skill points you will ever need for move tower for all practical purposes is about 1750 - If you get the skill this high (or higher) you will be able to move a defense from the main island in Sky City to the south island, where the only way across is the hover pads. You can't place a defense on the hover pads, but with that skill figure, you will be able to jump it (if you're standing at the right place) from one side to the other.


    Needless to say, Move tower has a huge utility value, and is not a skill that should be ignored.

    Now, for some general Jestering advice, particularly when it comes down to character outfitting and statistics.


    Advantages of Jester DPS types-

    Speed and HP - For some weird reason, the Jester is the fastest running of all the character types, and yet Jester gets a stupid amount of HP, it's not funny.

    Heal speed - They have a fast upgrade and heal speed (They go nearly as fast as an apprentice on overdrive, yikes!) so they're good for taking care of themselves given the mana, even with low hero repair speeds.

    Versatility - Two weapons, meaning twice the spread. It also means you can keep utility items up your sleeve, like say a portal gun, for intangible benefits (like say getting off the Sky City boss without having to jump).

    Wheel o' Fortuna - You did read part 2, right? Map wide control abilities are useful, and if you practice enough, Buff Players is just nice.

    Disadvantages of Jester DPS types-

    Damage - If you want raw damage, you're in the wrong place. Seriously, Monk and Barbarian are where you want to be, or if you like ranged, a Huntress. Monk has the stupidly powerful Hero Boost. Hiuntress has the ranged shot, and so does the Barbarian with its point blank skill. The Jester has nothing.

    Wheel o' Fortuna - You better be practicing, cause rolling Buff Enemies can hurt.

    General Distrust - No one likes Jesters, didn't you know?

    Statistics priority:

    Hero Damage, Hero HP, Wheel o' Fortuna.

    If you can, try to have good Tower HP and Tower attack and a half decent Tower firing speed, since even 2k stats will actually serve fairly well for defensive presenting in the case of a major defense break.


    Maximum resists, to make that stupid amount of HP go further, and the usual stat loading on hero attack and hero HP.

    Bring a pet of choice, depending who's there with you. Propeller Cats are nice, and so is a Fairy, Cupid or Monkey. If in doubt, bring a seahorse, or default to a Genie or Dijinn, since having mana to roll is always a good thing.

    Decide if you're smacking people with a stick, or shooting them, and arm accordingly.

    Play Style:

    Just learn to roll what you need (Buff Players, Debuff Enemies, and probably Heal Players on the side and the odd Kill percent of Enemies) while beating up stuff. It can't be that hard, can it? Just remember, Fortuna rolls do not work well in PvP, before you try.


    Advantages of Tower Jester Types-

    Speed and HP - For some weird reason, the Jester is the fastest running of all the character types, and yet Jester gets a stupid amount of HP, it's not funny. It means you can survive as an active builder and get places fast. Jester is designed and excels as an active builder.

    Build speed - Presents are VERY quick to drop. You can drop a line of presents and tie up an ogre rush for days if you can keep up. You can also upgrade all defenses as fast as humanly possible, if you have the mana to keep up.

    Tower Power - All your towers compared to the other 4 types have some sort of inbult advantage in them. The fact you can hold another weapon ALSO means that you can compensate for the 300-500 upgrade levels you need to spend on armour to clear a good armouring percentage (say 70% to start), so you can benefit from the 30% damage gain for being active.

    For a bit of math, if you have 4000 attack tower attack, and you leave the game, your towers will effectively attack as if they're only at 2800 tower attack. Considering you only need to spend about 300-500 upgrade levels, converting the same set to a 70%+ NM resist set will net you about 3200-3500 looks like a bargain now, particularly after the 30% or so attack speed boost, effectively adding another 30% damage again.

    Then there's the simple fact you can lever a significant defensive advantage - Getting 20 DU out of nowhere to then construct a massive lightning battery is a massive game changer, for instance.

    Wheel o' Fortuna - You did read part 2, right? For the tower Jester type, this is what justifies keeping them in the game as a utility/support, even if their direct damage capabilities are minimal. Having the ability to command the field of play to your will every 30 seconds is worth the character slot in its own right, particularly if they're in command of a significant number of defenses. Don't you DARE let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Disadvantages of Jester Tower types-

    Time - If you intend to build seriously as a Jester, be aware that you HAVE to keep bending those laws of probability to get you what you want. This means you have to keep rolling, and keep rolling until you get what you want. You better get used to waves of presents.

    Second wave builder - It's good practice to not roll presents first wave, due to the fact that there's no safety net. it's also not a bad idea to partly build a defense, and let the other classes build initially. This means the Jester doesn't QUITE put everyone out of business (at least the monk and Huntress) until such time as the Jester can build the defenses to replace what's there.

