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    DD2 MS Paint Contest! [Update: Winners Posted Inside!]

    Quote Originally Posted by iamisom
    More than 20 people submitted entries into this contest. The four winners are:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashariel View Post

    Thats mine xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Choppit View Post
    This is Nelly, Half troll and half extraterrestrial (Thus 1 eye and 2 mouths), She's got no hands and no feet, She's dual-wielding some type of small arms and she bounces around (instead of walking/sprinting) with her spring-loaded prosthesises.. Notice the dead squi.. I mean Knight in the background.. Whom she just met out in the wilderness.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aeilana View Post

    Hope this fits the standards and good luck for everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by Blessx View Post

    That's mine :3
    Winners, keep an eye on your PMs for your DD2 beta code.

    Come back tomorrow for a new forum contest!

    Hi, everyone! To kick off our summer right, we would like to present our first Dungeon Defenders II forum contest. Winners will receive DD2 beta codes. Check back daily for new contests!

    For our first contest, we would like to see your interpretation of this DD2 hero. What is this hero wearing? What kind of weapon would this hero be carrying?

    To enter the contest, simply reply to this thread with your MS paint image of the hero. We will be taking submissions till Tuesday, May 14th at midnight EDT, the winners will receive beta codes. Submissions will be judged on creativity and originality.

    Good luck everyone! And happy drawing!

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    Can we use other systems besides MS paint? I haz Mac
    I ruv skydive.
    Quote Originally Posted by Immortal-D View Post
    I love you.
    Quote Originally Posted by niugget
    You're the bomb dot com!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ice
    I'm not sure why your account is special. :P

    Best of luck in your adventures,

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    I know i won already, but if u want u can try it.

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    The best piece of art i've ever made.

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    I call him Spiderhound! It looks like a preschooler drew it, but I don't care! It's adorable!

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    how do you add a picture

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    this is argnok. he is a ork hybrid that wields a long sword and also has the ability to use magic

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    hopefully this is a bigger image

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    Quote Originally Posted by GhostofLight View Post
    Can we use other systems besides MS paint? I haz Mac
    I have a Mac too! Just use an app called Paintbrush. We will count that submission.

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