    Survival build slant - Jestering up defenses are a long term thing, so if you're running short wave maps (Namely, most Campaign) your mileage may vary. You CAN however, make it all the way through to Sky city on a pure Jester build, although this depends on what your first wave presents end up like. Jester is the OTHER class that can solo all the way up on NMHC Campaign (With Summoner being the other), but they didn't give an achievement for that one, sadly.

    Wheel o' Fortuna - You better be practicing, cause rolling Buff Enemies can hurt, and missing your rolls generally can cause issues.

    General Confusion - How many people actually understand Jester build theory? It confuses people, and people don't like things that aren't certain.

    Statistics Priority:

    Tower Damage, Tower Attack Speed, Tower HP. Tower range doesn't need to be beyond about 1500-2000 really.

    This is because, even with the Jester's accelerated attack speed on most defenses, a point invested in tower damage does about 5-7% more than a point invested in tower attack speed, at high levels.

    The margin is VERY low though, so if you can somehow generate about 10% more tower attack speed points over tower attack due to armour setups, take the extra 10% speed.

    Remember to keep around a method to reduce your tower range to 0 if you can, to massively abuse move tower. If you can simultaneously boost move tower, do it, for a two for one deal.

    Your Fortuna skill can be outright zero, and still be effective defensively, so don't worry too much on it.


    Good resists. The more the better, but at least gun for 80% resists across the board particularly in Nightmare. You will find yourself under fire while moving towers, making presents, and Fortuna rolling, and you REALLY want to make sure you live long enough to make your tricks connect.

    Yes, you will lose at least 400-600 stats on the armours, but you will gain the tower attack speed (which will negate that stat loss) AND active builder (Which just gives you 30% damage outright) AND you still will be permitted to affect the entire map via Fortuna, so you tell me.

    Pet of choice is Genie until such time you don't need copious amounts of mana anymore, then switch to your tower boosting pet of choice - Even if it's a Pet Rock. A Jester with a pet rock can almost keep up with an unencumbered Barbarian not using a skill, so although you run slow, you'll at least be able to get places on a reasonable timeframe.

    You'll need it to upgrade, massively lay down presents and generally be a walking god with lots of HP via Wheel o' Fortuna, your resists and your good natural HP. A Dijinn is a decent choice, but if you carry a big gun with decent tower stats that has its damage cranked up, you'll kill all the small fry, and generate lots of mana faster anyway.

    Let the presents do the tanking, and on good tower attack, they'll do a lot of talking, with a side dish of pain.

    Play Style:

    Understand the laws of probability - If you want a strength aura to show up in a sector, drop at LEAST 4 extravagant presents at that point before combat phase as an example. Use the other builders (or other players) as cover while you summon your superior defenses, using enemies to crack open your presets, and learn to supervise one section, while maintaining the rest of the map remotely via Fortuna.

    You should get your heal player roll down to reflex to remotely administer sections you're not supervising, and learn how to scrape out DU AND renovate a section safely at the same time by the use of move tower. Get both down right, and you will have a stupid statistical advantage over most builders, due to the scaling problem, and the simple fact you have a significant DU advantage.

    The fact you have total map control is almost icing on the cake compared to a complete defense domination.


    That should cover that section.

    ... But no, we're STILL not done yet. There's even MORE reasons why Jester is effectively the most overpowered and broken class in the game.

    But what could be left?

    Well, next in an in depth look into Jester part 4 - The really scary stuff.

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    nice part 3 , and now it's officially huge and not 'pretty huge' :P

    didn't knew this was possible:

    like say a portal gun, for intangible benefits (like say getting off the Sky City boss without having to jump).
    I thought they would not move with the ship :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyjim View Post
    nice part 3 , and now it's officially huge and not 'pretty huge' :P

    didn't knew this was possible:

    I thought they would not move with the ship :P

    You can set one end and it'll indefinitely hold, unless you die even if the weapon is not active at the time. So you set one section to say be at the crystal or somewhere else on land (say the right mouse button/reload) that will set the blue portal there.

    Then you open the other side when you're ready to go, and hop through. The portal doesn't move with the ship, but you can usually make the quick dash through before the portal moves off the ship. Anyone else following will have to be quick though.

    It's not exclusively a Jester trick, as the EV can do this as well. The EV also has a rocket costume, meaning they can just Jetpack to safety most of the time though.

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    Sky City - swapping out Towers, NMHCMM to completion, really needed a Tower Boosting Monk to finish though, but wow that was a lot of fun

    we should totally write that up, somehow

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